Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate
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Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate


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What is Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate

Read Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate novel written by the author MayDreamer on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, comedy, weaktostrong, transmigration, isekai. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


*THE COVER IS NOT OWNED BY ME! ALL THE CREDIT GOES TO THE ARTIST!" I am Irene Winter, during my past life as Lily winter I lost my parents and my one and only little brother...God being graciously granted me another chance to live with my family even though it's inside a novel called ' Who is the Villainess?' And even in this life, The Winter family is destined to doom but not anymore...This time fate has to lose against me Is what I thought but....what's with the sudden turn of events!!! "Bedisa" His Holiness granted me a middle name himself!!! "Do you really think the second prince is romantic....then how about me?" The crown prince said with a flirtatious smirk on his face. "Ha Don't you dare lay a finger on her!!" my brother who was supposed to be a weakling said in an aggressive tone. "So was I the Villainess?" the female lead aka Violet asked me in a cold voice unlike her kind personality "Don't you understand my feelings!" the second prince Alferd said as he kissed the back of my hand. "I just want freedom....is it too much.." the villainess Rose asked me with teary eyes. This is so unlike the novel what the hell is happening???? "My Lady Do you really think the book had a happy ending?" His Holiness asked me leaving me speechless. Will I really be able to change my fate as well as their's or will we all be covered in bloodshed just like the original novel... Want to know more! Read about my story Irene The Lady Who Turned Down Fate It's my first-ever original novel so it might be lacking but still, I will keep trying so please keep supporting me! ● Updates everyday at 3pm (IST) So don't forget to keep this on your collection, so that you don't miss any updates!!

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First of all I happy for the fact that in just 8 days my novel crossed 1k views so my heartfelt thanks to the readers. And second of all, this is my first original work so it may be lacking here and there, but I have worked really hard for the plot and storyline. So,I want to request the readers to be patient and I promise that the readers won't regret reading this novel. So could you please be my companion on this journey, if yes then please add this story to your collection, and vote for it. Thanking you MayDreamer


The plot was a little common but that's what makes this hard to write, it still managed to stand among the rest and although the delivery might need some improvement, it managed to caught my attention. 💓💓💓


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Wow! This story is very intriguing. I was drawn into the book from its description. The narrative technique is easy to understand. Well done author.


i really hope this gets an anime adaptation, I haven't read the hole plot yet but i loved the story so far. I am a huge fan of reincarnation novels so this goes straight into my collections. i highly recommend it , its definitely worth your time.


This was a great read. I enjoyed the way you described your characters, and each dialogue was clear and It does add charm to the novel. This book has really great potential, Good luck author. Keep it up.


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This is an intriguing book to read I admire the way the characters are brought to existence Nice writing style and story idea Thumbs up to the author


I very much enjoyed the story, Author! The book was beautifully written with enough descriptions to portray the main character's emotions and the world she was suddenly thrown in. I really like Lily's/ Irene's personality that I could somehow relate to, hehe. Having a life too normal that it somehow felt too boring to live on. Like, I also want to be thrown into a magical world, meet my prince charming, and rule the world with an op buff. Alas, it was nothing but a wishful thinking of mine :) Anyway, Good job Author and thank you for bringing us this wonderful story ;)


I don't know why but I'm fallen in love with this book🤗🤗🤗 seriously this book is a master piece, I loved it so much❤❤❤ the chapters made me curious and excited to read more💜💜💜 I'm addicted to this story, I recommend everyone to try this book🤩🤩🤩


This is a good book! I would recommend to readers who are into fantasy romance with the whole package of Prince, Incarnation, etc... I hope hmtgis time FL gets the chance to change her path for the better. Keep up with the good work, I've added it to my library so I can read future chapters.....[img=recommend]


The first 5 chapters hooked me. Even though I'm not usually a fan of first person perspective, I still liked this, especially the 'voice' of the main character. Dialogue is definitely a strongpoint of this story and you have managed to give different characters different voices even in writing.


Another villainess novel? Well, I couldnt wait to dive in and I was not disappointed. I am a stickler for villainess novels and this one just sticks right out. Please keep up the good work, author!


The storyline is awesome. The way how Lily tried to prevent every bad incident as Irene is explained perfectly. A balance between the past and present is also maintained, while describing every incident. The characters and the environment are portrayed well too. Anyone, who likes time travel type of stories, will love this novel. Keep Going Author!!


Ok I think you asked for a genuine review, so just a full heads up that there isn't much sugarcoating here. First, I just wanted to say that congrats for writing your first original work! The attempt is definitely there, and I just wanted to say good luck first and foremost. Also, really really sorry for the late review. I tried to take the time to read each chapter a bit more carefully before leaving this review. Writing Quality (3/5): I think this was my main deduction for this novel. I had to read a few sentences a few times, and the frequent grammatical errors and spelling and even punctuation errors sometimes were a bit distracting. However, please please take this with a grain of salt (or maybe even a bucket of salt). I'm just really picky about how books are written, and I usually just dock another point for frequent spelling/punctuation mistakes because they can be pretty easily fixed with another look at the chapter. That being said, I think the general pacing of the story was a bit confusing for me. There was a lot of information being presented all at once sometimes, but at other times, the pacing would be relatively slice of life. Updates (5/5): You got this :D You're honestly really hardworking, and I just wanted to say great job so far!!! Story Development (4/5): I must admit that this plot was a bit tropey. I think there wasn't anything in particular that stood out to me other than the reverse harem part, but I also just personally am not a super big fan of them (so might just be me). Once again, I just thought that there were some sections with a ton of information and some others without much being presented. Character Design (5/5): I love Ashton. Honestly enough said. World Background (5/5): There wasn't anything in particular that stood out for the world background, but I could tell that you had invested thought into making it! All in all, good luck with the rest of the story! It was a really enjoyable read.


The way you wrote the first chapter was amazing. I could feel the warmth of the words. The story feels fresh for me since is the first reverse harem I'm reading. I really feel immersed in the story, so I added it to my collection. I thought I could never read something like a reverse harem, but you proved me wrong, keep up the good work author!


Really good. The synopsis is very eye catchy and the plot is quite interesting too. I especially look forward to the part where the man said, "Do you think the novel had a good ending?" 👍👍Really good, author. You're doing great.


The concept is interesting. The thing about going against fate is what attracts me a bit. The female lead is a bit naive but it is fun for a normal read.


Okay so um I like the idea of the story, it's pretty creative. The characters are pretty well-written. Overall, I'd say that the book is great, probably because I'm biased cuz I'm a sucker for reincarnation stories. However, there are a few things that the author must consider: Given that this is your first novel, it's pretty great. Definitely could use some edits here and there, but nothing that can't be resolved by proofreading. The situation setting is described beautifully but there are places where it's awkward (?) Perhaps it's due to over-explaining it, I'm not really sure. Conversations sometimes feel stunted, as if it's something that they wouldn't say in that situation (?) It doesn't disrupt the flow of the story, but it's sort of annoying sometimes. [I'm so sorry author T-T] Anyways, I hope you take my words with a grain of salt and use it further improve your writing skills. Let's all learn from our mistakes and become the next Rick Riordan :> !! Great work author, keep it up!!


The language is clean, and story moves fast. There are no unnecessary dragging - yet, there's no overly simplified parts either. The story moves at the perfect pace for fun. Looking forward to more.


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