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MHA: The Birth Of A Vampire

A guy is going down the street when he suddenly sees how a man is about to be run over, in a moment of courage the guy throws himself and manages to save the man from being run over, but he ends up dying instead. When he opens his eyes again he finds himself as a soul and the opportunity to reincarnate. What his quirk be? What kind of quirk is that. He accompanies our protagonist in the world of My Hero Academia where he will enjoy his new life and seek to reach the top. (Also trying to conquer one or another girl along the way). P.S: I hate NTR, so in my fanfic, you will never find the MC being fooled. You can read calmly. If you want to support me for pa-treon I will be very grateful, there you will also find some early chapters and it will be of great help to me, thanks for reading: Patre-on /acoms I will also be publishing this work on RoyalRoad, you can find it with the same name. PUBLICATION SCHEDULE: 1 Chapter every other day. today I go up a chapter and tomorrow I don't, the next I do and the next I don't, and so on. ************************** DISCLAIMER: I do not own My Hero Academia and any of its characters. The only thing that belongs to me is the OC characters and some changes in the story.

Acoms · Anime & Comics

MHA: Code

Cover made by: Display. Thanks a lot man! Reborn in MHA, average family, Code quirk. This MC is a particularly ruthless, manipulative bastard. Quirk is Code, which allows him to use/change Binary & Genetic Code. There will be politics and economics involved. Probably no love, since he is a bastard. Plans to have an easy life full of debauchery. "We can expect great things from this one" I own nothing except my OC. [dis cord.gg/6YYvm6tj6t] [ pat reon.com/alcoholic_panda ] Remove the empty spaces

Alcoholic_Panda · Anime & Comics

Savitar, God of Speed

WARNING! THIS IS WISH FULFILLMENT AND MAY HAVE SOME STUPID PLOT HOLE BUT I DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN JUST LEAVE OR DO A PROPER REVIEW. What If Izuku had another path that made him better and acquired the power of the speed forces?

Try_hard · Anime & Comics

My Hormonal Control Quirk

Felix's total control over his body's hormones of those he touches was perceived as an unfair and manipulative power by many. Being able to act on people's metabolism around him and, therefore, alter their behavior and even their physical abilities, making them stronger, more handsome, more athletic, without any effort, or making their quirks even more powerful... Yeah, just thinking about this kind of thing just made everyone run away from him. Both a blessing and a curse, his quirk guided Felix toward the wrong path. He ceased counting days at the end of his first year in prison, blasé by his situation and the life he led within four concrete walls. However, after three years in this shit hole, after a deal between the Canadian and Japanese authorities, they decided to free him earlier and send him to Japan, preyed upon by the Hero Commission of the land of the rising sun. The Japanese government that wanted to use him for their ploys soon realized that they had freed someone driven by an ambition to change the world and to have as much fun as possible. Someone they couldn't control. [▲▼▲▼▲▼▲▼▲] Greetings, gentlemen (& maybe gentlewomen?). First time writing a fan-fic. I wanted to bring ideas that will probably never be exploited in the original work (because of the author's audience, naturally). [Discord — https://discord.gg/qjmpCXa79U] —The story begins a little while before the first manga chapters. —No Multiverse. —I switch the cover of the book frequently because I'm an indecisive idiot :) —Enjoy your read!

Shinoera · Anime & Comics

Ant King In MHA

New(better) cover done by LordValmar(this is becoming a trend) _______________________________ A strange person with an even stranger moral compass suddenly wakes up in the MHA world. He's lost and confused, even more so when his quirk turns him into a strange being... ____________________________________ The mc basically mutates into the Ant King from Solo Leveling. Pairings are undecided.

VeganMaster · Anime & Comics

MHA: A Cat's Story

One of the best assassins from Earth gets killed by his own organization. His soul gets reincarnated in the world of My Hero Academia with Yoruichi's powers, what will happen to that world when an assassin wields the power of the 2nd division's former captain? here's the discord : https://discord.gg/nnUPcCrNea Not my cover. I do not own MHA/Bleach characters.

WolfStar14 · Anime & Comics

MHA: 'Serene' Life in Another World

A world filled with Superpowers called Quirks where some people use these Quirks as they wish. Some use it for the betterment of the society while some use them for their own motives. This making them stand against each other, one being Pro-Heroes and other being Villains. When the transmigrated MC takes over the body of a quirkless noodle shop owner Shido Kanzaki, he first panics but after finding his 'cheat'. He had to decide one of the sides to start but he decides to choose neither of the sides. The 'cheat' being GTA San Andreas System. (The System is only a normal system which does not have any sentience and cannot communicate with the MC.)

Gonshido · Anime & Comics

In MHA With Madara’s powers

A dude in MHA with Madara Uchiha powers. Don’t take this seriously I’ve literally never in my life written a story before. Again DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Take it as one of those novels that’s so garbage, but you have absolutely nothing to read so you read it anyways. I’m very bored in quarantine with nothing to do. Also don’t expect so many updates because I’ll only update when I actually feel like it. I’m a very lazy person [Cover title made by this awesome dude named RISE10]

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