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    Quinn is pulled into a whole new world where she lives in the body of a totally opposite female. And there are five men involved Also did I mention there is a system which tells her what to do or else she ends up dead. Follow a roller coaster of emotions with Quinn as she tries to complete her missions and get back to her world to get her revenge

    DaoistFPb813 · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    "Cabonia, a world that is –unknown to it's inhabitants– heading towards an impending doom called the DARKNESS. Can the world fight apocalypse? The truth is, it can't. Knowing this, the God of creation, TERA, gave the world a last resort of some sort, a hope in the form of a meteor that fell from the sky; The stone of evolution, the SAPPHAIX." Just the imaginative mind of a fifteen year old tenth grader? Yeah right, no. I've been seeing it every night for the past few months in the form of a nightmare, my "fate" apparently.

    IamNumbrd_0010 · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    LordCJ · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Fey Evolution Merchant

    A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the world enters a new era. Humans are able to absorb the world's awakened spirit qi, allowing them to tread on a new path—spirit qi occupations! Simultaneously, the plants and animals on the planet are also evolving toward their ancestry line or developing spiritual mutations. Lin Yuan realizes that he can assist feys in evolving limitlessly and constantly purify their bloodlines. He starts off with a small fey evolution store on the Star Web and rises up from there. Lin Yuan: "There is no problem that I cannot solve to deliver the goods. If there is a problem, it is because the goods are better than expectations!" This is a story purely about pets!

    Amber Button · Eastern Fantasy
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    Re: Evolution Online

    On just another normal Monday, a new virtual reality game called "Evolution Online" launched out of nowhere and took the world by storm. People were blown away by the game’s hyper-realistic features and endless adventures. Everyone from small companies to big corporations and governments scrambled to get a foothold on this mysterious video game. But what they didn't know was that this game was actually a tutorial for the upcoming apocalypse that was about to hit the planet! The game was a precursor to the Earth's first evolution, where mana was going to be unleashed into the real world! Liam, a high school student who had faced numerous setbacks in his life, turned to 'Evolution Online' in the hope of changing his fate, but instead, he got trapped in the game's twisted world, and things went from bad to worse. When the apocalypse finally arrived, Liam barely managed to escape, but his situation didn't improve. Along with millions of others, he died a miserable death, unable to fight back and filled with regret. However, Liam's story didn't end there. He found himself inexplicably transported back in time before everything started! Armed with the knowledge of what was to come, Liam was determined to become the strongest and most powerful player, unleashing destruction upon the world that had ruined him before! This time, things were going to be different! ******************* If you want to view novel characters' illustrations and read the author's other stories in advance, visit my Patreon: patreon.com/yolohy Discord Link for chatting with author and character art https://discord.gg/XS7gWScKn8

    Yolohy · Fantasy
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    Void Evolution System

    5 years ago, Earth was subject to an event now known as the “World Awakening”. At that time, the world completely changed. Mana awakened in the world, gates began opening, and a holographic screen showed up in front of the eyes of every human that outlined their “status”. Each individual was given a talent to start with, ranging from simple abilities like enhanced eyesight to insane fantasy stuff like pyrokinesis. And within this myriad of abilities, Damien awakened a spatial affinity with the skill “short-distance teleportation”. At first, he was excited, thinking about intense battles and gaining great power, but the reality was quick to shoot him down. His ability only worked in the area 10 meters around himself, and his physical stats were insanely weak, leaving him tired after using his ability a couple of times. Disillusioned by his weakness, Damien lived a quiet life doing anything he could to meet ends meet, until one day, everything changed. Damien was betrayed and thrown into a gate, left to fend for himself in a labyrinth of beasts. Something snapped in him that day. He refused to stay weak and keep his head down any longer. When he emerged from the darkness, he found himself in a new world with no idea how to return to earth. However, he wasn’t the same kid he was when he first fell. ===== Discord: https://discord.gg/sEfafFXazb =====

    Crocs_is_Dead · Fantasy
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    The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

    The fantasy VRMMORPG, Battle Worlds, is one of the most played games in the world. In this game, there's a legendary player that could defeat a "Boss" on his own. His name is Blood(In-Game-Name). Blood is a legendary player that surpassed all the players in the world. He completed hundreds of quests and dungeon raids alone. When Blood was going to log off, suddenly the virtual capsule that he was wearing exploded causing him to die. His soul didn't go to the cycle of reincarnation but it was sucked by something causing him to transmigrate into a body of Goblin. This is a story about a boy that was transmigrated in the body of a Goblin. Follow him as he rises through the ranks and become the most powerful monster in the world. ....... Tags: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, World Travel, Sword and Magic, Late Romance, Tragedy, Game Elements, Non-human protagonist, System, Beast Companion, Gods, Demons, Hero, War, Modern, Slice of Life, Dungeons, Scheme, Conspiracy, Evolution, Cheat, Weak to Strong, Drama, School Life, ....... Photo not mine. I only found this on google.

    DonnEll · Fantasy
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    Monster Pet Evolution

    Three years ago, the animals and plants on Earth underwent crazy and unexplainable changes that included transformations, reversions, and the addition of otherworldly species. And it was the start of a brand-new type of profession in the new generation of humanity - Monster Trainers, people who specialized in taming monsters. On his 18th birthday, the protagonist of the story, Gao Peng, suddenly received the ability of being able to see the attribute data frame of monsters. With his ability, he aspired to become the strongest monster trainer that ever lived while looking for a method to revive his parents!

    Wine Pool Inebriation · Eastern Fantasy
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    Simplified Beast Evolution Path

    In a parallel world where everyone was a Beastmaster, people would tame, train, and evolve their beasts. The Federal Government would give everyone their own beast egg at their coming-of-age ceremony. However, to evolve and grow the beast, they would need potions, gems, and other rare ingredients. Fortunately for Su Bai, he had awakened the Divine-grade Simplification System. With the system, growing a beast was as easy as it could get. “Lightning Rat detected. The evolution path has been simplified. Plugged in. Evolution points +1, +1, +1…” “Bubble Turtle detected. The evolution path has been simplified. Shower. Evolution points +1, +1, +1…” “Flame Cat detected. The evolution path has been simplified. Sunbath. Evolution points +1, +1, +1…” A few years later, Su Bai, the Divine Beastmaster accepted an interview. “Mr. Su, can you tell us how you achieved your success?” “I spend my time growing my beasts when other people are showering or sunbathing.”

    Pokemon Zhu Zi · Fantasy
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    Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute Board

    In an age of evolution, humans coexisted with beasts and evolution was the main topic of the world. Chu Zhou was transmigrated to this world and he awakened the attribute board on his 17th birthday. From breathing techniques to fighting skills and talents, he could level those up by adding points to them. After leveling up his Basic Breathing Technique 10 thousand times, it had become the Dark Hole Breathing Technique. After leveling up his D-rank Fighting Skill 10 thousand times, it had become the SSS-rank Divine Skill. After leveling up his Normal Talent 10 thousand times, it had become the True Deity Talent. A few years later, Chu Zhou stood on top of the food chain. After facing countless space lords, true universe gods, and universe saints, he concluded his life up until then with a sentence. “Everything I gained up until now is through my own hard work… of adding points!”

    Black Eyes White Hair · Sci-fi
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    Worldwide Beasttaming: I Can Design Evolution Lines

    # MONSTERPET Mu Xuan transmigrated to a dangerous world of beast tamers. Fortunately, after he successfully formed a contract with a beast, he awakened two major cheats consecutively: bloodline extraction and merging as well as an information panel. Hence, Mu Xuan extracted bloodlines and designed the strongest beast evolution lines until he became the strongest beast tamer. The world was beneath his feet and the sky was not that far out of reach! Icy Crystal Spirit evolved into Icy Crystal Frost Polar Dragon, and then Cinder Frost Dragon and finally Ember Star Dragon. Space Tanuki evolved into Void Dragon Tanuki, and then Dimension Leaping Dragon Tanuki and finally Heaven Divine Dragon Tanuki. Heavenly Fate Illusion Butterfly… Nine Lives Reincarnation Butterfly. Destruction Demon Bear… Divine Elf Envoy... Golden Sun Crow… Old Man Time…

    Simple Rhythm · Sci-fi
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    My Genes Can Evolve Limitlessly

    This is a world where technology and the supernatural exist. There are demonic beasts, wars between species, evolution, and danger everywhere. Fortunately, humans aged between 16 to 18 will have the chance to activate certain genes and become gene warriors. Gene warriors will enter a wonderous World of Origination and begin their adventure there. They will seek treasure and copy extraordinary genes to gain wondrous strength, becoming the main power against danger. Lu Yuan transmigrated to this world, bringing with him a cube that can evolve genes without limits. I woke up with a start. I have transmigrated, am handsome, and have the golden touch. I am going to win at this! Am I going to be the protagonist?! I, Lu Yuan, am definitely going to become the pillar of the human race!

    Rainy Blue Skies · Eastern Fantasy
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    Beast Evolution

    [WPC #288 - Silver prize winner!] Ray was more of an average guy in almost everything, whether it was appearance, in sports, or in school except for strength. Ray lost his parents in a car accident when he was little so he grew up in an orphanage. He had no friends and was always bullied in school cause he was skinny so he was an easy target. Then one day when he was running away from bullying he ended up in front of a truck that crushed him and he died. But his life didn't end there as he reincarnated in a fantasy world but as a beast. But with his bad luck, he was reincarnated as a low level beast with low stats, but he has a trump card, An evolution system that helps him in this new world. How will he evolve and become the strongest of All. ..... Author's note Mind you this is not harem, but a few explicit scenes late in the book. This is my first time writing so the early chapters are a little sluggish but it gets better, my English is not the strongest but please bear with me, I'm improving everyday. The cover is not mine I just found it online, so if the owner wants me to take it down, contact me. Check out my new book: MMORPG: Strongest Assassin Online.

    Mhizta_Ray · Fantasy
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    I Swear I Don't Have A Python In My Pool

    After Wang Mang died, he turned into a giant python and evolved like crazy! With the help of his family, he grew bigger and bigger! From the first few meters to tens of meters, and then to hundreds of meters! From Burmese Python to Titan Python, and then to Deep Sea Python! When Wang Mang's size reached hundreds of meters, the earth took a sudden change and the disaster came...

    Pen And Dream · Sci-fi
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    Beast Armorer: Infinite Evolution

    “Ding! Moon-breaking Wolf. Holy evolution. 6-winged Star Beast!” “Ding! Elemental Spirit Princess. Level synchronization. Current level: Emperor!” … The Flame-tailed Green lion that roamed the plains, the Earth Bear that ruled the forest, the Ice Demon Wolf that trailed the snowy mountains, the Tempest Raven that soared the vast sky, and the Raging Whale the swept the ocean, these were all beasts that could be found in a world where every animal had evolved due to the wake of the Holy Light. The only animal that did not change was the human… In order to face the endangerment of human civilization, people began to learn how to tame the monsters and fuse with them to form armors and become stronger. People hailed those who could fuse with monsters as Armorers. The level and quality of the monsters that these Armorers fused with would determine how powerful they would become. Lin Tian, who had a cheat-like system, could infinitely evolve himself and his beast. Their ranks slowly increased from common, to uncommon, to rare, to epic, to mythical, to legendary, to holy, to godly, and finally, to almighty. A few years later, when Lin Tian fused with his beast, the world would learn of his name.

    Ryden Holk · Eastern Fantasy
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    Rebirth Into A Wolf: I Can See My Evolution Paths

    Su Ming was reborn as a white wolf. He thought he would live a normal wolf life until he started to realize that the world was changing. The snow leopards’ teethes started to grow longer and sharper, the brown bears could now turn their arms into as hard as stone, the golden eagles could summon lightning and even the goats could now emit poisonous gas. Just as Su Ming had no idea what to do next, a notification appeared. [Known Evolution Paths] 1. Moon Herd Silver-clawed Wolf 2. Frost Bosch Wolf 3. Ancient Battle Mark Wolf

    Oak Peter · Sci-fi
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    The Ultimate Evolution

    I traverse along the pathway of darkness and imagination… Entering the realm born by human imaginations… Challenging Harry Potter’s magic, commanding the great Pirates of the Caribbean Terminating the Terminator’s strength, tearing apart the Matrix’s Hallucination Virus is my slave Endurance my inheritance Growing and hunting in the boundless universe Breaking through boundaries in a mysterious space Desiring evil, conspiracy and betrayer. Who can redeem what was already lost In a battle of demons who can leave an immortal legacy A declining Trump card, Ultimate evolution! I’m… on a journey! We are one!

    Rolling Up Soils · Sci-fi
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    I've Activated The Hidden Path of Beast Evolution

    Ye Fan was transmigrated to a world where everyone was a beast tamer. As the demonic beasts rampaged around the world, humans were forced to build walls to protect themselves while the beast tamers fought the demonic beasts. As the day of enrollment got close, Ye Fan only had a pet beast, the Cute Sparrow, with him. “A Cute Sparrow? Don’t you have a better beast? You’re helpless.” “That beast’s potential is just too bad. Even if it evolves into an Iron Eagle, it can only reach the Intermediate Grade 1.” “You’re trying to get into the academy with that? Dream on!” He was mocked and laughed at, but Ye Fan remained calm as he looked at the system’s menu. “Hidden evolution path.” “Divine Path: Infinite evolution potential. King Grade achievable.” His sparrow started to evolve into a Golden Scale Eagle, then the Illusion Feather, the Nine-heaven Roc, the Flaming Phoenix, and finally, the Garuda. “The f**k? Are you telling me that’s a Cute Sparrow?”

    Pikachu · Magical Realism
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    Demon's Virtue

    "Bleh." - Imp An Imp, a monster known to kill with a grin, a demon of the world, a creature of incredible might! Something that no force in the world can stand against! At least that's what the Main Character would like himself to be, the reality is very different, however. Exactly that Imp stumbles along a path of unfortunate fortunes and grows through it, in a world that hates its very existence. It grows more intelligent, more powerful, simply better at whatever it needs to do. Amongst other things, that includes raising children, killing Soldiers, and carving wooden figurines for money.

    DiceVR · Fantasy
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    It was just a normal morning but it was unknown to many that the apocalypse already started. The origin was not determined but the infected started to appear after a cosmic event happened just outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. The people and animals turned into man-eating mutants and zombies while some of the lucky ones gained superhuman abilities. Every living creature that had not "turned" started to evolve as the whole world was affected by the Mutagen. However, it seemed that Earth also had its hidden side that humans would discover in a very uncanny way. And was Mutagen the last of it? Unfortunately, not. Follow Mark, an Otaku, a Gamer, and a Shut-in that got trapped in the middle of the apocalypse due to an uncanny reason. Using his unconventional thinking, knowledge, and abilities, how far can he go in surviving the apocalypse filled with zombies, mutated beings, and dangerous people as a survivor in a world that was changing for the worse.

    Exallion · Sci-fi