Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation

Author: Little Piggy
Eastern Fantasy
Ongoing · 1.8M Views
  • 855 Chs
  • 3.7
    37 ratings
  • NO.176

What is Apocalypse: Infinite Evolution Starts from Attribute Allocation

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In the future of the Blue Star, a red beam of light suddenly descended and caused the rapid evolution of animals and plants. Ten cosmic monsters appeared out of nowhere and humanity was plunged into endless disasters. Wang Ye transmigrated with his talent for limitless skill points (cheats), rising from obscurity in times of crisis and breaking through deadlocks step by step... He embarked on a legendary journey to conquer all clans, become the leader of the human race, and rule the universe's seas. This fast-paced and exciting novel has a vast worldview, and features a truly intelligent, manly, and brave protagonist! (You know what I mean.) There are already excellent books of mine like "Star Forge", "Breaking The Galaxy With A Blade", and "And I'm Carrying The Hero Universe" with nearly ten thousand words updated each day. Quality is guaranteed, so please feel free to read them and add them to your favorites.

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TranslatorGod · Fantasy
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Little Piggy



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Okay, this seemed bad at first, but it's actually... decent? Truly an occasion of great rarity, but even Webnovel does a decent trial read from time to time.


Intriguing and enjoyable enough that i caught up with the raws at 645 chapters..The novel's name is quite misleading.. It's not a typical apocalypse story..Ain't a typical cultivation world story either.. It's about a man who wants to become the strongest, protect his loved ones, live freely and spread his seeds everywhere ;) and he has a op cheat system or talent to help him.The journey starts from the highest difficulty, apocalypse level. Hence, the apocalypse in the novel's name..I won't go into detail.. As the more you read, the more there is to enjoy and discover..Its fast paced.. When it's good, it's thrilling, action packed, suspenseful and funny.. when it's bad, it's childish and boring at times too.. Though not for too long.. The story ain't too complex, not too simple either..for genres or tags i would tick: system, reincarnation, eastern fantasy, harem, weak to strong, brotherhood, slavery, sci-fi, adventure, martial arts, action, war, myriad races, revenge, survival, shameless/thick skinned MC, tragedy, comedy, Smart MC.. etc.ok, I have let out enough steam.. time to move on to a new story and wait a while to binge read this again..


Title: 末世:从加点开始无限进化 Author: 猪小小 Status: Ongoing with 429 chapters He's finished a 1700 chapter novel and some others from what I see, so at least likely to finish this one. I'll try it next week maybe.


Surprisingly good My man’s body fails him in every place but the bedroom 😏 But his cheat…*cough* “talent”… pulls through. Action scenes are great, pacing is great, and the character is likeable enough. World is still being fleshed out but the foreshadowing is already in place


synopsis is fake and misleading, why lie to everyone just to increase read count


The beginning is good but the nacionalism become too heavy for my taste in the chapters 65+. If that make you guys a little more comfortable, until the last chapter I read, no racism.


A good novel that is ruined by nationalism as always, I only recommend it to those who don't care but for those who are repelled by "China number 1!" it's better not to even try to read it


Same as other chinese novel, china is no 1 and all other countries are trash. It happens after 50 plus chapters so don’t read if u r like me who hates this type of stuff. Though i know author is trying to maintain their country reputation through all this fake nonsense since we all know about china. It was good but nationalism ruined it.


this is an average novel. nothing special the same classical demons race are villains and the cycle goes on even when he goes to kinda upper realms ..The system is racist only gives points if mc kills the demon race.What made me interested is there is a backstory related to his reincarnation as currently it's his 6th reincarnation ,he later uncovers the reason for past deaths.


this novel is abt mc reincarnate to different worlds and quest to evaluate higher grades in each reincarnation .1st and 2nd reincarnation was good.after that everything went downhill , story progression bad , translation very very bad and main world building nothing ..have high potential but ruined everything from 3rd onwards .not worth time and brain cells


For some reason I can't enjoy this at all. It feels very repetitive and a bit dull. I can see from the fans, contribution, and comment section that a lot of people like this trial read. Can someone explain to me why?


I'm not sure how to feel about the story. It's got good power-system concepts, average to below-average execution, almost-wrong synopsis, and some weird pseudo-harem romance fantasy nonsense, which is all fine honestly, but the thing that completely throws me off is the weird ideological pushes that keep happening. (Not spoiling story, but this is a scenario that happens [Low-Quality Detail]) For example: (In the first 50 chapters, or so) The Main Character has a 'friend' in his team, and that friend likes a girl, who is also on the team. That girl and the MC hit it off, even though the MC knows that his 'friend' likes her and im pretty sure they've had some sort of talks about it. So they (MC and the girl) complete a mission together, and for some reason, the MC kisses her, and takes a picture of them kissing when she isn't paying attention, just to send that picture to ONLY the friend that likes her, like that is something friends do. Not to mention the MC has a girl that he's technically 'with' back at the place he left literally a few days/weeks before he came here and teamed up with them all. Thats really cringe and toxic. Those arent good character traits, nor are they likeable or relatable, as far as im concerned. Character development and writing-wise, that's really bad and counterintuitive execution. That's intentionally making your character less likeable, in general. As well as the general lack of depth to most characters in the story, it's difficult to value any of the characters or development coming from from any of them, especially if he's just going to be devolving, or better yet, 'evolving backwards', then there isn't much to look forward to in terms of character interactions other than cringe narcissistic behaviors and senseless 'romance'. These are ideals and beliefs specifically from the authors' mind and fantasies. That includes their general takes on what 'women' are, as well as how they should act in regards to interacting with men and society, as well as the extreme, yet expected, nationalism takes. I haven't even gotten far yet and I've noticed too many things that didn't align with the story itself, but through the ideological pushes of the author, become forcibly included into the writing in a poorly-thought-out and poorly-applied manner. Final Conclusion: If you can turn your brain off and ignore the ignorance happening all over, than it's manageable, but otherwise, it's another attempt from an author to live out their kinks, fantasies, and ideological beliefs in their writing, and then subjecting an audience to it to gain some validation for their worldviews and interests. Usually i can tell, but at this point I cannot rationalize if this perception of mine is based on translation quality and the specifics around the changing the meanings of one language to another, or if im more spot on than i first imagined. The raw might be worded completely different and mean something else entirely, as far as I could know. Sadly, the versions/translations in English that I'm seeing are mid at-best and sexist/racist/degenerate at-worst. So this is best I can do with the details I have, so far.


No matter how good the novel is, which it isnt to be honest, the author said he has limitless skill points in the sypnosis which is misleading and false, So it deserves a one star rating


Reveal spoiler


I had a great time reading this until author started the classic china plot where the antagonist is always the BAD foreign nations troupeThis author differentiate race by human as homosapiens then there’s a another race which is chinese


It's a hit or miss type of novel. If you can get past the poisonous points of this novel than it's a hit. For me it was a miss though.The poisonous part starts after Yao and cosmic monster no.9 fight (read the raws).Author starts to portray all other countries and there people except China in bad view. Especially there was this one thing for which he was scolding other countries and being all righteous when they try to do it but later on he does it himself and tries to justify it. That was the point where ii dropped it.I don't get why Chinese authors have to portray other countries in bad view. Can't they be patriotic without demeaning other countries.


Can't wait to read more very interesting story


Fantastic starting! Good world building! Great progression. This story is a cut above many of others! Posses a lot of potential [img=exp][img=exp][img=recommend]


If you love Way of the devil, mystical journey and Swallowed Star this is for you, Hidden Gem in the Rough... ******************************


The strongest man in the world is Chinese and obviously they are better than the rest of the world, I am surprised by the brainwashing of these Chinese authors. what they give is shame


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