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Becoming the Stand-In Of The Mad Protagonist's True Love

She Xiangxiang was getting angry because of a novel she read deep into the night. She berated the female support character who had the same name as her and announced that if it was her, she would not let the male protagonist end well. In a daze, she suddenly hears a sound in her ear. [It is detected that a being is currently experiencing powerful emotions and has reached the requirement to be bound as a host. Please choose one of the following: One, Become She Xiangxiang from the book. You’ll be rewarded with an unstainable and indestructible knife, as well as activating the clocking-in panel. Two, Refuses to become She Xiangxiang from the book. You’ll be rewarded with the skill “Boast” (You can only boast since you didn’t dare to do it despite wanting to) A system was forcefully bound with She Xiangxiang. She thought that she was simply having a hallucination from reading novels too late into the night, thinking that she was making a dream, so she chose the first choice as she gritted her teeth… And so, she was transported into the book, and became the crazy male protagonist’s stand-in for his true love that she was complaining about… And when she first saw the main male protagonist, she stabbed him with her knife, but she also fainted from her own injury. Before she lost consciousness, She Xiangxiang had decided that if this male protagonist didn’t treat her well, she would change the male protagonist to someone else!

Glutinous Rice Meatball · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings