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The Only Leveling System


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Nobody on Earth expected monsters to suddenly rush out from portals that appeared out of thin air. What happened was what would only appear in novels, mangas, or animes. Everything seems surreal. Unfortunately, for those who are in denial, none of this is a dream. This is REALITY. Rem’s "peaceful" life was shattered on that day. Many years had passed since then. Rem somehow ended up being the last human alive on Earth. She succeeded in defeating the Demon King. Despite all the rewards she received, Rem didn’t have the will to live anymore. Suddenly, a man in a white robe appeared before Rem. "I'm Alchit, the God of Light. Congratulations on your victory." 'What is there to celebrate? My family, friends, comrades... Everyone but me is all dead!' "What kind of god are you??! Alicht, the God of Light? More like A SH*T, the God of all sh*ts!!!" "HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! This is the first time anyone has insulted me like that. For that, I'll tell you a little something...!" Alchit leaned over to Rem's right ear and whispered: "This happened because I find things like this entertaining. You're simply a CHARACTER I took interest in. That's how you survived for so long." Before Rem could process what she just heard, Alchit ended her life ruthlessly with his blade. Was Rem going to die just like that? Yes! Of course, she is. Not even plot armor can protect her from this. How can a mere human survive any sword that pierced one's heart without dying? At least her death was quick and probably painless, right...? After dying, Rem got reincarnated into another world. The only problem was, she was reincarnated as a MONSTER. A monster that's the size of a CAT. Actually... Make that two problems. Rem can’t remember anything in her past life except for her first name, the day the portals appeared, some knowledge about the monsters she met before, being brutally murdered by Ash*t, and her immeasurable hatred for Gods. Having an annoying yet somewhat helpful system barely helps in the situation Rem’s in. "Why am I here, just to suffer?” Let's look at the bright side. Rem has another chance. A chance to get revenge in this new life of hers. Nonetheless, her priority right now is to survive. How will Rem survive in the current cat-sized monster body she's in? Will she ever succeed in getting her revenge? Can she get her memories back and uncover the truth? Join Rem on her journey and see for yourself! ——————————————————————— Tags: Adventure, Fantasy, FemaleMC, FemaleProtagonist, GameElements, Magic, MedievalWorld, ModernWorld, Monster, Monsters, Nonhuman, Overpowered, Portals, PowerfulMC, Rebirth, Reborn, Reincarnation, Revenge, System, Transmigration ——————————————————————— TOLS = The Only Leveling System ——————————————————————— ^Please note that everything in this novel is made up and isn't real. I have no intentions of trying to hurt or offend anyone! Thank you for reading!!!^ ——————————————————————— ^I'm back!!! :) I'll be rewriting and editing every chapter. You can see what I've edited under the auxiliary volume, "Revised Chapters." Hopefully, this will improve my writing tenfold!^ ——————————————————————— ^This is my first novel! I'm writing this novel as a new hobby I had come across, and to improve my writing skills. If there are any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors, please inform me. Feel free to make any suggestions you have! All suggestions and feedback are greatly appreciated! Thank you for reading this novel!!!^ ——————————————————————— ^This cover is by swd3e2 (I did some research, and this was all I could find about the artist)! I will take this cover down if the artist asks me to do so.^ *This Cover’s Artist: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/660788 ———————————————————————


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