The Anti Hero Mage

Vishal is a hitman who takes government contracts to hunt down heinous criminals to keep innocents safe. While on a contract he gets killed by underground mafia. In the divine space he meets an entity who asks him to enter the dc universe and clean the filth with a system. He accepts easily because he is angry at the incompetence of heroes and justice system in dc. Thus begins his anti hero and a business journey.

ashwiniprasad · Anime & Comics
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79 Chs

Mystical Punisher's search

When the first video came....

Vishal saw the people tied to the tower and decided to play dirty but when he heard the people he felt something wrong.

"My goodness, they are tied up to a wood saw machine." said a lady.

"What? Are you blind? It looks like a chemical labrotatory." said a guy.

"Nah, they are tied up in an underground basement." said a middle aged guy.

Vishal felt something different and when he saw his phone again the background surrounding the victims changed in his eyes and the real location is revealed.

It looked like a worn down lab with certain chemicals and the 5 hostages were tied above a container containing a green chemical.

"A highly advanced optical and auditory illusion." thought Vishal rubbing his chin.

He knows some illusionists in dc comics who can create such illusions bu he did not know who is the actual perpetrator.

At first he was focused on Dead Shot and the hostages that he could not see through the illusion.

"Ding! Host has been issued a task."

"Yeah." said Vishal grudglingly at the system.

Task: Find the mastermind behind the situation.

Reward: Immunity to Kryptonite.

Vishal did not understand the reward. Since he doesn't have Kryptonian physique how will Kryptonite afftect him?

When Vishal thought for a bit, he understood. "You're shrewd system." said Vishal smiling.

"So I need to copy the powers of all the JLA huh?" asked Vishal.

"Yes host." said the system.

"I'll do it." said Vishal with excitement.

"Son, let us leave." said Ravindra urgently.

"Okay." said Vishal making a Doppleganger leave with his father without his father knowing while he hid until his father was gone and teleported to Gotham sewers underground where he kept his mask and anti hero costume.

"By the way I forgot to ask system, even I was affected by the illusion. Why?" asked Vishal.

"That illusion is not pretty normal host. You need to find out the truth yourself." said the system.

"Very well." said Vishal wearing the costume.

He was not afraid of Dr Fate finding out because now he has the power to defeat Fate and his helmet Nabu.

"Now let's see. They must have kept the hostages where even Superman or Jonn won't be able to find out.

But this kind of illusion should already be found out by Martian Manhunter. What is happening?' thought Vishal putting his mask and hat.

I bet Clark even went to space and tried through supersonic hearing but why didn't he get the location.

Vishal teleported himself to the space and used a skill he has called "Sound Sense".

This skill helps him in finding the source of sound by filtering instead of all the sounds Superman hears.

When he unleashed the skill a yellow glow came and it swept throughout the country. Vishal felt his nose bleed.

"Highly taxing skill." thought Vishal.

As the skill reached a run down building with basement in Suicide slum, Vishal received the confirmation.

"Yeah. Makes sense it would be in suicide slum. Superman avoids it like a plague." thought Vishal with disgust.

"But even if that is the case why didn't he hear dead shot's voice." thought Vishal.

"There seem to be several high frequency speakers placed in different parts of the country which are releasing "Help. Save us. tc in different ways and screams"" said the system.

"Damn. What kind of elaborate plan did they make to fuck with the league?" thought Vishal.

"Looks like the guy behind Dead shot seems to have high brains." thought Vishal.

"Even though they maybe fake if one of it turn out to be real then a life would be lost. The league would be busy for a few hourse." said Vishal.

"That is what happens when you play hero too much. You become a dog playing to the hands of the ones who has brain." said Vishal scoffing.

Vishal was about to leave when something striked in his mind.

He tried to remember the video clip. He concentrated on the hostages and realization flashed.

"What the fuck?" shouted Vishal with irritation.

Everything about this is wrong. Vishal clenched his fists.

He teleported to the run down building and stood on the top of the building.

"Lex Luthor. You bald shit bastard. You've gone too far." said Vishal.

The reason Vishal is irritated because he saw the eyes of the hostages blink green colour for a second in the video.

He understood that they are all cyborgs with Kryptonite inside them.

"But there is one question though? Baldy should have known I have magical powers. So, why prepare several Metallo types?" Vishal asked to himself.

"Hmm. Now that I see it. System gave a task to find the mastermind, not to save the hostages.

"Hmm. Let's not go inside. I'll use Dead shot against him." grinned Vishal as he made way to certain location using invisibility and flying.

"There is still one thing though? Why can't Manhunter find the location?" thought Vishal.

"I hate to do detective work sometimes." cussed Vishal.

He reached an apartment where a child was looking through the apartment with a teddy bear in her hands.

"Hello little one. How are you?" said Vishal as he made way inside through teleportation and the child clapped.

He played with her for sometime and said "I need to make a call. You be a good girl and play."

The child was hesitant but agreed after he told her that he would play again.

"Now." said Vishal as he hacked into the mobile towers network and extracted Dead Shot's new number which he used as communication with Luthor.

He made a video call using a spare mobile in the drawer.

Dead Shot's phone rang and saw his daughter's video call. He moved to the side and avoided others to talk.

He clicked the green phone button and "Mystical Punisher" appeared.

"Sup Floyd. You wanted me right. So I invited myself as a guest to your house." said Vishal with a crooked smile.

Dead Shot was shocked and shouted "Bastard. Get away from her."

"Ah ah ah! Language." said Vishal.

"What do you want?" asked Dead Shot.

He is feeling afraid as Mystical Punisher is in his own house with his daughter Zoe Lawton.

"Did you really think that I wouldn't go this far?" asked Vishal.

Dead Shot did not know what to answer.

"Sure I don't harm innocents but that doesn't mean I'll let them be an obstruction. I'll use some unscrupulous ways like putting those dear to villains or criminals who are innocent in coma for an year or make them mad until my work is done etc." said Vishal.

Dead Shot was feeling the heat from those words. He clearly underestimated the Mystical Punisher. He is willing to go to any lengths to enforce justice and presently he became the target which he voluntarily placed upon himself.

"What do you want?" Dead shot asked in russian accent.

"Good. I'll transfer you 60 million this instant. You leave those metallic bastards and leave this country with your daughter." said Vishal.

"Why are you helping me?" asked Dead Shot.

"You're not exactly irredeemable like Joker or Luthor. That's the reason. But if you come gun slinging again into any cities I'll wipe you out." warned Vishal.

Dead Shot did not speak. "By the way, how did Luthor create the illusion?" asked Vishal.

"He sent his cyborgs against a guy called "Mirage" who real name is Mike and stole a mysterious stone from him.

He created a device which amplified the affects of the stone." said Dead Shot.

"That bald bastard sure is intelligent and calculative." said Vishal.

Vishal transferred the money through an overseas account he opened while he was abroad six months ago.

Vishal did read about "Mirage" up to middle but did not continue. He was a villain of Batman. But there is also other Mirage who was associated with teen titans.

He knew it was the first one. "Now leave." said Vishal.

Dead Shot nodded and slowly sneaked out of the building and made way to the allies and removed his costume and threw it into a bag and escaped.

"Those Metallic cyborgs must have already started their hunt for Dead Shot." thought Vishal.

"Let' go there and crush that illusion stone." said Vishal as he teleported over and entered the building to find it empty.

He went inside and saw a device where a red stone was placed with a light projected from a hole with a cannon shaped object fixed to the top.

Vishal put his hand forth and released a dark coloured arrow which pierced the rock. The rock cracked and shattered into pieces.

Vishal did not take any chances. He flicked his finger and the pieces caught fire and the traces were wiped out.

Vishal was about to leave when he heard muffled sounds from the walls.

Sound sense.

He found that sounds were coming from a wall. He went to the wall and placed his hand. The wall opened and a cardboard like space appeared and figure fell down.

Vishal knew who it was. It was Jonn Jonz tied up and he saw another red rock on his body. His mouth was tied with kerchief.

He removed the kerchief when Manhunter said "You should alert the Justice League. There is a white martian controlled by Luthor posing as me."

"Luthor, you motherfucker." thought Vishal. Vishal wiped the stone.

"It's hard to see your own family burning again and again." said Jonn.

"When were you captured?" asked MP.

"When I left the tower after expressing my discontent, I was back at my home when I was invited to a party by my neighbour.

There someone gave me a drink laced with magnesium carbonate and fire was used on me." said Jonn.

"That is why you were unable to shield yourself from illusion of the stone huh?" asked Vishal.

"Yes. Martian's fear of fire overwhelmed me which made me get affected by illusion." said Jonn.

Vishal plunged his hand into the character and electric circuits appeared. "Well played, but that tiny rock isn't enough to affect Manhunter, the most powerful telepath." said Vishal as he used a magic which disintegrated metal to dust.

"Where are you Manhunter?" thought Vishal as he became invisible and saw the lead applied to the ceiling.

"I want to cut open Luthor's brain and see where he got this much intelligence in his bald head." said Vishal as 4 hours have passed already.