The Anti Hero Mage

Vishal is a hitman who takes government contracts to hunt down heinous criminals to keep innocents safe. While on a contract he gets killed by underground mafia. In the divine space he meets an entity who asks him to enter the dc universe and clean the filth with a system. He accepts easily because he is angry at the incompetence of heroes and justice system in dc. Thus begins his anti hero and a business journey.

ashwiniprasad · Anime & Comics
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79 Chs

Search for the Anti Hero

In the watch tower...

The league saw the Deadshot's ultimatum and tension filled the room.

"I need to go." said Batman after a minute placing his two fingers on the cowl.

"Red Robin" said Batman.

"Yes Batman. I've seen it and looks like they are tied up in some sort of lab." said Tim as he zoomed the footage and saw chemicals and test tube.

"Perform a sweep of all the laboratories in Gotham along with Robin." said Batman.

"Let me try to hack into the CCTV footage in the areas of the lab. Maybe I could find anything useful." said Red Robin.

"Do it. There is not much time. I'll try to capture Mysterious Punisher since he will come out to save those people." said Batman.

"Wait Batman." a hand landed on Batman.

"What is it?" asked Batman talking to Superman.

"What if Dead Shot is not in one of the laboratories or any other chemical factory in Gotham?" asked Superman.

Batman stopped for a minute and felt the situation a bit strange.

"Now that you mention it. Why do they want to bring out the guy who has caused so much chaos 1 year ago. Aren't they afraid they will be killed?" said Batman speculating the reason.

"Dead Shot is a mercenary and Assassin. Someone has put a contract on Mystical Punisher to either kill him or bring him alive." said Batman.

"Based on the previous incidents with dead shot we can say that he takes money in millions and there are very few people that have the capacity to hire him." said Green Lantern.

"I don't think Jonn is in a mood to help us catch the Mystical Punisher so we're on our own." said Flash.

The door opened and Martian Manhunter entered the room.

"I've found Dead Shot's location. He is somewhere in Metropolis. Make haste." said Manhunter.

Superman was shocked because if Mystical Punisher were to appear in his city he can't even think of what kind of chaos that guy could cause.

"Let's go." said Superman without waiting.

"I'll make my way to Gotham. As far as I know Mystical Punisher is a Gotham citizen based on the way he spoke. If we fail to save those hostages then bringing the Mystical Punisher is the only way." said Batman.

"Then let's divide into two team. Flash, MM and Green Lantern you're with me. Batman you should take wonder woman, Cyborg with you to Gotham." said Superman.

Though the league decided to have miniaturized territories they changed some rules in the league when it comes to certain situations.

One is the situations is matters related to Mystical Punisher.

Others nodded and they all made to their respective locations.

The teams reached the respective locations. "Wonder Woman, you should search the warehouses surrounding Gotham while I'll search the upper area of the city.

Cyborg, keep an eye on all the CCTV networks of the city. We might find any movement from Mystical Punisher." said Batman.

"Got it." said both of them before moving away while Batman pressed buttons on the hand guard and Bat jet appeared. He hopped onto it and made way to upper areas.

In Metropolis...

The superhero team searched the areas with their visions and lantern light. They even searched Luthor tower using their visions but nothing happened.

They were so full of themselves that they ignored one area in the city that Superman doesn't patrol and people over there lost hope in him.

Superman and Batman never understood that pardoning criminals too many times will cause their criminal plans to evolve over time. The thinking of criminals evolves and they can outsmart the heroes and cause massive life loss.

Since Clark Kent aka Superman is so full of himself that he is the symbol of hope to people all over the world that he did not pay attention to his own city Metropolis properly. That has come to bite him in the most unexpected way.

He did a big mistake by not keeping check on Luthor or get a suitable punishment for Luthor who is more of a danger compared to Joker because he is not insane and is calculative and cunning.

Vishal read one of the comic books where Luthor initiated a nuclear war just to remake the world in his own image. Vishal kept silent for 1 year because he is plans to wipe out Luthor once and for all.

The reason he did not directly attack Luthor is because that guy has a good image in public. To truly defeat him, his crimes should be exposed to public and then he needs to be killed. But things might change due to the situation right now.

"Where is he?" thought Superman gritting his teeth with anger.

The TV and mobile phones flickered and showed Dead Shot. "8 more hours. If you don't give him to me then their deaths are in your hands." said Dead Shot before disappearing.

Not only Justice League but Police and many other people were frantically searching for the "Mystical Punisher".

After 1 hour search the League didn't have any luck finding him. They searched through the databases and used every other resource they have to find the hostages and "Mystical Punisher".

After 5 hours, after no results many gave up along with the Police.

When everyone thought that in the next 2 hours the hostages are going to die, the screens flickered but this time it was not Dead Shot but the person they are searching for appeared on the screen.

"Mystical Punisher" appeared with a bloody background and hostages are safe.

The boy looked taller and had a sinister look in his eyes. They could see that unlike in Gotham he had a tinge of anger in his eyes which frightened not only people but even the league and government.

They might have tried to find him but they definitely did not want "Mystical Punisher" to appear again. They all know that they had messed up because they have given a cause for him to return.