The Anti Hero Mage

Vishal is a hitman who takes government contracts to hunt down heinous criminals to keep innocents safe. While on a contract he gets killed by underground mafia. In the divine space he meets an entity who asks him to enter the dc universe and clean the filth with a system. He accepts easily because he is angry at the incompetence of heroes and justice system in dc. Thus begins his anti hero and a business journey.

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Death of Lex Luthor

Vishal calmed down and tried to think of a plan to find Luthor's location. "Man, sometimes I wish I had the X-ray vision of Superman or the telepathic powers of Jonn. I could track down the criminals or villains easily." thought Vishal.

"Looks like I would have to use summoning magic to track that baldy down. He might have hid himself in a place where no one would be able to find." thought Vishal as he appear on a building in Metropolis near Hob's river.

He immediately cast invisiblity as he saw Superman moving from place to place.

"I am using this magic for the first time. I have only seen this magic in D&D and Neverwinter games." Vishal thought to himself.

"Druidic magic. Summon tracker bugs." said Vishal.

Nearly 2000 tracker bugs appeared. "System, help me here. I wouldn't be able to handle the connection between these bugs by myself." said Vishal.

"Not this time host. You have to do it yourself." replied the system.

"Okay." said Vishal grudgingly.

Vishal cast invisibility and controlled these bugs to scatter all over the city. His consciousness is taking a heavy toll while controlling these many but dastic situations call for drastic measures.

He felt sweating a he takes in images the bugs are sending him. "Luthor, you will pay a heavy price for this." said Vishal.

Blood trickled down his nose and eyes. After ten minutes he crashed on the top of the building still trying to maintain control.

He was about to lose his consciousness when 100 bugs alerted the presence of Luthor to an abandoned aqueduct of the city.

"Finally go you bald fucker." said Vishal as he tried hard to maintain consciousness.

"I need some rest." thought Vishal as he fell down backward and cast a spell to wipe out his blood on building. He did not want members of CADMUS to find his DNA to do experiments on it.

"If only I had Health Potions like in games I would've recovered." Vishal thought.

The bugs disappeared after Vishal stopped casting the spell. "Your concerns are noted host. Finish few more tasks and you'll have access to shop. You already have your own inventory filled with weapons and gadgets."

"Looks like I don't have any choice. I'll oblige." said Vishal as the he used healing magic to recover.

"In future I need to buy some kind of Mental shield skill or something. I am weak when it comes to mind magic and my shields are only strong enough to stop invasions for sometime." thought Vishal.

He wanted Harry Potter's Occlumency type of skill where the mind can be closed off against powerful mental invasions.

"You should blame yourself host. You get angry easily which makes the enemy crawl into your minds easily." replied the system.

Vishal can't deny those words because when it comes to crime he is just like Red Hood who came back from the dead. The only difference is that he is able to control it up to some extent.

"I need to start taking anger management lessons. If this goes on even Batman can catch me without powers." said Vishal in a tired tone.

That is the reason why he had to hide in satellites or space to not get captured by Martian's telepathy.

"Don't even forget about Darkseid, host. If he gets the Anti Life equation you will become his puppet with your anger." said system scolding Vishal.

Vishal felt his breath stop. He wouldn't even want to imagine the scenario at all.

"Ding! Host has been issue a critical task".

Critical Task: Get specialized in Mind Magic and increase the power of your Mind attacks and defenses before fighting the Justice League.

Reward: Resistance to Anti Life Equation.

Time Limit: 3 months.

Penalty: Decrease in Intelligence rank to C.

"So, it is critical quest with penalty. I don't mind I'll concentrate. As soon as this is done I'll escape to Mars." said Vishal recovered.

It took 15 minutes as even his brain had to be healed up to some extent.

"Now let's go and kill Luthor and whoever found the weakness of Justice League." said Vishal as he made way to aqueduct and entered it.

Since he was invisible, he used Sound Sense but low level. It went through all the caverns and found the right cavern where Luthor is hiding.

Vishal cautiouslt checked for any form of device which could alert Luthor about his presence.

He saw a number of electric fields, poison fields, Fire emitting guns and lazer beam alerts all the way to the cavern.

"Yeah as if they can affect me." said Vishal and flew towards all except the lazer alerts.

He used his martial prowess to evade the lazer beams and narrowly escaped two time due to luck.

"Man, this guy is making me do all types of gimmicks just to get to him." thought Vishal.

He reached the end of the cavern and saw Luthor calibrating the power disruptor.

"The preparations are complete. All we need is that stupid kid to fall into the trap." said Luthor.

"We." Vishal already had suspicions but now it is confirmed someone is helping him.

"Activate Thermal vision." Vishal thought in mind.

When he looked at Luthor, he saw only the centre portion of body to have heat which reflected red while the remaining body showed purple.

Vishal's irritation rose. "He disguised one of his cyborgs as his own self." mumbled Vishal.

He focused on other areas of the cavern and saw a figure appear. Vishal's jaw dropped as he saw the figure because he completely forgot about the guy who stole the secrets of Batman's contingencies: MIRROR MASTER.

"Why would you use your Cyborg instead of your own Kryptonite suite?" asked the Cyborg.

A projection appeared from the cyborg and said "We're not facing Superman, we're facing a powerful magician. I need to have as many back ups as I can.

He is different from Superman or Batman. He uses everything he has to use it as a weapon."

Vishal raised his eyebrow because he was feeling irony right now that a villain has more understanding of him and his methods than the heroes and the league.

"Where are you anyway? I have checked the security and the caverns are safe. You can talk." asked Mirror Master.

"Lex Corp warehouse. Boston." said Luthor.

Vishal could directly see Luthor is lying as he could say from all the clues that he is somewhere in these caverns otherwise the tracker bugs won't alert him.

Vishal looked at the upper part of the cavern which constituted the room. He felt unusual and flew there and used Sound Sense.

He heard the words "Any sign of him?" came from other side.

"Gotcha you motherfucker." said Vishal and used Geomancy on that rock ceiling to break which caused Luthor to fall down from up there.

Mystical Punisher became visible with a devilish smile appear. Luthor caught the glimpse of the smile while falling.

Luthor shouted to the cyborg below "Shoot the disruptor."

Mirror master tried to enter the mirror nearby as the light was shining on the mirror.

"Darkness unleashed." shouted Vishal as the cavern became entirely dark.

Mirror master's powers became useless. "Night Vision"

Luthor was caught by the Cyborg and it appeared near the disruptor.

Vishal saw everyone through Night Vision. He saw the real Luthor appear near the wall and his violet and green colour suit appear with Kryptonite in it.

Vishal aimed his fingers as a gun and released a beam of fire which is hot and it melted the Kryptonite on the cyborg.

He jumped and landed on the cyborg with Superhuman strength and tore it piece by piece.

Luthor wore the suit and it is activated.

"Ding! Host has completed the task."

"Host can check the reward in status panel".

Vishal knows that Kryptonite won't effect him but the beams released by Luthor's armor can be fatal.

Vishal ignored Luthor and smiled at Mirror Master devilishly. He raised his hand and main chains of darkness appeared and tied Mirror master from escaping to mirror dimension.

The chains pulled his parts hard that he legs, arms, head got torns off killing him without allowing him to put any form of resistance.

Lex Luthor jumped and appeared near the disruptor. Vishal did not move as he wanted Luthor to expereince hopelessness before he dies.

Luthor fired the power disruptor and Vishal got hit with it. Luthor gave a wicked smile but when the dust settled Vishal was standing there as if nothing happened.

"Hmm. Power disruption is not only your domain Luthor. I disrupted your own disruption." said Vishal.

Vishal had the power disruption skill in arsenal so he was not too worried about the disruptor.

Luthor used his Kryptonite beams and Vishal did not even flinch. "Lex Luthor, the brilliant genius who has world domination as his own agenda." said Vishal.

"I'll carve my name on your bald head and rip oppen your body and also your brain." said Vishal psychotically.

Luthor was experiencing fear and anger at the same time. "You're regretting that Superman wasn't in front of you, right." said Vishal.

Luthor widened his eyes as Vishal read him like a book. He was surprised himself that he waited for Superman his arch nemesis to save him.

"You guys are always depended on those wide eyed idiots to save you in these situations. Even the Joker." said Vishal.

"I promised myself to rip open your bald head so I'm going to do it." said VIshal.

"Stop your non sense. Why would I care about Superman to save me?" shouted Luthor unwilling to accept the truth.

"Your tones suggests otherwise." said Vishal.

"You superpowered freaks are all the same. I will bring you down first before taking out Superman." said Luthor creating the energy field to protect himself.

Vishal released an enrgy which caused the force field to disappear. "I told you. Power disruption is also my domain." said Vishal.

"Haha. You're arrogant because of your powers. What would you be without them?" taunted Luthor.

"You know this shit taunting will work on Superman or Batman because they are somewhat masochistic when it comes to morality. I am not them. I will use any weapon, any power to my advantage if it means to kill villains." said Vishal as he disappeared.

Luthor looked everywhere but could not see. When he looked up he saw Vishal with a hammer appear on his head when Luthor used Kryptonite blade to block.

They engaged in melee battle when Vishal used his hammer to break the blade and jumped onto hit bald head when Luthor released energy spikes which he had to evade.

"Well fought Luthor. But time's up." said Vishal as an earth spike penetrated his armor and his body. Several spikes penetrated with blood splashing all over the walls and ground.

Luthor coughed blood and he saw Vishal appear and said "Rest in hell, bald fucker" before transforming his hammer into sword and cut open Luthor's head and removed his brain as grey matter fell.

He carved MP on both sides of the head and rip opened the armor and body. He cut off the head as trophy.

"Let's hope demons in hell shit on you bald bastard for putting me to do this much work."

It has been six hours since his hunt. "Now, where is Manhunter? I could not sense him in caverns." said Vishal.

"I'll find him later. thought Vishal as he sat on a magic circle and prepared for braodcast.