The Anti Hero Mage

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What is The Anti Hero Mage

Read ‘The Anti Hero Mage’ Online for Free, written by the author ashwiniprasad, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering MAGIC Fanfiction, OVERPOWERED Fan Fiction, ANIME Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Vishal is a hitman who takes government contracts to hunt down heinous criminals to keep innocents safe. While on a cont...


Vishal is a hitman who takes government contracts to hunt down heinous criminals to keep innocents safe. While on a contract he gets killed by underground mafia. In the divine space he meets an entity who asks him to enter the dc universe and clean the filth with a system. He accepts easily because he is angry at the incompetence of heroes and justice system in dc. Thus begins his anti hero and a business journey.

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身为某部排名前三的特工,唐舒一朝被雷劈直接成为了大楚国的靖王妃,喜提胖成球丈夫一枚,外加被贬种地一惊天巨雷。 唐舒虽然很想再被雷劈,但不得不接受现实。好歹也是穿越过来的,种田小意思。只是这球,不,这王爷能不能搭把手? 指望不了你享受荣华富贵,总能指望你拿起锄头种地吧? 某王爷脱下衣服,卸下一身球。 都说靖王妃就是个废物点心,胆小无能。 可当靖王妃提着刀直闯皇宫的时候,众人才知道,这哪里是胆小无能,废物点心?分明就是和靖王一样的黑心肝啊。 本文一对一,宠文无虐,男强女强。

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Ruby dan Khufra berteman dari masa kecil. Namun Ruby ternyata diam diam mengagumi sosok Nathan yang merupakan kakak senior di sekolah nya. Benih cinta Ruby bertumbuh untuk Nathan. Namun semua tak bisa di ungkapkan oleh kata-kata. Karena keburu Nathan pergi kuliah ke luar kota. Sampai suatu ketika Ruby di pertemukan kembali oleh Nathan ketika mereka sudah lulus kuliah. Namun yang terjadi khufra ternyata dari dulu menaruh hati kepada Ruby. Tapi Nathan juga sebenarnya dari sekolah sudah menyukai Ruby. Tapi kuliah yang membuat nya harus berpisah dan menahan untuk mengungkapkan perasaan kepada Ruby. Sampai akhirnya mereka pun menjalin hubungan percintaan yang telah di ketahui oleh khufra. Apalagi Nathan menunjukkan keseriusan terhadap Ruby dengan melamar nya menjadi istrinya. Membuat hatinya Khufra makin hancur berkeping-keping. Di saat Ruby dan Nathan akan menggelar acara pernikahan. Suatu ketika terjadi musibah. Orangtua nya Nathan mengalami kecelakaan saat hendak ke lokasi acara pernikahan Ruby dengan Nathan. Yang membuat Nathan harus membatalkan rencana pernikahan dengan Ruby. Karena telah banyak datang tamu undangan dan Ruby telah selesai di makeup pengantin. Hingga akhirnya membuat ayahnya Ruby syok dan mengalami serangan jantung di saat acara belum di laksanakan. Hingga nyawanya pun tak dapat tertolong. Gimana nasib Ruby?! Akankah Ruby menerima kejadian musibah buruk yang di alaminya secara berturut-turut?! Atau Ruby memilih untuk mengakhiri hidupnya?! Atau tetap melanjutkan kehidupan nya meskipun gagal menikah dengan Nathan?! Ikuti kisahnya. Jangan lupa follow dan beri komentar yang membangun. Terimakasih...

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Rick and Morty: Guide to Absolute Power

Jason was just an ordinary guy, a fan of Rick and Morty, but just an ordinary - above average intelligence, guy. who happened to be a scientist in his own right. When suddenly, he, outside the Central Finite Curve, found him in the body of a version of himselves inside the Curve. The areas in which Rick and Morty are real. With it being literally impossible to be smarter than Rick, but not at all liking being weaker than him, he decides to initiate a plan. But he's not alone. Infinite versions of himself, have also been transferred into the Rick and Morty Infinite-verse, all in different dimensions each with their own goals, most of them having watched Rick and Morty, but a few thousand have the same goal as him. Absolute power. And they all wont stop at anything for it, and they all know they will be fighting each other and whatever else this fuck-fest will throw at them. This is Jason Prime's Guide to Absolute Power. === The story is set 3 years before Rick C-137 meets Morty Prime. But this is the Rick and Morty verse, time barely matters, every reality is different, but just knows its 3 years before the events of the show. But other Rick's and Morty are already on their adventures. Going off this frame from the show; https://imgur.com/I1a572d The year is 2015 season three onwards. So Rick meets Morty in 2013(as stated in 'Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind, its been a year since Rick has been living with the Smith family, and then we can add another year by the time that episode comes on, as the show itself started in 2013. Its safe to assume the universe started there too.). This is a Rick and Morty fanfic that centers around a person residing outside the Central Finite Curve, in a reality where Rick and Morty are just a cartoon, finding themselves inside the Central Finite Curve, where Rick and Morty are real, and more common. Its about him fighting Rick's and other versions of him that are also from realities where Rick and Morty is just a cartoon. Fighting for the only chance they have at power that can rival Rick Sanchez if used right. Rhett Caan. This will be a pretty long story, and not the entire story will be just reaching the power, later on it will be messing around with the power. Waning: The amount of technical science in this story will be extremely high, like, Jason almost every other chapter will be spending the entire chapter developing one thing in extreme detail, with made up science, as authentic as I can make it sound.

DivineDeviance · Anime & Comics
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13 Chs
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A talking system automatically caused my score to drop by 2 points. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Bro can you write something that use logic?


So he is a government agent Who kills people And criminals it's his job in real world And he has time to read DC comics And be angry 😡 at fictional villains and heros In a comic Bro like what is this


Reveal spoiler


it's just a face slapping fic with superhero elements.


The mc is a hypocrite, he let's innocent people die for his own agenda after yapping about how bad other heroes are, he does many good things and all that but he seems to be against all of the GCPD for no real reason besides their corruption as if that was a reason all of them deserved death


I can't say I like it. The story is a self insert from what I got from it, most the chapters I read (I've read up to chapter 6) are just him insulting police or a hero. We don't actually see any development of his powers. IDK why he has a system as normally they are used to track progress but as we don't see any of the progress he probably cpuld just take it out the story so that he doesn't have the double wish at the start. Other issues.No world building. No character development (that isn't instant).Inaccurate characters (they said they were on earth 22). Character manipulates his dads mind.Gets innocents killed by chapter 4 intentionally.Can't think of anything I like about it.


It's a half decent story.The world and the aspects of the world the author includes makes it worth a read. The author includes quite alot of aspects from dc comics into his story which other authors either neglect or cant be bothered to add.This is one of the main positives of this fanfic. Including good plot points from the comics.The things that make the good less apparent is the obvious hatred the author has for dc heroes. While it fits to a certain degree due to the moral compass of the mc, it goes too far at certain points.By this I mean the mc constantly calling wonder woman a 'sl*t' over and over again.I wouldn't find fault in this if it wasn't for the fact that the mc never justified him saying this and the fact that at some point all the mc has been talking about is how he wants to have multiple wives.To hammer in the point that he really wants multiple wives the author kills half the male population as a plot point in order for countries world wide to allow men to marry multiple women. Literally out of nowhere as the mc was in another dimension when it happened.And while the grammar isnt mtl level of bad it gets worse over time. By this I mean that while you can see some faults through the first maybe 40 chapters, after some point it becomes dribble. Still not horrible, but enough to where it feels like a child wrote the story.An example of this would be when the mc says things to the effect of " you have a bad mustache" while fighting sinestro. It wouldn't have been bad if he didn't say it over and over again on repeat in contiuously worse grammar sometimes saying it 3 times in the same sentance. But thats just being nitpicking on my part.All in all its mediocre, its worth a read if you have nothing else to read. Or if you like fanfics where the mc kills.p.s. the author really should add the romance and harem tag if you're gonna add it to the story. Especially with how the mc will most likely go to the marvel universe after some dc arcs


Great [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Reveal spoiler


"Blaaaaaghh. Superman, God's righteous man. Thinks he can have peace without war. You know...


Reveal spoiler


Not bad. I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best fanfics I’ve read but it is something you can use to pass the time if you have nothing else going on👍


Best read so far.Continue with the chapters.Love your work 👍


You know, this story isn't bad. Sure, I saw a few grammar errors, but besides that, not much else. Good job. Keep up the good work Author!


Please keep posting. This fic is fun to read


people, you can throw in chapter 1 of this author’s panos


A very good story with lot of éléments of dc, not only the movies. Yep i like it very much.[img=update]😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


Keep up the good work.Don't abandon please.




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