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Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim

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Han Sen (protagonist) is currently located on "gods sanctuary" a world only accessible via teleportation where technology losses its function and is inhabited by dangerous creatures, the upside is that by consuming the creatures of this world your body starts to evolve and your lifespan increases. come join us as Han Sen goes around catching and eating all the creatures of this new world.

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Boycott! I really liked the story. But now the chapters are locked. You can only unlock them with 6 Spirit Stones ( watching ads is not possible). If every story would do this I could only read 2 chapters a day! I'm currently reading 20 novels on Qidian ... that would be impossible if every chapter costs spiritstones! I'm going to boycott the locked chapters because I don't want this to spread!


Oh, so we're in the "genes" now? The age of "assassins transmigrating" novels, "cultivation chat group/red packet server"bnovels, "transmigrating with system" novels and etcetera etcetera is over... The age of "traveling to a new world that centers on genes" is starting. Lol. Ignore that. Well, I haven't read a lot of "gene" novels out there so I'm gonna try this out (~_^)


Website : qidian china Views : 2.12 million Rating : 7.6(439) Chapters : 2054 Status : ongoing rank : 39 Word count : 4.28 million author rank : lv5


I wouldn't waste my time reading this. Nothing against the translators, but the author did NOT write a good story. The plot is nonexistent and includes stupid tricks and plot armour. The world building is tripe. The COINCIDENCES and actions of the characters are just fucking annoying to the extreme.


Another good book has fallen thx quidian Why are you forcing me to pay and still have ads between the chapters??? The greed is strong with this one


first thing : I enjoy this novel the reasons : - the MC s poised, he keeps his calm even when he is insulted, as he needs to protect his family, so far he's the only that's really done that in what I've read, at the same time he doesn't let weaker people step on him when it shouldn't happen - the MC is not a complete cheat like existence like it often happens, there is a system but everyone has access to it. so far there's only one time during which it can be said there's plot armor (the stone) - In the "cultivation world" there cannot be the intervention of someone overwhelmingly stronger as they go to other areas after becomming strong enough and they can't come back, I think it is great for the stability of the novel, and it enshures there won't be a ridiculous jump in strength coming from nowhere for the MC - the world building has started in the 70ish chapters, so don't worry about it, in any case the novel is likely to have more than 600 chapters (or so I think - in any case it does have a great potential in terms of number of chapters) the last point leads to me criticizing the haters : how THE HELL can you criticize a novel on its world building when you've only read as few as 10-20-30 chapters ???!? are you for real ?! I mean, seriously all the novels I've read on Qidian so far are bound to have hundreds if not more than a thousand chapters, just give the novels a chance to grow and set a foundation for the characters before the world, you are just being ridiculous otherwise, it's like relying on first impression to categorize people, it's nonsensical Thanks for reading me :)


greed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed greed greed greedgreedgreed what's with the number of locked chapters


The world is advance where a slightly rich friend can have a personnel jet that can be land in front of people courtyard without any freaking rule to disallow that I mean what if the jet malfunction and hit the building , people can die from any random explosion just because the stupid decision human can make (at least explain that the jet is automatic or have set pattern of air highway since it's the future ) the author don't even describe how futuristic the world is like how the gadget and tool efficiency .Now the current story is just a forced Xianxia in a Sci-fi world which is F*cking terrible with no story development about how normal civilian is given right to even go to the *mysterious space called God’s Sanctuary, where lived numerous unknown creatures. Here, humans will make the greatest leap in their evolution to create the most glorious epoch in history* quote from the synopsis , IT'S JUST A NEW DIMENSION OR A POCKET REALM ,THE STORY DON'T EVEN TELL YOU HOW DO THEY EVEN KNOW IT'S A SPACE AND NOT TELEPORT SOMEWHERE ELSE. THERE ARE NO SCIENTIST AT ALL JUST FORCED XIANXIA IN THE FUTURE WHERE TECHNOLOGY IS USELESS INSIDE THE SPACE AND SUDDENLY ALL PEOPLE DON'T CARE ABOUT OTHER DYING BECAUSE OF STRONG MONSTER AS IF IT'S A GAME .OH WAIT IT IS HALF A GAME BECAUSE THE UNWORKING TECHNOLOGY SUDDENLY BECAME A SYSTEM THAT CAN MEASURE EVERY UNIT OF GENE AS STAT THAT IMPROVE YOUR MARTIAL ART'S POWER (GENE DON'T WORK LIKE THAT AND GENE DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SOUL SO THAT MIRACLE LIKE A BEAST SLAIN SUDDENLY CAN GIVE YOU ARMOR WITHOUT EXPENDING ANY ENERGY FROM ANYWHERE JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE LUCKY ARE STUPID!) The character literally don't have fear in this world as if everyone just got out of world war 7 and don't care people died by them or to be precised just next to them ,until the author find it convenient to make them scared or traumatised(oh my just like it's normal to see someone dies in battle again'st raid boss note:RPG) there are no real true professional for hire that can be find here like mercenary , assassin/bounty hunter , SOLDIEEEEERRRRR that is send there to investigate but college people who just learn a little bit of martial art is send there as if every government want it's people to live past 500 years for no cost and everyone can teleport in and out within a convenient room for everyone each , the teleport room have no cost and tax doesn't exist in this world. I'M DONE


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Don't bother reading this. Starts ok but goes downhill fast. Translation and editing quality really deteriorates. Worst thing is it's now behind a pay wall so you can't even read the new chapters


I really enjoyed the story, I want to see how the character will overcome the difficulties and help his family. I hope he has true friends. I find it really cool to be loving and to think about your family first.


Sorry, I'm Done. Won't be reading this anymore. Now you want me to pay you $30 a month to read LN on webnovel.com? NO thanks I can get Cable TV for that price. Or i can get NetFlix for $10 a month. Far Far better price than this. And Don't tell me they release non-premium chapters since there hasn't been a single one in over 2 weeks starting after chapter 257.


While a good read, the translator releasing free chapters only rarely and focusing on premium chapters is going to stop most readers, which will cause the series to be dropped, which I find an unfortunate waste.


petty main character who bows to and obeys his enemies. Strangely enough, mc tries to take advantage of the few people who seem friendly to him. especially the friendly ones who are in a desperate situation and have strong/rich background. the ones who could help his family's living situation in the real world. Instead he tries to scam these friendly rich people into buying water and jerky for tens of thousands of dollars. ALL OF THIS WHILE he discovered an OP cheat of a godstone that he keeps in his room that could enable him to make billions. someone tell me where i'm wrong please. also the conversation just feels extremely unnatural and choppy. definitely fed up with this ****ty story peace out boys


Let the ratings drop and get them off their high pedestal. Let's boycott those greedy pigs and let them know their place! We are not robots and not money making machines! We deserve to read for free via ads and if we feel like it we will use our stones to unlock chapters. This is going too far! 6 stones to unlock.heck!


Are you actually serious 55 locked chapter ???? That's soooo ridiculous other novels have up to 12 locked chapter. This is acceptable but 55 is just greedy.


First 100 or so chapters were decent. There is an interesting setting, somewhat, an interesting MC and a reasonable but not over powered cheat. In most cases, novels with these three elements tend to become pretty popular over time, and the same should have happened to this novel if not for the author's shitty ability to plan for the future. Like most Chinese novels, our MC here gets a cheat, but one that is barely related to combat, or even personal growth. All it does is promote animals he captures into higher level monsters, that the people in this setting eat, to increase their stats. That's it, the promotion is done over a long period of time, and only one monster at a time, so i wouldnt even call it a cheat really, at best, its just a minor passive stat growth cheat. We come to a point where after eating a few more higher level beasts, our MC practically starts evolving, gaining skills and talents that he didn't have originally, skills that just so happen to be required to resolve the situation. In the first 100 or so chapters, this isn't really a problem and is still within the acceptable levels like most other wuxia. The problem comes AFTER he goes to that BlackHawk place. Nearly every single chapter after that point is complete bull crap. Random tournaments, Random sports, Random talent. All of a sudden, a stupid sounding sport is introduced out of butt fucking nowhere. There is no foreshadowing, it was never mentioned in the past 100 chapters. Just as instantly, our normal MC, with just his base strength alone, displays "incredible" talent, for this sport, that came out of nowhere. The sport/competition or whatever isn't even complicated. to illustrate, out of nowhere, there's something called black and white boxing, but when you read the description, and if you're not a complete idiot or water army, you will realize that IT IS SIMPLY ROCK, PAPER SCISSORS. Rock Paper Scissors that HAS TOURNAMENTS, SPONSORSHIPS, worshippers etc. To make matters worse, this does not happen once. It is repeated over and over again. From "warframe" piloting, to "heavy warframe" piloting, from "ärchery" to that hand game. over and over like a stupid as hell routine. From the brief and pointless introduction of said sports, an equally brief introduction and display of a random supposed super talented kid at said sport that again came out of nowhere all of a sudden, the usual whispers all around looking down on MC, the usual face slapping/ ego crushing when MC is suddenly a GOD at a game that neither he or the readers have ever heard of before that chapter, the sudden worship and attention from big figures, the big rewards. At this point, I feel like it's not that the MC is super talented out of nowhere, it is just that the universe he is in, is also occupied by God level idiots. The less said about the stiff, awkward and dumb as fuck "romance" the better. Am i salty that this novel somehow has 4 stars and above? not really. i just makes me lose confidence in the humanity.


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I can't in good conscience recommend a story where they have 19 chapters locked that to me is just absurd. I also haven't seen anyone mention this which is even more absurd