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Revenge is always sweet


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Hideo is a normal decent looking middle school student who fell in love with a girl and confessed to her. They became a couple but, the girl already had a boyfriend and was only using him to order him around. After knowing the truth, hideo became depressed and did not go to school. After a year of being depressed and being persuaded by his parents to come back to school, he came back but his body and his face greatly changed he became fat and his face was full of pimples. People started to bully him and girl looks at him full of disgust but, this did not got him discouraged and started to exercise and diet. After months of hard work he became more muscular than before and his face started to become clearer. For hideo this is not good enough. He wants to be more charismatic so, he can get his revenge on the people who used him, guys who bullied him and he specifically want to get his revenge on aimi the girl he confessed to but, used him. Suddenly, the end of his 2nd year in middle school he got a dream that greatly changed him and his body.... The world that mc visited: prison school, hotd, mahouka koukou no rettousei Ongoing:shokugeki no souma(food wars) and attack on titan world Disclaimer: english is not my first language and the first few chapters are hard to read and there is a lot of contradictions, since I was only writing to pass the time in this quarantine....please bear with it if you can. You can skip to the prison school fanfic part if you want to. I’m considering on rewriting the first few chapters if I have the time to do so... Art is not mine credits to the maker


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