101 Chapter no.100 SS.Anne Cruise

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The cruise much to Austin's surprise was going to be for a week and lets off in Celadon City and the tickets they had were first-class rooms showing yet another difference from the timeline he knew.

Misty of course enjoyed it while Brock liked his room. Yellow however looked a bit uncomfortable due to how she wasn't expecting anything so lavish.

The same with Austin because he was always a simple person so this was a bit much for him.

And there were way too many people on this ship, even more than he usually sees in school so he was uncomfortable being around that crowd.

But right now he was by himself with Pikachu on his shoulder, accidentally bumping into a middle age man who was wearing a black suit with a dark brown trenchcoat over it.

"Sorry about that." He said with him giving a polite smile.

"It's no problem, young man," The man

said disappearing into the crowds.

Austin however blinked as he did that before his eyes widened as he recognized the middle age man.

' Wasn't looker? What is he doing here? Does the international police know that team rocket is going to attack this ship?'

Shaking his head, Austin walked around with a lot of high-class people giving him weird looks.

At first, Austin didn't know what was up before he realized that his clothes were a bit scuffed up and dirty compared to theirs, along with Pikachu despite being brushed in the same boat as him. Thankfully none of them sneered or look down on him, but they were most likely wondering just how he got the ticket in the first place.

Austin frowned thinking that being on a ship wouldn't give any field advantages so he wouldn't be able to practice them. 'And since we'll be here for a week it'll be the best place to train.'

Austin briefly wondered where his companions were before thinking that Misty was most likely on the deck taking advantage of this to sunbathe, Brock was probably flirting with every woman on board along with Zubat keeping him in check. As for Yellow-... Austin didn't know, maybe she was with Misty?

'I should probably look for her to make sure.' Austin thought as if Yellow wasn't with Misty it would be a bit overwhelming by herself.

The only reason Austin wasn't overwhelmed despite being uncomfortable was that Pikachu was with him.

"Hey Pikachu, any way you know how to find the others?" Austin asked curiously with Pikachu sniffing the air.

Despite how there were a lot of new scents and people that made Pikachu's head spin, he could just make out the familiar scents of Austin's travel companions. "Pika!" Pikachu pointed in a direction with Austin smiling.

"Thanks, pal." He said knowing that he wouldn't get lost.

But as he moved through the crowd he ended up bumping into someone else. "My bad-," He stopped his eyes widening when he was face to face with Green, and from her eyes widening she recognized him as well. "Crap."

Leaf Green just smiled a bit mischievously. "Hey there, Ash wasn't it?" She asked remembering the name from the note as Austin took a step back.


"Ah this is great," Misty said in her bikini while she was sitting in a chair on the deck, Oddish out with her while Staryu and Starmie were in the pool made specifically for water Pokemon. "I can't believe Ash thought this was too good to be true."

"Dish." Oddish was enjoying the sunbathing as much as his trainer's friend as Yellow had given him to Misty so that they could enjoy sunbathing while yellow herself wanted to look around the ship before he saw something interesting and took off towards it.

Misty looked surprised. "Oddish?" She got up and ran after the weed Pokemon to see that it was greeting another grass-type Pokemon with a brown, tree-like body and three yellow egg-shaped heads. "An Exeggutor?"

"Exeggutor, there you are." A red-haired young teen in a black shirt and a white vest said at seeing him. "What have I told you about disappearing when I turn my back on you?"

His tone was a bit playful as the Exeggutor just smiled and walked up to him, rubbing one of its heads against his chest.

"That's not going to work." The teen said in amusement before looking down to see Oddish. "Oh, who is this? Did you make a new friend?"

"Sorry about that," Misty said walking up. "Oddish just ran off with no explanation."

The teen went to say it was alright only to have his breath stolen from him at the sight of Misty, her beautiful face, her fair skin. "I-It's no trouble at all," He said a bit red in the face. "This Oddish is pretty healthy you must take care of him pretty well."

"Thanks," Misty said picking Oddish up who gave a happy cry. "I'm Misty."

'Even her name is beautiful.' The teen thought before straightening himself. 'Dear Arceus if you're listening please, oh please don't let me screw this up.'

"It's a pleasure to meet you," The teen gently took Misty's hand and kissed the back of it to her surprise. "I'm Rudy."


Brock sighed a bit, sitting at a buffet table looking a bit down.

His attempts at flirting didn't go too well, not with Zubat intervening.

He doesn't get it, just why does she do that?

"Better question, why can't I control myself when I'm around beautiful women?" He asked wondering if he would ever find that perfect someone.

Looking back at the food, Brock took his mind off his failed attempts at flirting to taste some of the food, thinking about the different ingredients or spices they used. "Man some of these I might have to ask for the recipe," He mused before tasting something spicy. "Gyah!"

Coughing a bit, Brock sighed in relief. "Way too many Tamato Berries."

Deciding to stop before he risked burning his mouth some more, Brock looked around the room, wondering what there would be for him to do.

"Hey check out my Charmander's skin." Brock's attention was caught by two trainers comparing Charmanders. "Isn't it smooth?"

"The real way to see that Charmanders are taken care of is through their tails, see how brightly mine burns?"

"Whoa, cool."

Brock smiled at that, happy to see that those two took care of their Pokemon after the last few events.


Yellow couldn't help but feel completely out of place while walking through the crowds, an arm across her chest holding her sketchbook in place. She didn't have Kitty out because despite how that would calm her down she knew the sight of a Beedrill would cause a panic on the ship.

She didn't have Dody out either as it would be too crowded with this many people.

As she walked, Yellow could see other kids just about her age running around-.

Yellow blinked when something small ran into the back of her leg and she turned to see a small pink Pokemon with yellow hair. "Chum." The Smoochum complained before a girl ran up.

"Sorry about that," She said scooping the Smoochum up. "She loves to run around."

It was a girl with bluish hair in pigtails wearing a yellow hat, dressed in a red shirt with a white coat on over it and yellow shorts.

"It's fine that's a cool Pokemon, I haven't seen that one before," Yellow said with the girl smiling.

"That's because Smoochum is usually seen in the Johto Region," She said holding one hand out while holding the Smoochum with the other. "I'm Lyra, but my friends call me Kris and this is my best pal Chumee."

"Yellow," Yellow greeted her with a grin before blinking. "Why Kris?"

"Ethan a friend of mine decided to call me Crystal growing up because of my hair but he shortened it to Kris instead," Kris said a bit embarrassed by that. "So you like to draw?"

Yellow smiled as Kris continued the conversation. "Yeah, it's very peaceful to do and I've seen so much that I want to draw." She said with Kris giggling.

"I know what you mean but I'm horrible at drawing." She said before spying on some games that were being played. "You want to have some fun?"

Her friend Ethan was currently exploring the ship, so she was by herself considering her Dad had some business with the Captain of the SS. Anne and it was always better to have a friend than be by yourself.

Yellow blinked a bit as she wanted to find the others before giving a nod. "Sure."

On the other side of the Party, both Jessie and James entered the room disguised as waiters. "So many people." James mused seeing all of the trainers.

"Along with so many Pokemon," Jessie agreed with him. "Just ripe for the taking."

"And with us having a full week, we have plenty of time to look in on potential targets," James said no doubt keeping his eyes peeled for a certain twerp with a Pikachu. "Along with some payback."

"That twerp will get what's coming to him, but right now we have to prove to the boss that we aren't screw-ups so revenge will be on the back-burner for now," Jessie said not liking the idea of waiting, but considering the alternative, it was the best course of action. "We've gotten much stronger and both of us have a new Pokemon, the twerp won't know what hit him."

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