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My Beautiful Love


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[COMPLETED] [EDITING ONGOING] After being separated from him for three years, Wan Jia had only one goal: to take back her daughter from him. Yet, she would never have expected that things would unfold so differently from her expectations. "I will not let you have custody of our daughter." He had said in all seriousness. "But if you become my wife, you will have every right to be with her and we will be a complete family, just like we should be." Wan Jia looked up at him in shock. "Don't you hate me?" Looking into her eyes, he enunciated word for word. "Wanwan, I do hate you. But my love for you is much stronger than the hatred." ___ Wan Jia; A young fashion designer. Thanks to a huge twist in her life, she gets to meet the love of her life. Lu Aotian; Not your every day CEO. Despite every difficulty they faced in the past, his love for Wan Jia and their daughter, Lu Meili, never wavers. ___________ ~Avalorian: ***The cover photo does not belong to me. All credits to owner. This is a romance novel with a bit of crime, twists and mysteries.I hope you enjoy reading it. Please feel free to leave comments and reviews. ___ Join my discord channel: tinyurl.com/Avalorian

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