Naruto: Dream to Immortality (COMPLETED) Book

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Naruto: Dream to Immortality (COMPLETED)


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We've all read a Naruto fanfic at one time or another. Most are downright boring, predictable and riddled with plot holes... And this isn't like any of them...  An utterly pragmatic and selfish (bordering evil) MC has been reborn into an alternate reality... Not one of plot armors and Mary Sue characters... but of war, death, and cruelty. One where only the strong survive. And our protagonist is certainly not planning to die again anytime soon... He plans on surviving, no matter what the cost...  Woe to whoever is foolish enough to stand in his way... ——————————————————————— Patreon~ for more chapters in advance and more stories like this. www.patreon.com/HolyJoker ——————————————————————— JOIN THE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/M9hghrm **Disclaimers**  -Not for the faint of heart or those inclined to read clichéd wish-fulfillment SI...  -All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner(s).


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