MHA : Shoto Todoroki - Modern-day Villain

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What is MHA : Shoto Todoroki - Modern-day Villain

Read MHA : Shoto Todoroki - Modern-day Villain fanfiction written by the author Nar_cisse on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, reincarnation, weaktostrong, dark, anime. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Reincarnated as Shoto Todoroki, I thought I hit the jackpot. Being the child of a Hero was supposed to be a lucky drawn until I learned that from ten among us, three only would reach adulthood. This world isn't the one I thought I knew : the strong do as they please and the world has to bend to their will. In another life, I could have been a Hero - in this one, I will make the world bend until it breaks, even if I have to destroy myself in the process. ------------ This a dark, gore, more seinen than shonen fanfiction. If you're a bit sensitive or faint of heart, I strongly advise against reading this. Otherwise welcome to your new favorite fanfiction.

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First the writing quality is not what I see in a fanfic as it's on a (half)profissional level.With a story development way above of what I had ever expected ,with a "better" character design shown on the original story, and really well written World background and with the author posting regularly, the only think I want this fic is ...


Author here. I deserve these 5 stars if only for the sheer amount of work I put in this fanfic. What you will NOT find here : - Harem - R 18 What there WILL have : - Gore (I fancy myself a very graphic writer, but you will be the judge of that) - Well built characters (I am a character driven writer : plot is made by the characters, it doesn’t happen to them) - Regular upload schedule (Believe me everyone, we will see this story to the end - except if I die and my sister can’t log in to post everything posthumously) - Good orthograph/grammar - I’m French and I write in French then I translate everything to English (not MTL) but I consider myself fairly good, if not fluent. If not for the occasional mistakes or typo, you won’t find much - and if you do please be lenient with me because I know how annoying this can be and I alaways try to provide quality content Hope you will have a nice reading experience everyone !


I'm at chapter 97 at the moment, writing this. All I can say is that this is one of the most unique MHA FFs that I have read in forever. It has amazing world-building, not just for the MC himself but for every other character as well. Dare I say some characters have more personality than their counterparts? You can feel the dedication to details in world-building and how things are tied to a plot point. Now the MC does not have plot armor. Well, he does. You know he won't die, but that doesn't mean he won't suffer. It's amazing to read as his personality grows and changes with time. This world of MHA is more realistic, thus more darker, and it shows you that without holding back, the MC will suffer. He got cheats, but he does not get power up out of nowhere just because he is losing. No, he works for that power up from the moment he realizes he can die, and nobody will notice. The world won't mourn him, and he is not special just because he had a second chance. And he understands this early on with a traumatic event that breaks his psyche and rebulits him as you read the aftermath. If you are looking for something different than the norm of the I got reborn and have cheats, everything will work out itself kind of story, then try this. Don't look at the reviews; just read it and decide for yourself. Though I admit some might not like how the MC suffers psychologically, it's a unique and amazing read for me. It's a different one than the standard, so if you want something different, give it a chance.


Reveal spoiler


I just simply not like the mc. i ended up hating him, lol


I'll be totally honest. This is a masterpiece. One of the best novels here......for now. If you're tired of novels with characters that has bland personalities and linear thoughts, that always follow that Kanon. READ THIS.


Looking like a potentially great fanfic, hope it's continued! I like the idea and gradually seeing the character developing towards what's hinted at in the first chapter is done seemlessly.


Excellent and certainly worth following. I love seeing the slow chracter growth the MC is experiencing and so is his father through their relationship. The only thing is the chakra seems a bit under utilized but the story is jsut starting, also the MCs mom seems very unreasonable. Either way, I am excited to read more and suggest this 7.8/10.


Extremely slowpace with detailed storyline about abuse, childhood trauma and other such disturbing detail in this book. Best to stay away if you are disturbed by such things. Author should add a warning or this should be reported so webnovel.


Author-san, it's a great fic. Everything is perfect.But it's just that it seem like a fic you would write on ao3. like its's emotional and full of drama, which ao3 or wattpad's category fanfic. while webnovel is like action and more detached from people of fic and little straight minded , montone.So it's not for as I don't want to get too into it.but for everyone it's a great read.Thank-you for your hardwork.


This fic is quite enticing from the get go, although it would be more appropriate to say it's an MHA transmigration as Shoto Todoroki with a Naruto system. Yes Naruto system, not "just" chakra. The pacing is on a slower side, which I usually like but my main gripe would be the timeline, it focused way too much during MC's toddler years. The mentions of names from Naruto and other pop culture names ruin the immersion for me, which is quite a shame since this is quite a well-written fanfic. Also please use the word Quirk instead of Alter, I really thought that was short for alter ego, and MC was refering to that during his Villain origin scene with Touya.


This a great fan fic that moves at a good pace, great quality, and the author does a good job getting you emotionally invested into the story


Je laisse mon commentaire ici je sais que t’es un/e écrivain/e français/e je viens aussi de France et je suis aussi auteur donc juste pour ça 5 étoiles et continue ce que tu fais c’est super


insane ff am surprised it's not in the ranking well the story and how the author is telling it is unique and i like how he added to the mha world and more with the politics the quirks and also character backgrounds after i read this i see the potential in mha more


It’s a great fanfic, mid YA novel, the characters feel real in universe, most characters are almost not flat too, the problems start after the characters are done, the choice of making extras from different universes is almost fine, and then sung jinwoo will be part of Japan’s special forces. Mc sucks, the whole book is just about a guy becoming a terrible person with no one able to stop him because he is too strong, imagine the boys but it’s homelander’s life as a teenager before there was anyone who could beat him, or invincible but about Nolan before earth


By far the best BNHA fanfic I've ever read, maybe one of the greatest fanfics I've ever read period. absolutely insane character development. top tier writing quality. literally everything is amazing. read it, you won't regret it.


This is definitely the top two Mha ff on here no doubt


This is the best fanfic I’ve read(for now) keep it up author ✍️ don’t pay attention to any criticism, the fanfic is well written, the world building is simply marvelous and the plot is awesome not like other fanfic where they follow how it’s written in the original story and it just makes it seem like a “copy” instead of something different.


you have actually made my day thank you for this masterpiece


Slow af but an insanely immersive story overall. Are there actually peopl who pay $35 to access the highest level on your patreon tho? Maybe reduce it a bit lol


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