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Lemillion In The MCU


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WHAT-IF during the battle against Overhall, Mirio dodged the Quirk-Erasure bullet, avoiding the loss of his quirk? As the battle progressed and Eri grew more terrified, her quirk activated, but instead of rewinding Mirio's existence, she instead unconsciously fast-forwarded his quirk, granting him a potent increase in strength that won the battle. Sadly, with the strengthened quirk came the future Mirio's shadow - a will that made up the essence of his future self... With a powerful quirk, a quirk he could not control, Mirio permeated through the barriers separating the Multiverse, finding himself in a new universe - The Marvel Cinematic Universe. What will happen next? Patreon --> patreon.com/The_Young_Flash Discord: https://discord.gg/krTzF4bXfV


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