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Acceptance - Sequel


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Sequel to Famiglia su Tutto (Family Over Everything) Alessandra Mazzanti, 18, was promised to wed Vincenzo Bianchi, 25, while she was still forming in her mother's womb. Alessandra was born into a Mafia family with 6 older brothers. Only, she never knew they existed until she was 13 years old. She was kidnapped by her own mother, at the tender age of 2 years old. Her mother was against the arranged marriage, and wanted her daughter to be safe away from the Mafia. Alessandra's mother was murdered when she was 13, which is when she found out about her brothers, and that her father passed away only 3 years before they found her. Her strict brothers wanted to carry on with the arranged marriage, and informed her about it when she was 14. Of course, she was outraged, but she was given no option, so she grew to accept the arrangement. Now, she's about to take this massive step for the sake of her family's alliance with the Bianchi family Mafia. She's about to marry the Capo dei Capi, Vincenzo Bianchi, and become the young Mafia Queen she was born to be. Will she be able to break through his cold demeanor, and his stone heart. Or will he force her to run away, and try to find a happy life?


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