Interdimensional Mercenary (SAS 4 Zombie Assault Fanfic) Book

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Interdimensional Mercenary (SAS 4 Zombie Assault Fanfic)


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An untimely death. Something common in the business of Interdimensional Travels. Adam White, a normal human and an average man tore away from his normal life due to the childish wish he once made to the higher power that is finally granted to him. Facing a lottery to decide his power in the next life, his luck had unfortunately ran out. Of all power he could get, he get a System that grants futuristic military gears. However, perhaps it is for the best. With his wish to wield mystical magic power shattered and equipped with his System, Adam White embark into his next life as Soldier of Fortune, Gun for Hire or just a humble Mercenary trying to make a living in worlds tethering to destruction. After all, the muddy and turbulent water is the best place for fishing. ————— Cover not mine. I found it on Google. Update schedule is 3 CH/ week Main World 1. Rwby 2. Azur Lane Contract World 1. Girl Frontline 2. Black Bullet 3. FGO, Orleans Singularity Support my fanfic with donations of join my sect at, https://ko-fi.com/lazy_kat_aoi


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