The Wanderer - A X-Men Crossover Fan-Fiction

Dying painfully and in despair, Elijah Frost wakes up in a new reality, where he finally got the chance he had been denied before. Using his unique gift, he plans to wander the galaxy, as he enjoys the freedom his power grants him. ................................ This Fan-Fiction is a Crossover between the X-Men, MCU and the Marvel Comics. Characters, events and timelines will be mixed to create the world the MC finds himself in after his abrupt transmigration. It is a slow paced story and therefore a bit different than my other works, which means it will also be longer. I know that a lot of things are overused when it comes to FF in the MCU, so I can only ask you to trust me that I will create a unique story that will not leave you wanting for anything. There will be romance. I have no real update schedule, but advanced chapters of this story are on my p@treon account. I will probably only upload it here occasionally, as this account isn't a priority of mine and just exists to stop others from stealing my intellectual property. (My p@treon-acc: www.p@treon.com/GodOfFreedom; Don't forget to change the @ for an a...) Last, but not least, I don't own anything but my own characters, as I do not own the cover image, which I found on the internet. If you are the creator and want me to take it down, just send me a message or leave a comment. Enjoy!

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God succession system

A guy gets a system. He goes to other worlds. He wants to build a harem. He becomes a god? Join Alex as he joins a game to determine the next God as he travels to new worlds and builds a harem to help him in battle Note- I do not own ANYTHING that is part of an already existing franchise

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Different Sex Story

story from literotica, escortnews, aneroticstory, sexstories, jotsex, READ THIS::: I still don't read some of the story.. so I don't know if that story going to ntr... well you can leave some comment to the title to alert someone... thats that.... I upload this for my own to read.... picture: 325298 Nhentai.

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Aegis Schnee The Juggernaut Of Glyphs

One soul seeking other yet will they find each other in time or will they become bitter enemies? I Don't Own RWBY! Or any work mentioned in this fanfic! The picture is from there: https://cz.pinterest.com/pin/591238257315362510/

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Fantasy Evolution

I did not own any rights to any of the fantasy world settings but every thing other than that is my own creation. --------------- volume 1: beginning volume 2: treasure island volume 3: high school of the dead volume 4: titanic volume 5: black lagoon volume 6: Mummy, the fruit of grisaia volume 7: sherlock holmes volume 8: jormungand volume 9: pirates of the Caribbean volume 10: naruto volume 11: in time volume 12: survival event Why should god and devil fight? Why should good and evil fight? Even if they fight who arranged them fight? Of course I know the answer for this question. Something that is right in front of your eyes but it is so hard to find sigh… ……… This world is too boring for me sigh…. What is this strange world? Why am I in a movie? What this is the real world and the one that I have been living is just a sanctuary. This fantasy world can make every literary work into a different world movies, anime, novels and even games…….. What the hell is all this place….. Hey why should I build my own city here….. Military rank I am not in the army……..

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Everyone Else Is A Returnee

THIS IS NOT MY STORY!! All Credit for this story goes to the original author, Toika. The original translation was done by Chamber. I am just gonna edit some of the grammar to make it flow better in English. I'm only posting in here so I can read it on this website, That's also why it's under the fanfic tab. Yu Ilhan was always the one left behind. Left out of cliques in school. Left out of social invitations. Just…always left out. Except now he’s been left behind for real. When Earth’s future is threatened, Yu Ilhan stays behind while the rest of the population flees ot other planets for safety. It’s up to Yu Ilhan to save our planet before it’s too late! (Here are all the Tags) (Action-Adventure) (Comedy Fantasy) (Harem) (Martial Arts Mystery) (Romance) (Sci-fi) (Supernatural) (Adopted Children) (Alternate World) (Angels Anti-social Protagonist) (Apocalypse) (Artifact Crafting) (Artifacts) (Beastkin) (Beasts) (Beautiful Female Lead) (Blacksmith) (Bloodlines) (Calm Protagonist) (Clever Protagonist) (Cold Protagonist) (Cooking) (Crafting) (Cunning Protagonist) (Cute Children) (Dense Protagonist) (Determined Protagonist) (Dragons) (Dungeons) (Evolution) (Fallen Angels) (Familial Love) (Familiars) (Family) (Famous Parents) (Famous Protagonist) (Fantasy Creatures) (Fantasy World) (Fast Learner) (First-time Intercourse) (Game Elements) (Game Ranking System) (Gate to Another World) (Genius Protagonist) (God Protagonist) (Gods) (Grinding) (Guilds) (Handsome Male Lead) (Hard-Working Protagonis) (Hiding True Abilities) (Hiding True Identity) (Human-Nonhuman Relationship) (Lack of Common Sense) (Leadership) (Level System) (Loner Protagonist) (Love Rivals) (Loyal Subordinates) (Magical Space) (Male Protagonist) (Marriage) (Misunderstandings) (Modern Day) Monsters) (Multiple Transported Individuals) (Mutations) (Mysterious Family Background) (Older Love Interests) (Outer Space) (Overpowered Protagonist) (Parody) (Playful Protagonist) (Polygyny) (Pregnancy) (Race Change) (Returning from Another World) (Romantic Subplot) (Ruthless Protagonist) (Shameless Protagonist) (Skill Assimilation) (Slow Romance) (Spatial Manipulation) (Spear Wielder) (Special Abilities) (Spirit Users) (Spirits) (Strength-based Social Hierarchy) (Strong Love Interests) (Strong to Stronger) (Sword And Magic) (Time Paradox) (Time Skip) (Weak to Strong) (World Travel)

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New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic

Disclaimer- Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling. Transmigration into Harry Potter world as Harry, hell yeah. There’s so much to explore in magic that other’s never did. Dumbledrore? Fuck him. Canon Plot? Fuck that too. Voldemort? Hmm… how to best make use of that dumb cunt who turned me into his living horcrux. Ah… and there are a few girls in here that I always fancied so tagging them along is just a natural thing to do. Not too many. Just two or three would be best. Now that I’m here, I’ll carve my own path for the future and if I fuck up everyone else’s life in the process. Who cares? Average number of words in a chapter- 1500 Number of chapters I'll release every day- 2 Please support me at - https://www.patreon.com/ankit1

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Otaku Cultivator Exploring The Multiverse

We all know how cultivation novels are, starting from nothing and by the end of the novel, he becomes god. But what if the Main Character becomes god by the end of the first volume? then add the fact that he got multiverse travelling powers? and most of all he is Otaku who 'tries' living normal life and fulfilling his Otaku dreams? A 'Wish Fulfilment' type of story, when a normal Otaku type of guy gets the power to travel the multiverse! Cover Art Created by ZeroExperience20

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