Harry Potter. A Black Prodigy

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What is Harry Potter. A Black Prodigy

Read Harry Potter. A Black Prodigy fanfiction written by the author Mr_Myeterious on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering adventure, system, magic, weaktostrong, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Disclaimer Except Main character and some magic tricks, I don't own anything. Harry Potter belongs to J. K. Rowling. Synopsis: Ethan who transmigrated to the world of Harry Potter as Nigel Black. Follow the journey of Nigel Black to witness, how he clashes with his problems and enemies, to surpass anyone who came before or anyone who is coming. Honing his skills to perfection, to understand the concept and workings of magic,and acknowledged as the GOD OF MAGIC, to become the legend whose stories were told for generations. ************************************ I'm planning to keep stockpile of atleast 5 chapters which will be uploaded, after satisfactory responses and Power Stones.....

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Why harem? It would be great if he could pick up a beautiful woman from the universe and have a relationship with her. If you're not sure about a woman from the universe, you could very well create an original character yourself and use her. written with google translate.


Well as an author I am giving 5 stars. But I want a honest review from you.


he went from nice kid to a psychopath getting addicted to a power complex


so, he's a Black, not black? 🙂


The review is a bit low for now since you're just starting, but aside from a few things I like the way you write. The character hasn't been fleshed out so I'm not gonna critique that much same with the story, and now for the world background i suggest you play around with it to truly show your story


Well starting is totally awesome. Not the best but definitely better.


Amazing imagination and I am love this whole lot of story but everything feels so easy to our main character here...Wondering many facts about him. The story is really well. And I am giving this review only reading the story halfway - Just loving it


Seeing as there aren't enough chapters to go off of, here's a 5 star review to show support. I will rate it accordingly later, after there are enough chapters.


5 stars for now ,i really hope Dumbledore isn't evil


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