This novel is a AU When one possess an indomitable will and the physical strength to match, nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. When one that has these attributes dies, they become immortalized into legend and are able to be summoned as a heroic spirit. but what if no servant class matches? it's simple, a new class will be formed. The class of the Juggernaut. I do not own anything, or anyone from the animes, novels, or series that take place in this fanfic other than Godrick, the OC.

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1. The Beginning

(A/N: For anyone starting to read the story, the prologue will be getting rewriten in the future. I still encourage you to read it, but understand that some aspects will change. These changes will not affect the story as a whole, only the prologue.

These changes will include strengthening some of the characters (Lancelot, Artoria, Godrick) to fit the original canon of Fate, as well as fix some problems such as small inconsistencies to match original canon.

The rewrite will take place in the coming months, as I'm busy with life, and I'm too excited to write the next arc of the story (currently on ubw)

I still encourage you to start the story, as the prologue will end the same way.

Thank you so much, I hope you like what I've written, and I appreciate each and every one of you!)

As the rain fell in the forested land, the blood and mud began to mix together as one. Soldiers and warriors fought against and with one another. Sounds of battle, screams of fear, agony, rage, conviction, and condemnation all became one cacophony. 

As the music of war was coming to an end, one side had clearly lost. The defenders who were known as the sentinel legion, began to retreat from the massacre that had taken place and fled the city they had lost. As they traveled through tunnels and secret passageways, they realized they were not alone. They were followed by the alliance make by the northern parts of england.

As the defenders fled, they were finally able to leave the city. Frantic and scattered, they fled into the forest as they made their way to allied cities.

A group of ten knights broke off from the main force and stayed in a clearing surrounded by small trees that were still wet from the ice cold rain. They hoped to buy their retreating comrades time to escape.

The leader of the group, Lancelot, was a tall man with white ornate armor that alluded to his status and rank. He removed his helmet to reveal his purple hair, and tired face.

"Brothers, sisters, one final battle. May God protect us." Lancelot declared in a solemn voice. The small group could hear their attackers coming for them, hear their footsteps as they drew closer. They felt the ominous threat of death looming.

Godrick, who was Lancelots apprentice, had the thickest armor and stood head and shoulders above the rest.

The warrior looked at his tall apprentice and said, "I'm glad you're with me."

Godrick was a young man, barely 17 winters old, yet here he was shadowed by the possibility of death. He was a young man of no words, but the veteran could sense the young warriors' gratitude. 

Finally, the enemies showed themselves. They emerged from the mist covered forest like wraiths, waiting to reap their prey. There were about thirty of them, just a small war party 

The leader of the small war party what a tall man. He wore silver scaled armor, and had a massive longsword.

The war party slowly surrounded those few warriors who stayed behind to buy their brethren more time.

"So..." The man said removing his helmet.

"Is this the best your king has to offer? A knight of the round table, and a couple of fools who stayed behind?" He finished as he began to laugh. His laughter didn't last for long however, as one of the small petite sentinel legion knights leapt forward and buried her dagger in his throat. With a vicious twist, she ripped her dagger free. And thus, the battle began. 

The two side clashed together, their battle vicious. Members of both sides fell, though the attackers were far more frequently than the defenders. They broke into groups of multiple attackers to one defender. 

Lancelot drew his sword and, with one swift slash, slew many of their attackers and a good part of the forest. however their enemies were more resilient than he thought.

The smaller sentinel kights fell the fastest. Their lack of armor and the inability to move around their multiple opponents worked against them. However, it didn't stop them from finding the gaps in the enemies armor and slowly bleeding their enemies to death.

One of the sentinel knights who held nothing but a sword was next to succumb. They were able to hold their ground against their attackers but were eventually overcome due to the enemy number being too great

As the defenders fell one after another, finally, there were only three left, a sentinel knight who looked like a gladiator, holding a trident and small buckler, Lancelot, and Godrick. Nine attackers opposed them.

The battle began again, as the gladiator was able to deflect an incoming blow from an enemy knight and bury his trident in the knights stomach. The gladiator then threw the still impaled knight into an enemy who held a club, making him stumble. The gladiator then struck down with his trident, stabbing it into the foot of an incoming pikemen who held a spear. She staggered from the pain in her foot, and missed the opportunity to defend herself from the gladiators killing blow to her neck. The gladiator then struck out with his shield hitting another of his foes in the face. As the soldier reacted, she was able to dodge his next blow by backing up, then kicking him, making him trip on the still warm body of the spear weilding woman he had killed. This allowed the another enemy knight to bring his hammer down on the gladiator's chest with devastating force, thereby killing him.

As the enemy woman was distracted by the gladiators' death, a sword came down on her head, killing her instantly. Lancelot brought his sword down on her, then quickly moved targets, impaling the knight with the hammer

Godrick was fighting the other 5 enemies, waiting for his master to come and help. Playing the long game, he defended. He parried and would make quick strikes back at the attackers slowly whittling them down. Lancelot rejoined him by splitting the already dying knights head with another attack from above. They felt the battle begin to shift, and the two began to feel as if they might survive. 

Godrick turned to an enemy knight, who in turn readied his pole arm. The enemy charged, and Godrick planted his feet. The black knight tried to impale Godrick with the spike atop his halberd, but Godrick was able to block the blow and shove the enemy back with the halft of his weapon. The enemy knight tried to make a quick jab at Godrick but to no avail as Godrick was ready for it. He was able to knock the jab aside and bring a devastating blow down on his enemy's head with the hammer back of his halberd, dazing the knight. This gave Godrick the chance to flip his halberd and stab him with the sharp butt under his breastplate. Godrick pulled the enemy near him and bent over to throw the armored man backward over his shoulder onto the blood-stained earth behind. As the knight in heavy armor crashed to the ground, it gave Godrick a split second of an opening, and he took it. Bringing his ax blade down on his foe, he cut clean through the neck and ended his battle.

He quickly moved back to where his master Lancelot was and began to take on another foe. 

Things quickly took a turn for the worst however, when Godrick heard a grunt of pain. He whirled around to see a large knight had hit Lancelot with his large warhammer, then picked him up in an embrace over his shoulders. The behemoth of a man wrapped his warhammer around the small of the old warriors back between the armor plating, and gave a short vicious tug. A loud crack was heard, followed by a scream of agonizing pain. The man unceremoniously threw Lancelots body over his shoulder and gave a shout of victory.

Lancelot crashed to the ground and began to moan in pain. The sound of his labored breathing was the only sound Godrick could hear. He betrayed no emotion as he readied himself for one last battle. 

As his four enemies readied themselves, he began to march forward. The large knight lunged forward as he brought his massive hammer down on Godrick. Sidestepping the blow, Godrick shoved the knight hard enough to make him fall to the ground. A another knight with a spear tried sweeping Godricks feet from underneath him, but her spear stopped dead in its tracks as Godrick stood firm.

Another Saxon came from the side and tried to pick Godrick up over his shoulder leaving Godrick vulnerable to attack, but Godrick lowered his center of gravity and met the man head on, bringing him to a complete stop. Godrick then was able to bring his halberd back around the knights feet and trip him, allowing for a quick strike with the spike. As Godrick drove the spike down, the man was able to deflect the blow so that it buried in his left bicep and not his skull. 

Howling in pain, the man rolled away as Godrick pulled the spike from him. Godrick then felt a searing pain in his side and saw a small woman had drove a blade between the gaps in his armor. The woman quickly backed up as the larger knight came from behind Godrick and slammed his warhammer into his back. Falling to the ground, Godrick lost hold of his halberd. getting to one knee, he saw the smaller woman's blade approaching, aimed right at his left eye hole in his helmet. In an instant, he brought his left hand up, catching the blade. The blade however, stabbed through his hand, exiting the back as it continued towards his eye. It stopped as the guard met Godricks hand, stopping it inches from his eye. 

As shock ran through Godricks system, he wrapped his fingers around the hand that was still holding the hilt of the sword, trapping the warrior. As this was happening, he failed to see the Saxon woman approach him from the right and drive her spear into his chest, piercing through his breastplate into his sternum. 

The knight Godrick had injured then came from his back and raised his great ax. Bringing it down, he tried to bury it in Godrick's left shoulder. The first, second, and third strikes failed as Godrick was forced to inactivity due to the sword still trying to stab his left eye and spear imbedded in his chest. The fourth strike, however, finally broke through his shoulder pauldron and dug deep into Godricks left shoulder. Finally, the large knight appeared from his right as the knight with the spear shifted to stand in front of Godrick. The large knight raised his warhammer and brought it down on Godricks head. Godrick, in an effort to survive, brought his right hand up and caught the blow, stopping it dead. The knight, shocked, put more weight on his hammer, trying to make Godrick collapse, but he wouldn't budge. All the enemy heard was a faint grunt.

Godrick, drawing on all his remaining strength, shifted the club and brought it down on the spear still in his chest. To Godrick's surprise, the hammer and the spear both ended up breaking. though leaving a segment of the spear still in him. Allowing Godrick to move once more, he shifted to his right, allowing him to use the force of the blade stabbing through his left hand to drive the blade into the ax weilding knights neck, killing him. 

The small knight tried to tug her still gripped hand to no avail, as Godrick then ripped the spear from the hands of the knight that had impaled him. Then using the broken shaft, thrust it in her throat, standing to his full height to give it more force. Letting go of the shaft, he saw the disbelief in her eyes as she fell. Godrick then brought his armored elbow back into the face of the large knight, snapping his head back. Godrick turned his attention to the small woman and threw his raised fist into her face. She then gave a shriek of fear and agony. The cry was so loud it dazed Godrick, turning the world black and white. The woman was able to finally break free from Godricks grip and began to run. As the color began to come back to his sight, Godrick picked up his halberd that was by his side and threw it like a spear impaling the fleeing knight in the back, killing her. 

In a sudden rush of energy, Godrick turned around, ripped the sword from his hand, and stabbed it into the chest of the large knight who was preparing to bring his broken warhammer down on Godrick. The man looked down at his chest, looked at Godricks chest with the spear still in it, then into his helmeted eyes. He could see the hot steam-like breath come from the holes in Godricks helmet. The hammer fell from his hands as he fell to the ground. He lay there before saying his last words.


As Godrick looked around him, he saw his master on the ground looking at him. "Godrick?" Lancelot said as Godrick began stumbling toward him. He fell to his knees at his master's side. Grabbing the old warrior's sword, he placed it in his hand. His breathing was extremely labored as he struggled to keep consciousness. He took his helmet off as he looked at his master, one last time before he lost consciousness. Lancelot reach up and grabbed Godrick by the collar of his armor and shook him violently. "Don't you dare leave me!" He shouted 

As Godricks breathing slowed and the light left his eyes, Lancelot pulled his body from his kneeling position to him. Godrick's limp body fell to Lancelot, and he began to weep

"Forgive me, Godrick. I could not protect you! Please, Lord, have mercy on him! He fought bravely in the face of death. May he find a more worthy master and lord in the next life!" He cried to the heavens 

A while later, as he held his apprentice's body close to him, his allies finally came. A group of his faction had come to help them escape, but they were too late. They only found Lancelot, who had dragged his, and Godrick's body to a tree where he could lean against it. As they approached, Lancelot heard footsteps, and as he hugged the body to himself, he tightened his hold on his sword.

"Show yourselves, you Bastards!" He yelled. "Come to finish what you started? I'll be damned if I-" his sentence was cut off as he saw his Lord, the "King" Artoria pendragon.