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What is Fate/Juggernaut

Read ‘Fate/Juggernaut’ Online for Free, written by the author greenbaypitbull, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: This novel is a AUWhen one possess an indomitable will and the physical strength to match, nothing can stop them from ac...


This novel is a AU When one possess an indomitable will and the physical strength to match, nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. When one that has these attributes dies, they become immortalized into legend and are able to be summoned as a heroic spirit. but what if no servant class matches? it's simple, a new class will be formed. The class of the Juggernaut. I do not own anything, or anyone from the animes, novels, or series that take place in this fanfic other than Godrick, the OC.

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hello everyone! it's been a blast writing this novel, and I'm so thankful to everyone who reads it! a couple of things before you get into it.I am a brand new author who has never written anything, so please be patient with me! Another really big thing is that some aspects of my story differ from cannon. an example of this is that the knight's of the round table are weaker in the first part of the story (meaning the prologue set in ancient Britain.) so please don't be shocked if the characters seem weaker then they should be.the reason for this, is I didn't fully understand just how strong they were in life while I was writing it, so by the time I learned about it, I was already well into the story! another aspect of cannon that I've changed is that I'm combining most of the timelines into one. meaning that MC (Who is a Heroic Spirit) will participate in many of the Holy Grail Wars. (Ubw, Apocrypha, Grand Order, ect, ect) The third aspect I've changed is that I've made Alaya a little more "powerful" than her cannon counterpart. I understand that this might upset some readers, but I promise that it has a purpose. there are other things as well, but I hope that you give this novel a chance! I try and answer all the questions I can, so please feel free to ask questions or voice your concerns in the comments. I will try my best to answer them!again, I hope you give this novel a chance, but please remember that this book might not be for everyone, and that ok!I appreciate each and every single one of you!


This novel has to be hands down one of the best fate ff on this platform. It’s great detailing of the story and characters emotions really helps to better understand them on deeper level, especially the mc. Overall great story.


I am going to be honest I was reluctant to read this but my friend recommended this fic to me and trust me when I say he has a good eye for these things. So anyway I started reading and about halfway through I realized hey this actually a pretty good fic with a well developed character and background. I only wish there were more people out there more fics like this that are actually good and not constantly about harems/lemons/female servants. In fact I should mention that it was this specific fic that inspired me to write my own knight fate fic. I've always wanted to write one centered around that time but was reluctant to do so because I didn't know so much about the time period in Britain.


Reveal spoiler


this is a hot mess. the author has no idea what what they’re doing and is guessing/making-up everything as they go. they have no understanding of what the characters are like personality wise not skill wise, yet says they are “correcting” canon. they dont even understand that MEDICS would NOT be what KNIGHTS call for medic aid. they call for HEALERS. The author also said they were going to be accurate to both Fate (the series) and history. yet they dont even know the basics of either. so no i dont recommend reading this.


10/10 The best author I've ever come across. ;) Some things are admittedly a bit forced at times but it doesn't matter as the progression more than makes up for it.


Reveal spoiler


This is a absolute masterpiece of a fate novel one of the best in this app if not the best just because you can tell that this author is really putting in the work to keep this going.


I'm not a FATE fan but I just can't stop reading, especially since its not harem. I always wished for a MC that is like a moving mountain and bulldozes everything in his path and that is exactly what I got. Only complain I have is that it doesn't update fast enough for my taste, but other than that I can only recommend this book.


cara, para mim, tirando o início que é bem mais ou menos, esse livro está sendo bem legal até. O romance não é muito minha praia, mas não é algo que incomoda, o desenvolvimento do protagonista também está sendo legal. A única coisa que não me caiu muito bem, foi a personificação da "counter force" mas é aceitável. Bem dito isso, agradeço pelo trabalho e estou ansioso pela continuação ✌🏻🙂


Best fate ff I’ve ever read [img=update]


I really really enjoyed this story it had my attention from the very first chapter with that awesome opening chapter was very easy to imagine in my head the battle the mc was in. the humors pretty good as well i was actually laughing out loud at some of the moments like when mc threw Lancelot into a puddle of mud or when he flicked shiro threw a wall cuz he thought he was making moves on his mother or even his need to rip off arms and beat people with them lol. overall im really excited to see where the story goes from here and see what other timelines mc will appear in as he does as his class juggernaut does and smash's through whatever's in his way


So idk if this will be coherent enough but I’ll give it a shot, this story is pretty great my only problem with it is the fact author is just new and figuring out what works for example the mc only uses his weapon when he isn’t killing someone and his hands when he is killing them (mostly) and for as “strong” as the mc is it seems like he gets nerfed or everyone else gets boosted to a crazy degree and how the mc is making rookie mistakes over and over even tho he grew up in war so should know what to do (don’t wanna spoil so I’ll be vague) and some parts are definitely forced but still come off as really well written and how author has mc constantly suffer like he a secret maso or something overrall id say author just has to practice a bit more and find a good medium to find between scenes or change tags if your wondering to read this I’d say check it out cause it def is better than most fics on here (warning tho mc is a mute but learns sign language at the middle of arc 1)


the first 12 chapter which is the prologue was beautifully done. really got me interested in the story


um livro interessante, com um começo lento, mas ainda assim bom de se ler.


One of the best fate fanfiction stories I've read so far good on everything and can't wait for for keep up the amazing work.


The novel is captivating with likeable main character. It’s breath of fresh air with mc bein more of an tank than damage dealer which make majority of other novels. The romance is subtle but well done with proper progression and likable fl. it’s a good read with proper grammar and awesome author which often associates with readers not criticising their opinion. Give it a try 😘


Story is definitely good and one of the few good Fate stories out there. It’s also very detailed and imaginative when I say that I mean like dragon ball kind of detail which I really like. Although I’ve noticed some very small minor mistakes when it comes to certain words and descriptions but that’s alright since those are just small things that can always be fixed via para comment. I also have to give some appreciation to author for how well developed he made Godrick with his origin story. I look forward to future chapters and eventually its completion hopefully.


this novel is hands down the best fate fan fiction ever. it's so good, and I'm really surprised that it doesn't have more reviews! the only thing about this novel, is the upload schedule is a little sporadic. other then that, it's really good!


En mi opinión esta es una de las mejores historia que haya leído relacionada con el mundo de fate. Aprovechen que ta el volumen 1 terminadoooó [img=recommend]


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