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Death Korp of Krieg (WH40K) | Justice League (DC-Comics)


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When the 107th Siege Regiment, of the Death Korps of Krieg - was enlisted the tasks of handling the Ruinous Power that has taken root within a backwater planet. The 107th Death Korps Regiment head on with haste to the planet; Jules, and to its defenses, regardless of being on their own without additional support from other Astra Militarum Regiments - such as the Tallarn Desert Raider Regiment - who has been delayed to accompany the Death Korps Regiment to Jules. However as the Death Korps stood alone and unwavering as their front lines collapsed, a Watchmaster leads her squadron of Grenadiers to execute an issued order. Until there met on the field of littered corpse and the stenches of death - was a Chaos Psyker.

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