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Cant help make the joke... You got author notes longer than some fanfics got chapters lol


Amazing chapter, amazing story, I look forward to your return after the hiatus.


Bro's chapters are longer than some fanfics out there. (Ps. looking at myself)


Merry Padoru~


btw i would not mind if you took some time off this story if you promised you would come back, have a good rest and all that


Spectacular chapter author, and it's always great to see Hector acting as Eidolon, Shego and Helena's reactions about Hector's children were priceless, I admit I was a little sad about Hector and MJ's "separation", I hope the redhead reconsiders the offer of Hector and enter the harem, but if not, that's okay, you've done a great job with her so far, author, and made me like the character even more, who is currently completely destroyed in the comics. Now, when it comes to the hiatus, I admit that I was sad, but if there is anyone who deserves a vacation, it's you, the author, you've done a wonderful job so far. the wait will undoubtedly be painful for me and the fans of your work, but I know it will be worth it, replenish your energy, do what you like, look for inspiration, and when you feel comfortable, your fans will be here, eager to see your new ideas and the direction this story will take. Merry Christmas and see you next time.


Nice to see Hector healing the kids. A leap of faith huh? Top fanfic for a reason. Merry Christmas bro. Enjoy your long vacation. Hope to see you again someday. Stay safe and happy.


Hector made one of the hottest girls in marvel and now Edilon will come to heal her.


Thanks for the Chapter! Take as long a break from this as you need dude. This would still be one of my favorite fanfictions even if you stopped here (please don’t). Thanks for giving us some closure here too. Not enough Authors find the time to write something that’s even half as good as this, combine that with all the foreshadowing? I’ll be haunting your Author page ;). See you in the next one.


Hey bro I'm very serious are..........you........still .......alive?


Hey Author-bro, i don't want this to come out like i forcing you out of the hiatus or something like that but update status of this fan-fic will be nice to us the reader or an author's note is also nice thank you! Also i hope you doing okay!


U alive bruh? Saw the novel on my list. I am one of ths old readers started reading from ur 10th chapter. 2 months passed no updates on the novel or about your status. You are too out of touch after New Year. Stay safe, come Back soon as this is one of the best Works I have read so far.


You absolute BEAST you deserve this break! Many professional authors wouldn’t even be able to write a quarter as long as you without taking a break! The writing quality, the story, the characters, the complexity of moving parts and active development, and even the word count per chapter (10k per chapter, bro is on that ZaZa) with only a 2 week interval in chapter updates is INSANE! this Fic is easily one of the legends of the Webnovel community.


when are you gonna come back author


While the autor goes to buy some milk and acarajé i will share a few fic recommendations. The Hammer Effect by Reidrain - SI go big or go home. MCU The Most Powerfull Quirkless by gglhbjkyyj - SI Biggus Dickus, Have NTR, but you fell more 'she's a ho3' than rage. MHA The Fastest Man Alive by BigToFu - SI with a lot powers, a harem and biggus dickus on the table. Skip the first 10 chapters, is a little slow. MCU My Reserching Journey(HxH) by VQuintessence - MC MAD SCIENTIST HERE. HunterxHunter DxD Devils and Artefacts by DRAGON15681 - SI Gigachad. Highschool DxD


Merry Christmas, thanks for the chapter


Bem, não ficou tão legal porém foi o que deu pra fazer no celular



I truly love this story and I've reread it multiple times I truly hope your vacation from this story works for you as much as Hector's was with the OP vacation and when you come back you'll come back invigorated and enjoy writing this story again! keep up the good work we believe in you!


This story is not like the others, so this was not the end for Mary Jane, as there is always a turning point in life, Hector still has time as a student, and to be honest I don't know much about Marvel, but one thing I understand is that most girls are not "normal" they always have something, fighting skills, power, strange past, etc etc etc, Mary Jane besides her beauty is the normal of normals, and having a girl for Hector, the mortal Hector, is something interesting to see, because this story is not like the others, MJ's feeling for Hector will not disappear at the end of this paragraph, just like Hector's for MJ, so, we have to see if there is something that It's going to make this little flame grow, what, I don't know, but maybe it appeared because of something external or by MJ herself or by Heitor. mj is sad yes, but I felt confused, like she hadn't responded, and from the way she was thinking it seemed like she would accept just trying to face the "older woman" so her sadness is strange to me, I really liked her here, I hope she becomes "the mortal who will keep the god on earth" if you understand me