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Star Wars: Skywalker

Reincarnated as Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One.

Auri_EL · Movies

Star Wars: Blurred Lines

A Star Wars SI story. A Scottish man wakes up in a foreign body after blacking out with the boys, then sets off to be the best damn space wizard there is. The picture isn't mine, tell me if it's yours and I'll take it down.

DodgyWriter · Movies

Marvelous Grandmaster

Young man struck by lightning woke up with memories from the Star Wars universe during the old republic era. After several decades of battle alongside his friends and companions, he made the ultimate sacrifice to stop Vitiate’s final act of desperation. But his story did not end there like he expected. “I’m alive? Hold up this is earth. HAHA I’M BACK!” “Tony Stark is scheduled to give a weapons test in-“ “Wait...What?” “Well...Fuck.”

HuntingFate · Movies

Mass Effect SI: Ultimate Krogan

Embark on a long journey with me piloting the Ultimate Krogan: Grunt in a three act epic. Act 1 Mass Effect and Star Wars: A man awakens and accepts his new life as giant space lizard man. He sets out to dominate the galaxy with every ounce of strength and wit he can muster. Act 2 Skryim - Fate: Now realizing he is free to move about the Omniverse, Grunt sets an unrelenting pace as he seeks out new experiences and conflicts. Act 3 Guild Wars 2 - present: Having lived a lifetime of battle and adventure, and having done and lost much, Grunt and his family embark on a new chapter in their lives: godhood. Props to LordValmar for his work on the cover art. You can support me and my family on Ko Fi ko - fi . com / jmanm

JManM · Video Games

The Wound In The Stars

What happens when you suddenly get dropped into a galaxy far far away. You have a few god given gifts , how will you use them. AN: This is my first time writing. I hope this goes well. I am just writing as hobby . sorry in advance ,if the updates are irregular in the future, but i will try my utmost to keep this going. All constructive criticisms are welcome. I don't know all the lore, so I have to do a lot of digging around to find them. And this story will most certainly deviate from canon a little bit, the MC existing itself is a deviation in the flow of canon. Please rate and review. Disclaimer : I don't own the Cover Image. Pillaged that of google. All writes of Star Wars belong to Disney or any other Mega corporations that might buy Disney in the future . I only lay claim to the original characters that pop up all over because I am a lazy ass who thinks making shit up is better than finding canon names and the story arc I introduce( well sometimes). Warning: The first ten chapters are a bit tough to read. It took me that long to realise that spacing in Microsoft Word and Web-novel are different. Will edit it in the future. With that out of the way, ENJOY!

JohnnyReever · Movies

Star wars: New Order

John was a normal person of society before he died protecting a homeless woman from being raped And because of his act of heroism which changed the world, he was reincarnated to his favorite Series Star Wars. The beginning of the story is a little disorganized and doesn't make sense but if you ignore that and keep reading it gets better Also, this is my 2nd Book so don't expect much

Dr_Dred · Anime & Comics

Star Wars:Eternal

Appearing in the void, John finds himself in front of a strange floating text. With a mission to fulfill and a system as a guide, John begins his new life in the star wars universe. Watch how John changes fate and leads the galaxy to a new era. ************** (English is not my main language, I just use a translator to help anyone who wants to read the story, but I'm writing just for fun, so don't expect to much, and if there's something you don't like, just don't read it.) ************** (Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or any of their intellectual property,just my own character) ************** (Disclaimer:i do not own the cape image,it's just something that i found on google,the character won't be exactly that way, but it's a good general idea)

Barruch · Movies

Flipping the Galaxy

What do you do when a random omnipotent being offers you the chance of a new life in another universe with free perks to boot? You accept it of course! Follow the journey of our protagonist as he gets reincarnated in the Star Wars universe with a couple of perks to help him along the way.

Daonexus · Movies