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Dimensional Descent

The Third Dimension is collapsing. The Fourth Dimension is descending. First it seemed that only technology would evolve, but who knew the world itself could too? It wasn’t as simple as climate change or tectonic movement. No, the fundamental laws of physics that governed everything were changing. Leonel was fairly lucky. His family was decently well off, his father loved him enough to brew vomit inducing nutrient rich smoothies every morning, and this was both the day of the National Championship and his 521st confession to his dream girl, Aina. As his father always said, nothing was more important than respect and persistence. Unfortunately, everything changed that night. At the after party of ages, the world reached a saturation point and an apocalypse descended. Abilities awakened. Sub-Dimensional Zones opened. Invalids rampaged through the Earth like a virus... Those who could evolve would have a slim chance for survival. Those who couldn’t would die. This novel will be a unique spin on the dungeon/system genre. Dungeons won't be dungeons and the system won't be a system... Take a look to find out what I mean :) -------- For Updates - @Awespec on twitter or https://discord.gg/awespec for discord https://www.instagram.com/awespec_/ https://dimensional-descent.fandom.com/wiki/Aina_Brazinger

Awespec · Fantasy
2889 Chs

Is that a Wisp?

Author's Note: The start of the story is very slow and cliche. Give it a chance until the wisp reaches the human cities. It's at that point that the book's charm shows itself (Around chapter 20, all free!). --- What if a wisp, with zero EQ about human culture and habits, gains the opportunity to finally achieve human form? Now he can enter cities, experience technology, and fight his way to the top, right? In this universe where wisps are seen as nothing more than resources, a wisp stands up to challenge the wisps' destiny! Not without causing a lot of misunderstandings on his way, of course… --- Realms: Qi Condensation; Foundation Establishment; Core Formation; Divine Soul; Soul Forging; Void Breaking; Divine Path; Divine View; Semi Divinity; Divinity. --- Transformation; Mortal Rejection; Godly Fusion; God Foundation; God Core; Nascent God; --- Semi-God Realm; God Trial Realm; Elementary God Realm; Primal God Realm; God Realm. https://discord.gg/mR3pzMN Buy me a coffee: https://ko-fi.com/suiyan

Suiyan · Eastern
1583 Chs

Hollywood Zenith

A blind Orphan child gets transported to the modern world. Read as he left the world of magic to follow his destiny with an all-knowing system that used to be the God of knowledge. Meet Legendary Families and famous people as He circumvents through different facets of life with god-given talent. Be it Acting, singing or cooking, he who once felt guilty for existing will overcome to become a pinnacle existence. ========================================== This is a slice-of-life story focusing on all aspects of life. He will grow and will have different careers throughout his journey. He will meet other girls throughout his life and have to find ways to overcome different societal issues because of it. READ ATLEAST 10-15 CHAPTERS TO GET A FEEL ABOUT THE NOVEL. You could skip the volume one though it will be confusing, many things would start to make sense with regular updates. Volume 1 is about his childhood years.(COMPLETE) Volume 2 will touch upon his adult life.

devonsewn · Urban
788 Chs

Ball of Nothing

I started off as nothing, just a mass of consciousness that slowly evolved. Just your average overpowered existence hungry for a multiverse adventure. Demons? They are my friends. Monsters? They are delicacies. Heroes? Not even equal to the dirt on my boots. Royalty? Money Machi- Ahem, a pleasure doing business. Immortals and Gods? Share with me the latest gossips! With power comes responsibility, but I'm just a ball... or am I just a ball? Watch as I regain my memories and beat up my past self. Note: No common sense in the story. Highly controversial. This is a contracted work, expect to unlock chapters. Season 1's standards differ greatly. Drama seekers, toxic bitches and overly-sensitive folks who cannot chillax not welcomed. Author also has indemnity to typo, grammar mistakes and English bugs throughout the story. You have been warned. Proceed with caution and enjoy. *** Note: Please check out new contracted work Monarch of Solitude if you liked the author's work. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/destinyaitsuji Discord: https://discord.gg/UrtDMXn

Destiny_Aitsuji · Fantasy
638 Chs

I Became A Mech Soldier After Waking Up in The Future.

"In the face of survival, will you still cling on to your ideal?" Keiko sought desperately an answer for herself and the future she vowed to protect. In the end, what would she choose? --- Keiko Lee, a female Special Assault Team (SAT) woke up in the body of the infamous "Death Reaper", the rising star mech soldier of Earth Federation more than 100 years in the future. The Earth had gone through devastating change after a round of nuclear war, natural disaster, and alien invasion while a huge threat was still looming over humanity's future. Having no other option, she has to adapt to her new world fast while unknowingly becoming the center of the storm known as revolution. Meanwhile, Jeanne Armstrong, a prodigious black-bellied female major who is also a senior technical officer, a military research expert, and a female instructor in the highest military academy in the Federation, keeps teasing and seducing her to her heart's content. Keiko who sought survival and perhaps, a way home, and Jeanne who will do anything for her freedom. What will happen to them when their fate entangled with each other? +++ Precept: Jeanne leaned on Keiko’s side and rested her head on her uninjured right shoulder. "If you feel guilty about me, please don't push me away. Just think of it as you act for the sake of your goal, and I am for the sake of my oath. We are comfortable using each other like this and we know each other well, isn't it good? " Keiko's hands trembled, she caressed Jeanne's face gently, while her head was lowered. She said, "You... don't be so nice to me..." "Pfft, I've made it clear that I want to use you, and you still say I'm good to you? Are you stupid?" "If I am really stupid, I probably wouldn't be sitting here talking to you right now," Keiko whispered. "Hmph! You know it in your hear all those words really hurt me very much, you’re terrible." "Do you think I want to say that much? It really makes me suffocate, each and every word. I'm just afraid that you will suffer a lot if you choose me, and I'm afraid that I can't take care of you well." “Heh!” Jeanne snorted, "You? Taking care of me? It would be nice if you didn't bother me to take care of you. You damn block of wood, you want to piss me off, don’t you?" “......” "Don't you have anything to say?" Jeanne looked up at her. Keiko didn't speak but lowered her head and pressed Jeanne’s lips with hers. Jeanne's eyes widened for a moment before the corners of her eyes and lips drew a beautiful arc as she stretched out her arms around Keiko's neck, and pull Keiko’s face to hers. --- cover commissioned by: IG: @vatarison.art

BigMarch · Sci-fi
223 Chs

The Ultimate Cyborg

“So, I’m just a damn robot now!” Kevin exclaimed, pulling his hand away from hers. “No, you’re not! You’re still the same person. Your human brain is still there. You still have your consciousness. Nothing has changed on the inside. We only fixed your body. You still remember who you are, what you love, and those close to you.” After surviving an android attack, Kevin Lee Smith wakes up to find his human body replaced with a metal exoskeleton. When Kevin’s body is destroyed, his brain is hooked up to the Experimental Cybernetic User Interface (ECUI). It is an adaptive fighting system designed to transform the user into the ultimate killing machine. As he begins life anew as a Cyborg he struggles to tread the fine line between man and machine. In a dystopian future world ruled by an advanced android, where robots dictate terms to the humans, Kevin becomes the face of the human resistance. He sets out on a quest to liberate humanity and uncover the real truth behind the machine mutiny. What to expect from this book? 1. A futuristic world encompassing several advanced cities, each divided into different unique districts. 2. A cyborg system with an advanced AI that lets the user upgrade himself by acquiring resources and equipable items. 3. Different classes of hostile machines, all having their unique combat styles, weapon systems and defense mechanisms. 4. Sentient androids having their own agendas. 5. Experimental organic entities with unique and disturbing abilities. 6. Genetically modified humans with special adaptations which enable them to harness powers far beyond human comprehension. 7. A deep conspiracy at the heart of the machine mutiny and several secrets buried in the past. [Taking a break. New chapters will be added after I'm back. Thank you for your support. Power stones, gifts and golden tickets are always appreciated. Cheers!]

Ashdenroth · Sci-fi
315 Chs

The Evolution Chronicles

Arc One: Mian is the castaway of a dying, if not already dead pack of demi-humans. Dumped in the middle of the forest, he is found by the Patriarch of a flourishing band of demi-humans. Unfortunately for him, he just happened to be different from them in almost every way. Mian's senses are weaker than the average demi-human's. Mian's strength is below average, Mian's resistance to illness is below average, Mian's toxins can barely hurt a fly. Worst of it all, Mian just has to look different from the others. The Freak of the pack. One day, a mysterious rock crashes into the outer territories of the pack's lands, prompting a group to be sent out to investigate. Mian is accidentally placed in the group and has to go out. Upon getting there, Mian's life changes, never to be the same ever again, as he gains access to something no one else has - Evolution. --- Silver WPC winner for WPC 206! 30 Power Stones for a bonus chapter! Support me at ko-fi.com/nilo_a Join my discord server for updates and advance notices on events! https://discord.gg/uDRMqp562H

Nilo_A · Fantasy
199 Chs

Rebirth of a Nobody

Marcus, your every day normal gamer was one of the only dedicated players in The World. Down on his luck following the terrible string of being unsuccessful at finding employment following his graduation, suddenly passes away in an accident and wakes up to find himself 11 years younger just before the launch of his favorite MMO of all time. Armed with the knowledge of his past life, along with a second chance, can he right the wrongs of his past and save his family? A classic weak to strong story without an overbearing sense of OP MC plot armor, join the adventure as he works to uncover the mysteries of The World, and what went wrong in his past life and why he was brought back. Book Cover was found on DeviantArt and edited by the immensely talented Suoshi. If it belongs to you DM me for removal If you enjoy this work, consider becoming a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/OneWingedGaming Come join our Discord Channel to connect with me and fans: https://discord.gg/DHUyACuQ Vote for the story to receive daily bonus chapters! Chapters will be released daily, 5 minutes after server update! Power Stones: 025 PS = 1st Bonus Chapter 050 PS = 2nd Bonus Chapter 100 PS = 3rd Bonus Chapter Golden Tickets: 10 GT = 1st Bonus Weekly Chapter 25 GT = 3rd Bonus Weekly Chapter 50 GT = 5th Bonus Weekly Chapter Super Gifts: Magic Castle - 3 Bonus Chapters Spacecraft - 6 Bonus Chapters Golden Gachapon - 10 Bonus Chapters

One_Winged_Angel · Fantasy
165 Chs