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Read ‘Interesting Times’ Online for Free, written by the author Zanarkand_Kido, This book is a Video Games Fanfic, covering REINCARNATION Fanfiction, KINGDOMBUILDING Fan Fiction, VIDEOGAME Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Coming to terms with being reborn? Doable. Finding out you're in the Mass Effect universe? Slightly more difficult.I kno...


Coming to terms with being reborn? Doable. Finding out you're in the Mass Effect universe? Slightly more difficult. I know I'm no soldier material but I want to do what I can to help save the galaxy. To that goal I will become one of the worst beings in human society. A businessman and politician. #reincarnation #self-insert #masseffect #kingdombuilding #space #star #scifi #war

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Awesome fanfic, it's really interesting seeing Mass Effect from the point of view of a politician, also just a tip for the author, you should probably add tags for this, it's how most people find the majority of their fic on this site(at least me).


Amazing 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Great book so far ,with quite a interesting character design an unique plot from most fics being from the point of veiw of a politician.


Great fanfic, I hope you continue it, since many of the great ME fanfics aren't complete. Great fanfic, I hope you continue it, since many of the great ME fanfics aren't complete.


This fanfic is so good! It's so good that it looped from 5 stars back to 1. Author bit off more than he could chew.


A truely gifted author. Easily the best Mass Effect story I've ever read. The author is as good as, of not better, than all the authors that rank in the top five on this site. Whether its the characters, the world building, the plot or the progression everything is amazingly well done. The author could make a living off this story if not for one issue. The update speed. While the chapters are lengthy, the author only updates every two to three weeks. This keeps the story from getting the exposure that it deserves and will never be ranked where it ought to be, which is a shame. There will be so many people that will never read this novel as this story deserves.


Great story!!!! Mc It's not Japanese or Chinese ( He is a businessman and politician, who does the impossible, which is to prepare all of humanity for the imminent war. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


Man, I've been searching for some Mass Effect/Halo fanfiction, and this one took the cake. It may not be one where the mc is fighting others through gun and steel or whatever sci-fi weapons you could imagine, this one is just a business management plus political intrigue, which is my cup of tea. I just dislike the little amount of chapters. Big props to the Author and keep up this awesome work.


Great fanfic long chapters tho it's a shame they come out so rarely mc is good and likable and I like how you showed politics in here. Just great fanfic one of my favourites for sure


One of the best web novels I've found. H ope you keep it up and that future works keep the same amazing standard of story.


I'm someone who has never watch or played any mass effect. So the fact that this is good to me says that the book is just amazing in general. [img=update]


Not the quality i find on this website usually...and boy am i happy to find this. So much potential in the development of the characters and so much thought went into the storyline. Its f*****g inspiring. I hope to read more of this, if not, more stories of you make, one of the two or both Doesn't mater to me im a fan


Honestly I am loving this FF and I don't even follow mass effect lore but can still read and enjoy.I do hope author can post more...........


This is the best book i have read in a very long time.😍..please don't drop this...i want to see Eclipse crippled with fear😁


one of the best written FF's on here... publish worthy if not for that pesky copyright one of the best written FF's on here... publish worthy if not for that pesky copyright


Kinda hard to follow the non-fighting scenes, but it's well constructed and covers many things.


There aren't many chapters, but they are REALLY long, so dw about chapter count. Now onto the fanfic itself: I love it. It is a story of a man that doesn't have built in cheats of intelligence or strength, neither is he a combatant. No, our protagonist influences the world by joining the political structure of the 'nation' and influencing it from within. Now I have two questions, one to author (though I doubt he would answer, as up to now there were no comments from him): a) Any romance in the future? b) Fellow readers, do you know any other similar stories, and would recommend?


Politics, Economics, Active updates, Amazing writing quality, and an author who knows their Mass Effect history/lore. An amazing story to say the least!


First why why is there no more chapters as of writeing this it is only 11 please up date more and faster but don't tire yourself out. Second this is the fist book I have found that hits this spot of a mass effect novel that the mc is not just another gun or fighter. If anyone knows of more please tell me. Third the book is over all good the story goes at a good pace and there is nothing like huge jumps of tech alot of it does take years and the reduction on time are all there such as smart and inovative people, scrape from others, and good luck but not reapted or out there lv of luck. I hope that the mc does not go a xenophobic rote. Posiable ideas for future knowlage and other stuff shadow broker, can't think of how to spell the names working with qu to make hazmat suit, study medicen posable cure for them with nanite immune system, space city/ship city/ forttress, they are also known for being able the best at make do with scrapes and revurse engenering these could all be fields to work togather in, krogan ground combat training, teraforming experament for there home, and last are the power schools. That is just from mass effect you could take things from all forms of scfi and fantasy as the powers are highly unexplord but the basic of how they work leave a lot to work with.


A Fan From FF Since the name is same i am assuming the same author.. One of the most *interesting* mass effect FF.. If interested in ME than this one is a must read.. a unique SI that goes a different way than most SI.


Love the story, The chapters are truly big and detail. Thanks man for the effort you put in every chapter. keep the good work. [img=update]


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