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Your Turn to Chase Me, Reborn For Revenge

April Jones was submissive and weak, she gave in to her stepmother and stepsisters every whim. Her father was busy with the business and had no time for her. They took everything from her even her life. She died a horrifying death, now reborn she plans to change her fate and take back all she had lost. Dean Davis is a notorious CEO he built his business from he was young withhis own blood and sweat. His vicious uncle sent some thugs to deal with him one night, that same night he met his angel April. Both died, both were reborn. April only wants revenge and gave up on love, when Dean meets his angel for a second time, he wants to love her but doesn't know-how. (This book is full of revenge, romance, comedy and drama. If you enjoy a weak to strong female lead along with a doting male lead this book is for you.) _______________________________________________ EXTRACT "Ummm... Thanks." She took a bite and started to eat. She looked at him and slowly said, "It's probably a bit late but, hi I'm your new neighbour April Jones." "Hi April, I'm Dean Davis." He reached out his and so did she, they shook as they greeted each other. "Nice to meet you, Dean." She smiled at him and then took a bite of her pancake. However, she missed the look in Deans eyes. He, at this moment, was full of happiness like a teenage boy in love. Hearing her finally say his name was the most soothing sound to his ears. It sounded so sweet, so soft, he was greedy for more. In a good mood, he continued eating all the food she cooked. What made his heart softened more was he actually wanted to hold her small hand again and never let go. Thinking of it, he swore inside, he'll never let her go. _______________________________________________ Instagram alexia_author Discord Channel https://discord.gg/VeHkknJ6A2 Mature content 18+ only Cover art is not mine, will take it down on request.

xAlexiax · Urban
170 Chs

Reincarnation: From Opressed Missy to Campus Belle

In her previous life, An Xiulan had been oppressed and tortured by the members of Duke An's household. Her legitimate status wasn't enough to save her from the schemes of jealous siblings. For sixteen years, she tolerated the oppression inflicted on her but in the seventeenth year, she was pushed to death into the frozen lake.  Now she has reincarnated into the body of a youthful girl in the modern world who died in a car accident. She was given everything she was devoid of in her last life– family, love and education.  Graced with a new life, An Xiulan is determined to strive towards a better life. She will be the best daughter. She will study hard. And she will stay away from puppy love.  Nothing must come between her path to become a top scholar!  But there seems to be a hitch in the plan.   Why was the backbencher Han Zixin following her to the library, laboratory, playground and even the principal's office?  Wasn't Big Boss Han allergic to studies?  Why was he following the campus Belle? … Teacher: An Xiulan is a top student. We must preserve her at all costs. Class Ten gulped as they recalled how a certain bro-con had supplied cheating slips to his model student sister in monthly tests subsequently resulting in her topping the exams!   Lu Xuan: No one is allowed to bully my sister!! Only I can bully her! Everyone in class Ten: ????  A few days later, class Ten witnessed the delicate looking youthful girl chasing her self proclaimed brother with a hockey stick!  The delicate looking campus Belle wasn't delicate at all! ... A delicate girl can't possibly make two big gangsters of Jingyuan Highschool dance on her tunes? …. Cover belongs to me! __ [Tags:  Reincarnation/ Beautiful Female Lead/  Caring Protagonist / Charming Protagonist/  Cold Love Interests / Couple / Cute Protagonist / Cute Story. / Familial Love / Handsome Male Leads Heartwarming Modern Day story/ Gangster/ School life. ] ... Special Note: If you are looking for a book filled with an emotional rollercoaster ride, this isn't the book for you! It's meant for light read with realistic character development and fluff. Also, for the smut lovers, you have to be disappointed this time. .... ... Other books by author: 1. The Typhoon's Dangerous Wife. (completed) 2. The Villain. (Completed) 3. The Kiss of Deception. (Completed) 4. Flash Marriage: I accidentally married a mafia princess (ongoing) 5. Billionare's Marriage of In-convenience

tanu_sam · Urban
465 Chs

The Overnight Chosen Wife: darling, kiss me deeper

"Little troubleshooter, we meet again. If you are still thinking of trying to get away, you better give up that silly idea." Ji Xiehan said, pinning her against the wall. Li Lanni pushed her fists against his chest. "Is this how you say ‘Hi’ to all your interviewers, Mr. Ji?" "There is no interviewer and certainly no interviewee." The man grinned devilishly. "There is only a husband and a wife. My darling, how are you going to compensate for all the emotional damage you caused me by slipping away?" "What?" Heavens... just what had she gotten herself into? ….. Her life almost came to an end because of a tragic accident but instead, she lost her memory. Who would have thought that just when she was starting to get used to her new life, she would get trapped in a whirlwind engagement? Out of all kinds of injustice fate could do to her, why did her fiancé have to be that white-haired pervert?! "You better not fall in love with me!" she snarled at the man grinning before her. Ji Xiehan's smile deepened. "Are you... kidding me? Why would I fall in love with you?" Li Lanni: "You better mark your words." The man grinned and helplessly shook his head, how could he fall in love with the woman he was already in love with? Taking up the challenge to crawl into her heart, Ji Xiehan promised himself to always treat her well and love her. (Warning: This book features mature content) ... Join my discord server to chat with other readers and the author. tinyurl.com/Avalorian

Avalorian_ · Urban
620 Chs

Love in a place where fingers mean world [BL]

“He was standing at the edge of the rooftop, looking down at the ground. It looked like paradise. Full of trees, lawns, kids playing happily outside. He looked at them with jealousy. Why can’t he be like them? Why did he have to suffer so much? ’I would jump somewhere else…’ A deep voice sounded behind him, changing everything.” Not everyone can live a happy life. The two of them shared a similar fate. They were exhausted from living in such a world that didn't favor their circumstances. One was abandoned, one was abused. One day, they had a sudden meeting at the school's rooftop. At that moment, fate interfered, tying the strings of their destinies. That very fate worked to make a journey that they could travel together. However, their meeting did start off on the wrong foot. They haven’t become friends. Would the plan that fate wove for them be fulfilled when they are destroying each other? Will their relationship overcome all the problems?

Eoli · LGBT+
174 Chs

Lady Misfortune: Daddy, I'll Be A Righteous Villainess!

"Watch out, Daddy! I'll be the worst villainess you'll ever see!" After being raised by an abusive family and dying from an illness at the age of thirteen, Lady Mireille was reborn as the six-year-old antagonist of the book she made for fun. Not only does she have to be pretend to be the illegitimate daughter of the country's most sought-after CEO in order to help him avoid marriage, but she also has to fulfill her role as the villainess so that all of the characters in her story can have a happy ending. She must harass the heroine, let her adopted father meet his future love interest, and get disowned later on. Becoming bad for the good of everyone - that's her goal. But little does Lady know that she's just not cut out to be evil. Naive and reckless yet kind and cheerful - instead of a fearsome baddie, she only comes out as this genuine girl who desperately wants to appear naughty. Because of that, she ends up unknowingly charming some of the main and side characters, including her stone-hearted adoptive father, her apathetic cousin, and a child prodigy from a wealthy family. "If you're acting evil to get my attention, then stop. You're just a child I bought to escape marriage." Stern and stoic - though claimed as the country's hottest CEO, Maximilian Mireille is an emotionless man who doesn't believe in love. He'd rather have a fake daughter than get forced to marry. "You saved me, you idiot. How can you be evil?" Aloof yet caring - Fallon Mireille has the smarts and the looks despite his dry personality. He's supposed to die in the story, but after being saved by his adoptive cousin whom he used to treat indifferently, he lives on and starts to get involved in all of her antics. "You're too cute to be evil, though? Rather than a devil, you look more like an angel to me~" Intelligent and cunning - Weiss Saoirse has it all. Perfect looks, perfect grades, and a perfect family. Ever the untouchable, he can't seem to fit in and enjoy anything in life. However, since meeting his peculiar yet interesting classmate and developing a crush on her, his once dull and boring life suddenly becomes fun and bright. Follow Lady's journey on becoming a righteous evil flower who'll bring about everyone's happy ending! --- [Warning: Mature Language] (Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the Original Artist) - Follow me on Instagram (acieetin) - DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)

Aciee_GelaTin · Teen
142 Chs

Edward In Love

‘Could he learn to love me? Without fear? Without hesitation? To love me with my flaws, as they are many and to wake up every morning and choose me.’ Edward Coleman never questioned himself. Never questioned the successful billionaire he had become or the womanizer he was so famously known for. Yet after his heart is broken by a woman, he realized he could never truly have. He reaches an all time low and thought he would never be able to move on. Or so he thought. Soon he meets Vasili Chernyshevsky; a Russian man with a sharp mouth and witty comments. Their friendship is unconventional and chaotic, but for both it seemed to save them from despair. So what happens when Edward starts questioning himself in more ways than one? When his new best friend seems to derail his life in more ways than he had suspected. *** Book 2 'Ethan In Love' out now!!!

Matli_Unicorn · LGBT+
198 Chs

Reincarnated as the stepson of a mafia mob [BL]

Lee Gongyun is a successful bachelor and a confident man. He is also rich and pampered by his family. He loves himself to the point that people call him a Narcissistic Prince. He has many achievements, and people respect him for being athletic and having a sexy brain. Gongyun has it all.  The only thing that he lacks in his life is romance. That's right; Lee Gongyun is naive and less experienced in love or romantic feelings towards anybody. He is also oblivious to the admiration of other people. No one taught him about romantic love. Gongyun only possesses the idea of platonic and family kind of love. Everything is fine; he lives with it and accepts this kind of life. No whining since he's convinced that he lives well enough. Not bother at all.  One night changes everything. He died at the hands of an obsessive stalker. A stranger proposed love and took his life as payment.  He woke up as a stepson of a mafia mob. A man who is the total opposite. The world that is close to earth but very different. Gongyun became the inferior, idiot son of the most powerful man in the country.  Chaos ensues. (The book cover isn't mine credits to the rightful owner.)

minniepens · LGBT+
168 Chs

Her Husband is My Lover

"I Love You." Valentina said as she wrapped her arms around Xavier's neck. "I already have a wife, Val." Xavier replied making Valentina chuckle. "Do I look like I care?" Valentina asked as she pressed her lips against his lips making Xavier's eyes widened and he pushed Valentina away making her angry. "We are not in high school anymore, Val! I'm not yours anymore! I have a wife waiting for me at home!" Xavier yelled making Valentina laugh out loud. "Not mine? Babe, you are mine! I don't remember you breaking up with me or caring about your so-called wife when you were f*cking me a day before your wedding!" Valentina replied wrapping her arms around Xavier, crashing her lips fully against Xavier's lips. Xavier couldn't resist his first love anymore and gave what she wanted to her. ***** Every story has a Villain. The Second Woman. Who Everyone hates. Who seems to be Madly in love with the Main Lead. She can go to any Limits to make him hers. But no one seems to know about her story or even cares to know about her story. So, this story is about hers. The Second Woman. - He is not hers to keep but she wants him! ********** Genre: Romance. Mature Content Please bare with the gramatical and vocabulary mistakes. Under Editing! ..... Join me on my discord server! https://discord.gg/y9rDnHM5TH or Instagram. payalsingh_2608 **** I don't own the cover. All the credits goes to the rightful owner. . Cover edited by, Pixie Graphics (Instagram)

PayalSinghRajput · Urban
363 Chs