Campus Prince to King of Simps Book

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Campus Prince to King of Simps


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“Of all the things a peasant could’ve stolen from me, why did it have to be my heart?” As the sole heir of a powerful family, Cadmus is highly respected by everyone. He's got the looks, the wealth, the smarts, and even the title, ‘Campus Prince.' Yet still, life seemed boring to him. Then comes along Blair, a commoner with a bad reputation. She humiliated him. She defied him. She called him fake. In turn, Cadmus would do anything to make Blair’s life miserable. Until one time, he learned about her biggest secret. She’s actually the quirky online streamer, ‘Meme Queen,’ who’s popular across the internet. From that point on, he got to know more things about her. He watched her. He followed her. He became her top donor. And so, what came after is Cadmus secretly being a simp for Blair. --- (Cover Photo Not Mine: Credits to the Original Artist) - Follow me on Instagram (@acieetin) - DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)