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Edward In Love


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‘Could he learn to love me? Without fear? Without hesitation? To love me with my flaws, as they are many and to wake up every morning and choose me.’ Edward Coleman never questioned himself. Never questioned the successful billionaire he had become or the womanizer he was so famously known for. Yet after his heart is broken by a woman, he realized he could never truly have. He reaches an all time low and thought he would never be able to move on. Or so he thought. Soon he meets Vasili Chernyshevsky; a Russian man with a sharp mouth and witty comments. Their friendship is unconventional and chaotic, but for both it seemed to save them from despair. So what happens when Edward starts questioning himself in more ways than one? When his new best friend seems to derail his life in more ways than he had suspected. *** Book 2 'Ethan In Love' out now!!!

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