Love in a place where fingers mean world [BL]

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What is Love in a place where fingers mean world [BL]

Read ‘Love in a place where fingers mean world [BL]’ Online for Free, written by the author Eoli, This book is a LGBT+ Novel, covering COMEDY Fiction, WEAKTOSTRONG Light Novel, DARK Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: “He was standing at the edge of the rooftop, looking down at the ground. It looked like paradise. Full of trees, lawns, ...


“He was standing at the edge of the rooftop, looking down at the ground. It looked like paradise. Full of trees, lawns, kids playing happily outside. He looked at them with jealousy. Why can’t he be like them? Why did he have to suffer so much? ’I would jump somewhere else…’ A deep voice sounded behind him, changing everything.” Not everyone can live a happy life. The two of them shared a similar fate. They were exhausted from living in such a world that didn't favor their circumstances. One was abandoned, one was abused. One day, they had a sudden meeting at the school's rooftop. At that moment, fate interfered, tying the strings of their destinies. That very fate worked to make a journey that they could travel together. However, their meeting did start off on the wrong foot. They haven’t become friends. Would the plan that fate wove for them be fulfilled when they are destroying each other? Will their relationship overcome all the problems?

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One sided love stories are painful..sometimes from the other side too. He was a friend..who fell in love with me..i don't know why..i don't know how.. I did stuff to make him hate me.. But nothing changed..he always knew that i couldn't give him more..i clearly told him about what feelings i had for him..he never asked for more.. He became the best friend i never thought i could have..he became the first person i greeted good morning to.. He became the last person i wished good night to.. I fell in love with our friendship.. I became an addict to his message.. I tried to make my self fall for that pure soul but i couldn't just do it.. Fast forward to four years We were friends..everything was perfect.. Somebody came into my life..i was happy..And then i somehow came to know that this perfect soul still thought somewhere in his heart THAT MAYBE IN FUTURE WE CAN BE TOGETHER.. This made me angry..this made me boil I couldn't just talk to this guy now.. I wanted to confront him.. But couldn't make myself do it..the guilt of not being able to give him what he wanted used to hurt me.. I stopped replying to his messages with a feeling that he would atleast ask me why i had stopped replying.. But nothing.. Coz maybe he came to know that i knew it all.One month later I still miss him..but i just don't message him..coz my friend says that its good for that guy..he would be able to move on now.. I miss him alot..but..He lost a love that was never his.. I lost a friend who was my world.. One sided love stories are painful..sometimes from the other side too.. Losing a friend hurts more than losing a lover..

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Have you ever been in love? What is more painful: watching your loved one in love with someone else, which will kill your soul every second OR watching that person dying in front of you…. ….To be honest both hurt very badly. Reva stayed in prison for many years and still she didn't get her answers. She lost everything …. Now she just has the worst reputation in society, broken heart and soul, and on top of that memories that she wants to forget; even with that, she decided to live her life, but fate doesn't agree with that, it takes her life too. Reva doesn't have anything to complain about, she was falling in the deep but as the saying goes "when you reach the bottom there are no more falls, only going above" and she got the chance of living once again, but for that, she needs to do the task. And she is more than ready for that. This time she will try to stop all those bad things and also live a happy life. For her love is not a pure feeling, it is possessiveness, lust and so much more and now she doesn't want any of these... But who can control love ????? After all, you get what you ask for. ..... "Sleep now, don't make trouble," Aarav said while kissing her forehead. "Give me a kiss here too," Reva said while pointing towards her check. "Okay," Aarav agreed helplessly. "And this too" Reva requested while pointing towards another cheek. "Okay enough now sleep" Aarav replied. And quickly go outside. How can he have such an adorable person in his life who loves him so much. Anyway, it doesn't matter he will love her always and always just the way she does in their every lifetime. WRITER'S THOUGHTS: I am really happy that you give this story a chance, have a great day No rape or major misunderstanding, most often the fl of the story is in flashback mode, the arcs are not decided before, but the story is more is a slice of life, than fast wear. Also, I try to write this story like a bunch of different transmigration stoires so that if you wanted to read any arc you can start from any arc. it just you will not know her back story as it is described in the first arc. Also as a lover of fashion, skin care, and diet, you might found some passages informative instead of entertaining which you can skip if you like. I just hope you will like story. [WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS HAS SOME NEGATIVITY, SUCH AS SUICIDAL TENDENCY, AND ALSO SOME MILD R18 CONTENT] The cover photo don't belong to me, it is taken from pintrest, and credit goes to the original cretor. Arc 1 chap 1 to chap 47, is an introductory arc with the memories of previous life and the current one. Arc 2: chap 48 to Chap 98 Arc 3 : Chap 99 to Chap 136 Arc 4 : Chap 137 to Chap 167 Arc 5 : Original world ENTRY FOR WEB NOVEL SPIRITY AWARDS SPRING 2021

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214 Chs
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Volume 1 :Broken Past
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Volume 3 :Side story: The burden of the past
Volume 4 :Future hope


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Shameless author coming... Please comment, review, and read my novel. This novel is with violence, but not gore. Depressing, sometimes can make you cry. But I hope you will take time and see the development of those two lovely characters [img=recommend]


Lovely story, well done! I'll give it a 5/5 for hooking me up right at the very first chapter, read it thoroughly from first to the last current chapter. As an honest review 5 isn't enough. [img=recommend]


This book is awesome ! I literally got hooked on the first page. When I first saw it ,I thought it would be boring so I just read it for fun, who would thought it'd be so interesting . The plot design , and characters are awesome .Definitely a must read !


I like the story alot yitao (if spelt well😜) really suffered alot, I almost cried and felt actual pain when his mother was abusing him then his savior came though they're each other's savior but I like the hero dramatic attitude chao exhibited 5stars from me






I really love this book you should try it out


Thank you author! It is à very nice story, characters are deep and their evolution seem so real ! I obviously enjoyed the love story, but the friendships warmed my heart too ! It was fun to discover the egames world as well, it was new to me and so interesting. All the hints about the other characters were à bit frustrating! I just have to wait for your next books :) And last but not least, thank you so muxh for the hint about the great master of demonic cultivation.


Hello, my name is Anna and I am from Greece. This book, I can say is one of the best I have read! Everything is just perfect! I have no words, really! Just congratulations! (sorry my english is not very good but i hope you understand!) 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜


Okay, I gave 5 stars to this book because I really love BL, liek, boy love okay okay? And haha, I love thi book, and so should you. One of my fave bls so far


This book is actually nice, sometimes depressing, sometimes cute and has a bit of fluff. It is unpredictable and I can't wait for more chapters and books by EOLI


Thoroughly enjoyed the character development of Chao and Yitian. I was extremely invested in their story and binged it in 3 days. I am looking forward to delving into Huobai and Yixing's now.


Reveal spoiler


Overall ok. character, background and everything. just need to improve more on the grammar but it's quite alrite as I enjoy reading it. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


What a beautiful story. It had the perfect amount of angst, drama, fluff, and comedy throughout. The main characters progression was so natural and didnt feel like a forced ‘i just felt a pull’ type of connection. I throughlyy enjoyed it while also being miserable as I lost sleep reading this. Thankyou author and I look forward to any side stories that might emerge.


I'm giving this novel 5 stars because it was A MASTERPIECE!!! Everything, literally, EVERYTHING was warm but cold, soft but hurt a lil, it was mixed perfectly & I'm VERY happy I found this gem! Alsoooooo I wanna add some teeny tiny stuff too... The plot was full of ups & downs, scenes you'd predict but there are some you'd never ever expect. There are moments where you'll cry & others where you'll laugh. To be honest, all this time, where my mind was only filled with those two were worth it. To see their love growing with them it was the happiest moment & all I was able to say is "I'm so proud of them" & I hope they'll live happily ever after (as Chao wants 🤣🤣🤣) Thank you dear author for this gem & I'm soooo excited to head into the other two novels & read the story from their perspective!!!! 😊😊😚🥰 Thank you for your hard work & I wish you all the best with the others 😊🙇💖💖


Author😩😩i must say you did a very fabulous job although I haven't read all the chapters(still on 60) but *standing ovation for you🥺🥺💞this novel has hooked me up till the CHP 60😩❤️but my dumba** can't figure it out that how can I read all those leftover chapters...is there any other way to earn coins *crying in a corner


such a good novel, it has a nice amount of sadness and fluff, the main characters arent very stereotypical, which i like AND has esports, def recommend


l love this book. I'm rereading it now bc I love it so much🥰🥰🥰. Hello Author- Sama. Remember me? Although my broke a** can't give you any coins😭. But I'll definately support you in other ways like voting, recommending (when I can) and leaving reviews


The story is just so well written. Couldn't help but laugh, cry, and get mad at certain scenes then be moved at how the story is progressive. Didn't expect myself to finish all the chapters and yet still wanting for more. Really excited for more stories from the rest of the characters!


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