Reincarnated as the stepson of a mafia mob [BL] Book

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Reincarnated as the stepson of a mafia mob [BL]


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Lee Gongyun is a successful bachelor and a confident man. He is also rich and pampered by his family. He loves himself to the point that people call him a Narcissistic Prince. He has many achievements, and people respect him for being athletic and having a sexy brain. Gongyun has it all.  The only thing that he lacks in his life is romance. That's right; Lee Gongyun is naive and less experienced in love or romantic feelings towards anybody. He is also oblivious to the admiration of other people. No one taught him about romantic love. Gongyun only possesses the idea of platonic and family kind of love. Everything is fine; he lives with it and accepts this kind of life. No whining since he's convinced that he lives well enough. Not bother at all.  One night changes everything. He died at the hands of an obsessive stalker. A stranger proposed love and took his life as payment.  He woke up as a stepson of a mafia mob. A man who is the total opposite. The world that is close to earth but very different. Gongyun became the inferior, idiot son of the most powerful man in the country.  Chaos ensues. (The book cover isn't mine credits to the rightful owner.)