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Terrarian in the Dungeon

Watch as this Jake is thrown into Danmachi with the ability to make Terraria items, summon their bosses, and otherwise break the mold in the minds of all with his crafting abilities that can seemingly make Skills of all things.

Azazyel · Anime & Comics

Head-Patting in Marvel

Ryan is living a mundane, exhausting life when he suddenly transmigrated into a dangerous universe. "Will I become a player? Or will I have a godlike system? " Nope. He'll be starting with a trading system, where he will meet people like him from various universes. Will he adapt to the new world? Will he shine or will he be in the shadow? Join my discord: https://discord.gg/ZHgyXCTrSx Author: This is my first time writing. English is not my first language, but hey, I am learning. warning: The protagonist in the story will split his soul into three, in which it will become a multiple leads story, each soul going into their own direction. To understand why I make three protagonist, I will first share with you a Japanese saying. A man has 3 mask, the first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone. If you want to support me you can donate to (PayPal. me/shafiqnizam27)

Alittlepiggy33 · Movies

I Will Eventually Become the Hero of Justice

What would you do If you were suddenly transported to the Nasuverse just before the Fourth Holy Grail War as a young Shirou with no access to a Magic Crest, Magecraft, or OP Servant? ... Note: This fanfic translation features transmigration, where the protagonist is thrown into the body of Shirou, rather than reincarnation.

DaoistOneTouch · Anime & Comics

TBATE - A More Experienced Hero

Everyone knows the story of the great Arthur Leywin, the protagonist of "The Beginning After the End", after being a king of a technological world like ours, he ends up being reborn in a world where there is magic, and technology is at the medieval level. But what if there was another person reborn in that world? Someone who isn't just going through 2 lives, like Arthur/Grey, but so many, that its actual age may be greater than or equivalent to that of deities found there? Well, that person will turn out to be one cursed to forever suffer these rebirths. But will this curse ever end. Come read, and find out, whether this cursed addition will make the fate of those in this world easier or more difficult. ====================================== DISCLAIMER: "The Beginning After the End" isn't my creation. TBATE is written and owned by TurtleMe. This is only a fanfiction having my Original Character as another MainCharacter in the story. There also can have another OCs just for adding events. ======================================= {A/N: This fanfic is part of a series of fanfics that I named as "a More Experienced", you dont need to read one to understand the other, so dont be afraid of this.}

SleepyWalkerYN · Book&Literature


Loki, a name full of meanings, a god, a higher being, something that mere mortals would have a hard time comprehending, but I will try to write you, with your mortal words, my story. I was reborn as the son of Laufey, my path has only began, for the multiverse will soon come to know the name of Loki. I grew up with my muscle head brother, and together or maybe alone we/I will rise to greater heights. Mortals and other beings will bow their head to a god, a being out of their sight, someone they can only revere and learn in fairy tails. For I am the main character of those fairy tail, but my life was not so fairy as they wrote it. I also post this story on fanfiction .net, Author name should be the same. I do not own the cover I do not own marvel

SnowApathie · Movies
Not enough ratings

An Archer's Promise

In Archer's last moment during the Grail War, he made a promise to Rin, to try his best. Not knowing if he was even capable of keeping up such a promise, while in the service of the Counter Force. Bow sent to a new world to deal with its rising threat, how will our favourite cynical hero deal with the people of this strange yet dark world? a Fate X Kuroinu crossover fic.

NimtheWriter · Anime & Comics

Harry Potter An Elf's Ascension

After dying by truck our mc is reincarnated into the world of harry potter as a punny house elve watch as he grows and overcomes his fate and show the world what elves are truly capable of. (i don't own harry, potter) (the first few chapters have some run on sentences i have not yet fixed then but will please bear with them for now)

Kinsos · Movies

Game of Thrones: The First Elven King

A soul falls on the wheels of reincarnation, did he ever met ROB or any specific God? he doesn't really know, it's not like a omni being really needs to chat with him or offer him anything, he is an open book to those beings. All that he knows is that one day he was walking back home, and when he took a final step, he was already in this new world, walking, exactly as he was doing before. Finding himself in Old Valyria, he wonders what should he do next... the place will be doomed in a few years so... why not take advantage of the situation? New or Old life, who cares? "Lets take advantage of what i know, and at least i can live comfortably, being a Dragonlord is better than being... anything else.. really..." That was until he finally discovered the details about his own Family.... "Wait.. is this the Book version or the Show version?" ---------------------------------------------- This is a fanfiction about Magic in Game of Thrones, and how someone can wield it to do great things "Terrible ... yes... but great things". Its a hobby of mine, so i will always write when i feel inspired of doing it i hope you all enjoy it! For those that enjoy to nitpick too much, consider it an AU, im not George, and i can't possibly nail every tiny detail, but i will do my best :D ---------------------------------------------- Random/Boring disclaimer about the world that the fiction is focused on, the story, characters and artwork, yeah we all know that...

KojiSan · Book&Literature