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  • Superhuman

    rose_nguyen · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Strongest Superhuman System

    Four years ago, the first-ever Armageddon Class Anima appeared on Earth, destroying everything that it touched and threatening the lives of the entire world's population! But along with it came Superhumans that had the blessing of mana. They rose up to fight against the Armageddon, and leading them was the strongest Superhuman, KING. After two days and three nights of nonstop battle, KING gave his life to stop the Armageddon and give the Superhumans a fighting chance against the invading Anima, and everyone in the world remembers his good deeds and sacrifice! ... Mark was just an average Superhuman living in City A. His daily routine was skipping classes and hanging out with his only two friends while hunting for Anima in secret whenever he could. But this easy life was not going to last for long as the hidden power he sacrificed a long time ago began to awaken once more! [Initializing Superhuman System...] [Recognizing Host... Host Recognized.] [Parsing Constitution. Host Fully Healed. No Traces Of Residual Damage.] "Hello once again, Mark Vanitas. Has it already been four years?" ... Posting Schedule: Two chapters a day everyday, except days when extra chapters are posted along with the regular ones.

    Legioneer_1000 · Fantasy
  • Mutagen

    It was just a normal morning but it was unknown to many that the apocalypse already started. The origin was not determined but the infected started to appear after a cosmic event happened just outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. The people and animals turned into man-eating mutants and zombies while some of the lucky ones gained superhuman abilities. Every living creature that had not "turned" started to evolve as the whole world was affected by the Mutagen. However, it seemed that Earth also had its hidden side that humans would discover in a very uncanny way. And was Mutagen the last of it? Unfortunately, not. Follow Mark, an Otaku, a Gamer, and a Shut-in that got trapped in the middle of the apocalypse due to an uncanny reason. Using his unconventional thinking, knowledge, and abilities, how far can he go in surviving the apocalypse filled with zombies, mutated beings, and dangerous people as a survivor in a world that was changing for the worse.

    Exallion · Sci-fi
  • My Wife is the Asura Empress

    [One of the Best Harem Stories on WN] [#WPC320 #Villain_Theme Winner] [Read only if you want a great plot, sweet romance, and a perfect harem without any forced development.] [This novel is not one where the MC rules the plot and grows alone. The story belongs to both the MC and his spicy harem (girls).] Enter a world of magical beasts, where humanity fights for survival against an alien race. After losing a war against the nefarious Dhovrix, humans make a breakthrough in technology and discover a portal to the Land of Asuras, where they can acquire superhuman skills by defeating magical beasts. With the Dhovrix threat still looming, Rio, a 16-year-old boy, is sent to Asuras to become strong. But fate has other plans for him, and he finds himself walking a path that leads him to marry the Asura Empress and turn against his own kind. Will he choose to fight for the humans who raised him or embrace a powerful new destiny alongside his Asura bride? Embark on an epic journey with Rio and discover where his loyalties lie in this thrilling tale of power, love, and sacrifice. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join us at: Discord=https://discord.gg/Ed5JDPXawG instagram=https://www.instagram.com/the.whitesnow/

    thewhitesnow · Fantasy
  • The Rise Of A Porter

    Do read my new novel **Chimaera's Conquest**. It would mean a lot to me if you could read it and give your valuable review. Thanks in advance. **** The novel follows the story of Arnold, a porter, who accompanies warriors and superhumans inside dangerous dungeons, which are distinguished by their colours. The porters were always mistreated by the modern human civilization and even though their job was riskier than that of warriors and superhumans, their existence was never appreciated nor were they paid well. No one knows why these dungeons started to appear all over the world. The only thing they know was the dangers that would find their way into the world if they didn't kill the monsters. But only a selected few cared about the calamity because for the rest it was all about earning money and gaining power. But nothing in this new world is constant and everything keeps changing, and this time the change would find its way towards an ordinary Porter. After stealing a scroll from the dungeon, he ran off to his home. The scroll gave him powers no one could've imagined to gain. But he wasn't alone. 9 other humans had been granted similar powers... powers of the Gods! What would Arnold do with his newfound powers? Will he kill the other 8 Paladins and rule over the world which had oppressed him for years? Or will he rise against the Gods and make them repent for their crimes? Can the strength lent by the Gods be sufficient to deal with them once and for all? Would he be able to defeat his creator? Or will he join the Gods instead? Too many questions, too little time. The decisions he would make could be the end of humanity Or would an ordinary Porter, become he world's only hope? Follow me on the journey to the power of this ordinary Porter as he becomes the Savior or the Devil. ******************* Gold tier award-winning novel of WPC#130. ******************* Warning: There might be a few grammatical errors in the early chapters, so if you are a grammar nazI then please proceed with caution. Also, the MC isn't very bright and will do a lot of stupid things from time to time. So if you like a cool and calculating MC you won't be seeing him like that until later chapters (Chapter 100 or so). I'm telling this to y'all here so you don't start yelling at me in the comments or review. All in all, I've tried to make the MC as realistic as I could. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you and enjoy reading my creation! *********************** Discord link: https://discord.gg/uQzmEr8 *********************** Cover art by unknown (If anyone knows the artist then please inform me on discord: AkshatArpit#8707) (if anyone has any problems with it, then please leave a review to let me know. All rights belong to the artist)

    AkshatArpit · Fantasy
  • Manipulative Harem God

    #Harem #R18 #Action #Dark #Comedy #Cultivation #Threesome #Polygamy #Elf #Superhumans #Modernfantasy #Urban #Mystery #Overpowered MC #Evil MC #Conqueor . . . "You all go to work, I would help you take care of your wife in the home," — Zhang Wei. ______ Zhang Wei, the self-proclaimed community service guru, takes it upon himself to rescue damsels in distress when their husbands mysteriously vanish. With the touch of his magic hands, he transforms lonely homes into cozy love nests. He even manages to charm the widows' daughters into believing he's a park-wandering superhero, all while his endlessly patient wife applauds his "heroic" efforts. .................................. First official 'proper' novel, improves every next chapter! Commit reading 300 chapters to see magic of Brother Zhang! #NoYuri #NoNTR .................. Disclaimer: Cover page is not mine Discord: https://discord.gg/dsc4fftBeF Warning: This work is completely fiction, and does not promote any kind of violence against any living being. The Villain is meant to be hated!

    SKuLL · Urban
  • Domination Providence : I Can Control Everyone

    Warning!!! Mature Audience Only! This a plot focused story, with some smut if it's needed for the char arc. Mc have ability to control people body, but have no power over their mind and heart. This is not like other control novel, were mc will just make everyone fall for him with his power. What you can expect from the book : Plot Mystery Crime Organization Building Character progression Three dimensional character _____________________________________________________________ Malacai is a result of an experiment. His parents created him from an embryo in the lab, their goal being to create a superhuman. At first, Malacai showed promise. He was the one with the attractive appearance and potential, but as he grew to five years old, his parents realized his growth was stagnant. After waiting one more year without results, they kicked him out just like the other failures. They put him in an orphanage. Malacai hated his parents because of this; he swore REVENGE!!! Time passed, and he turned seventeen. His life was almost hell now. He was bullied every day. The reason? It was because he was very handsome, but his body was so frail. If others could sprint ten laps, then one lap was enough to make him feel tired; 2 laps and he would collapse. Then, one day, he gets beaten up very badly. As he lay down, feeling his life was leaving him, a black crow landed in front of him. "Do you want to live??? If you want, I could make a deal with you." "Accept this contract, and while you live in this mortal world, you will live unlike any other human. A different time, a different existence, the power of GOD will isolate you." "Make your choice. Once you choose, there is no turning back!" And without hesitation, Malacai agreed. With that, he gained the power of PROVIDENCE! His power allowed him to control other people!!! _______________________________________________________________________

    Providence_Lust · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Cathulhu Online, MUNYA!

    [WPC#270 - Silver Place Winner] In the age of superheroes, Miao Xiaomao was one of the mediocre commoners, who had no superpower. Xiaomao and his senior cat died in an accident. But when he came back to his sense again, Miao Xiaomao found himself regressing to the past. Using his knowledge from the future, Xiaomao invested in the VRMMO game early to prepare for the new age - The Age of Superhuman and Cultivators. He would soon find himself integrating with his in-game character to awaken his superpower and become one of the superhumans. What about his character's choice? A cat dad like him couldn't possibly play a normal game character! "I'M A SUPERHERO, MUNYA!" ...... Q&A because synopsis is too mainstream. Question: What should you know before you read? Answer: This novel shares the same universe as my previous work [Villain Cultivator]. You may find people, names, places, and backstory of things from the other story, and some readers may comment on the things you don't know. Question: Should I be concerned about this? Answer: No. Even if you don't know the background, you can still enjoy the novel as the story will eventually reveal everything to the readers. Question: What should I expect from this novel? Answer: I'll list it for you. - Human MC's story in the real world. - Fluffy, naughty, and obnoxious non-humanoid MC's story in the VRMMO game world. - Weak OP Protagonist to OMGWTFLMAO-OP Protagonist - Munya munya munya munya munya! - Cryptocurrency, NFT technologies, and crypto investment. - Game Character Integration - Superpower and Super Heroes in the real world. - Cultivators, spirit stones. - Memes, parodies, stereotypes, comedy - Plot Twists... MANY Plot Twists.

    DamnPlotArmor · Games
  • God of Time System: Harem in the Zombie Apocalypse

    Sometimes. You face a choice in your life “Choose. Between the two of them. Whom will you save, Michael Aroa?” . . You look back into your life and wonder how you ended up here “Michael please!! Save your mother!! Not me. Michael you don’t need to make a choice here!! Michael! I love you! I won’t hate you for your choices!! Please save your mother!!” . . You question the path that you took that brought you to this point “Son. She is your wife! She has your child. It’s not one life over another but two over one. I am already old but she has a long life. You are smart enough to make the right decision, Son, aren’t you?” . . Since it hurts, you wish you could stop time and have some time to think [Activating Ability: Temporal Pause!!] [Activation failed!! Not enough Energy!!] . . You wish to go back into the past and change everything that led you to here [Activating Ability: Time Reverse!!] [Activation Failed!! You don’t have the Requirements to use this ability!!] . . And then when nothing works as it shouldn’t. [Are you sure you want to use this ability?] . . You make a decision that you had never thought you would [Activating ability!] . . And then... Chaos ensues . . [Ability Activated] [God Power: Time Collapse] ………………… This story is based on three basic themes: 1. Zombie Apocalypse: Zombified Humans, Humanized Zombies and normal Zombies and humans. 2. Harem: Zombie Girls, Normal Girls and Zombified Girls.(Any more variation wouldn’t make sense unless you guys really vote for it.) 3. System: A powerful God like system, which is not too broken but still very powerful. Level up and Evolution. ……………….. #NO Rape #No NTR Everything else is….. #Surviving #Kingdom building #Sex # Milf #Level up #Only MC has a System #Evolution #Zombies #Superhumans #Zombiewithintelligence #Weaktostrong #BadassMC #Harem #Sidecharachters ………………… The plot will change by Volume each and basically each volume will have at least one of them: Survival, Action, Fights, Kingdom Building, Training, Craft learning, Adventure missions, etc. The Side-Characters will have their own specific goal, personality, background history, etc. That includes girls, friends, family and of course, Villains. Face slapping will be there from time to time. Even though I would focus on a light comedy setting with a lot of jokes of all types, I won’t hesitate to throw in dark moments from time to time. So be prepared for that as well. I like putting twists where people would least expect it, so there is that too. The basic information about MC and his objective is in the review I pinned so look it up. ……………… Daily Publish Rate: 1-2chaps/day Extra chaps on Powerstone will be: 1000PS+ : 3 chaps/day for that week Extra chaps on Golden Ticket: 250 GT: +2 Chaps. 1000 GT: +2 Chaps. .................. For personal queries/ Requests, my instagram ID is: alt_simplistic Thank you for coming here, hope you have a blast reading this. [Mature content warning R-18]

    Ethel_Imaginations · Fantasy
  • Secret Killer

    [Best psychological, thriller, and superpowers novel on this platform!] [Mature Content!] [Contains psychological romance. Crazy Love interests!] --- When Leon was eight years old, he lost his parents and younger brother in a terrorist attack. Fortunately, he and his older sister survived. Their custody was given to their uncle, who was the only available relative. However, their uncle was a thug, and he would often chain Leon and his sister and beat them mercilessly. That continued for ten long years. One night, when his uncle was beating him up, there was an announcement on the television. [Today's date- 12th September 20XX. Time- 18:18. Due to the increasing population and advanced technology, thousands of homeless, uneducated, unemployed, and criminals roaming in the country are a useless burden to the world. So the government has come to a solution that on every 13th of the month, from 12 AM to 6 AM, all the crimes, including murders, would be legal.] After hearing that announcement, something awakened inside Leon. One month later, he live-streamed the murder of a bigshot and became the world-famous— Secret Killer. Note- This is a psychological genre novel, so expect the unexpected. If you have a weak heart and you can't digest dark stories, then this novel is not for you. ==== Warning: MC is (experimented) superhuman. He is Evil and an egoist, with little to no emotions for anyone other than his sister. Disclaimer- The book cover is not mine.

    NoWoRRyMaN · Urban
  • Superhuman Battlefield

    Humanity is on the brink of extinction due to the invasion of underground civilization.  Seven of the world's greatest superhumans finally put an end to the war, but their leader never returned.  And 17 years later.  “Seo Moon-yeop, are you awake?”  “… How am I alive?”  A hero who died and became a myth. Seo Moon-yeop has returned.

    ellio_ · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Biohuman

    Project BIOHUMAN was supposed to be a quiet project that tested to see if they could create superhuman beings. The Creator, Dr. Vang Chang created the Numbers, ten individuals who took the BIOHUMAN serum and came out different. Countries caught wind of this and demanded the Creator to disperse the serum to strengthen the humans. The BIOHUMAN serum was shot into the sky and dispersed all over the world. Little did anyone know, it changed Earth and everything living on it. Plants, animals and humans were genetically changed forever. 25 years later, the Creator's son, Lee Seng Chang is a high school student without any Biohuman powers. The serum had given him almost no Dark Matter and only increased his overall human abilities to a super-Biohuman level. Even with that, the power standing only made him seen as the weakest amongst everyone. Picked on because of his powerless status, Lee Seng was left by all of his friends and labeled powerless. He desperately tries to keep going with a smile on his face. Lee Seng one day gets an option from a man with a Fox mask. "Awaken your power but at a huge price." Lee Seng takes the deal and watches as the world he knew quickly changes and isn't what it seems. Put under the pressures of his Father's status and his new profound power and changes, Lee Seng battles the demons within him and the unknown coming for him. ---- Thanks to my friend, lechingu, for his help with the Cover Art! Check him over on Instagram @lechingu --- Golden Tickets Chapters -- The end of the month, there'll be a mass release of X amount of chapters based on the Golden Tickets you invest to the book! Hit the goals for the end of the month and you'll get a mass release of X amount of chapters! 15 GT: 1 extra chapter 25 GT: 2 extra chapters 40 GT: 3 extra chapters 50 GT: 4 extra chapters 60 GT: 5 extra chapters 70 GT: 6 extra chapters --- Power Stone Extra Weekly Chapters! Power Stone extra weekly chapters! Vote and get chapters for every weekly milestone you hit! Any chapters not released, we'll be released at the end of the week! 10 votes/ 1 extra chapter 25 votes/ 2 extra chapters 50 votes: 3 extra chapters 100 votes: 4 extra chapters 200 votes: 5 extra chapters 400 votes: 6 extra chapters 600 votes: 7 extra chapters Follow me on Instagram and Twitter! @reiverus_

    Reiverus · Urban
  • Supreme Battle-Technology System In A Desolate Magic World

    Disclaimer: Please be advised that this book contains explicit depictions of Blood and Gore, starting from Chapter XX. It also has visual portrayals of amorous scenes at later chapters—Chapter XXX. Reader discretion is fully advised! [Audience Rating: 18+] *** "What would you do if, as a remarkably-skilled soldier, you were inexplicably transported as an ordinary, talentless human to a world where everyone—including kids as young as four, possess spectacular magical abilities?" How would you react to such a disheartening situation filled with severe melancholic predicaments? This, is the story of Maxmillan, a seasoned veteran soldier from Earth who transmigrated to another world where literally everyone could perceive and utilize an energy called Astra Mystralis, a boundless mystical energy that when mastered, can cause countless manifestations of phenomenal and fantastical magical effects! Oppressed, inhumanely abused, and treated cruelly, Maxmillan surrenders to his tragic fate as an ordinary, completely useless person in a world where Astra Mystralis serves as the fundamental cornerstone of their reality. But, Maxmillan's fate would change when he becomes the host of the Supreme Battle-Technology System; a powerful, sentient futuristic interface that would limitlessly bestow him with destructively potent and immensely functional, basic to supreme, transcendent, and sterling super-ranked weapons, as well as countless tons of incredible and stupendously advanced, superior-grade equipments, instruments, tools, machineries, apparatuses, and gears from tens of thousands of centuries in the future! So, equipped with potent futuristic items like Multiple-Barrel Neutron Burst Emission Gun, Strength-Amplifying Exo-Mechanical Arms, Wide-Area Plasmic and Electric Arc Grenades, Outer-Space Fast-Flight Suit, Lightning Annihilator Armor, Turbo-Thruster Propelled Speedcycle, and many more—which are some of the massive numbers of items he obtained after completing really arduous and immensely taxing, time-limited missions, quests, and tasks, Maxmillan gradually gains the means to defend himself against overpowering hordes and assemblies of vicious, greedy, and malevolent Astra Mystralis users who relentlessly pursued him because of his astounding otherworldly ability—to mysteriously and endlessly materialize different types of absolutely rare weapons, devices, and equipment, as well as summon astounding ground and air-transportation means, making him a strange and incomprehensible anomaly in their world. Coupled with numerous bionic upgrades, gene-constitution alterations, biological augmentations, advanced cybernetical fortifications, serum-based transformations, chemical super-boosts, and a massive plethora of neural enhancements that will bestow him with myriad superhuman abilities—such as energy-beam vision, gale-force breath, extreme-hypersonic to near-light-speed flight, matter manipulation, annihilation-beam discharge, tiny to vast-scale lightning explosion creation, and hundreds more, watch how Maxmillan—now a super-powered, metahuman Cyborg warrior, will bravely and fearlessly fight his way through teeming large numbers of moderately powered to astronomically powerful and savage, phenomenal god-like users of Astra Mystralis to ascend to a position of supreme fame, unmatched honor, and dazzling, incomparable glory! *** Note: This narrative unfolds as a distinctive tale seamlessly combining elements of intense climactic actions, epic magical summoning skills, pets collection and training, magical beasts exomechanical amplification, futuristic marvels, a unique Level-Up System, thrilling dangerous adventures and heartwarming family moments. And yes, it has Harem. But it's not your usual women-chasing (story-ruining) MC. This is totally different, as he's a goal-focused, plot-driven one. Same as the FMCs who are super-strong, indomitable, and impressively ambitious. Read to see for yourself. Thanks!

    koladeizdavid · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
  • Superhuman Magus

    A story about an anti-hero guy among righteous people fighting against villains disturbing peace of his land. That's how the story unfolds. Interesting, right? Higher Races rules over lower human/sub-human races! The protoganist believes Higher Race took away his family. But he is powerless. So he gave up so that he could live a harmless life. But fate didn't allow him as it gave him a Supernatural power called 'Avasci'. But that wasn't the end as he found something else within him, something that allows him to defy his human limits. But nothing good comes without a price, balance is an universal law. Will Eason defy his limits as he pursues his parents ? Or will he lose the motivation and selfishly pursue after power? >>NOTE: This novel will be rewrote in future. >>Title Name: The first title name is called Limits Defying Human which is basically the theme of the story. Superhuman Magus is a title that is based on a concept. Can't say more as it's a spoiler. I prefer the first title but it's just the current title might attract more people. First title doesn't make the novel seem like it's fantasy based. >>Motivation to create Novel: I created this novel to implement the vast imaginations I had while I was not creating a novel. So there will be a lot of extreme imaginations. Most of these imaginations can only be implemented afterwards as it's a story. So it will take a while.

    fauxis · Fantasy

    If one day you've got superpowers, what would you do? Showing prowess and dominating the world? Do as you wish, get whatever you need, becoming popular and wealthy? Enjoying the lap of luxury and having a lot of beautiful women? It could be said that I Was lucky. I and my two classmates got superpowers by accident. Of course, I was delighted. I knew I could do as powerful things and dominate the whole neighbourhood. And even the whole city. But it's that what a superhuman should do?

    HM_ · Sci-fi
    Not enough ratings
  • Only Superhuman

    The cold war began with the race for nuclear arms, and was reignited with the appearance of the first superhero in 1983. Now, forty years later, the war still rages on. In Metrowick City, a young man stands on the edge between hero and villain. No matter which way he falls, he'll help change the world.

    Eldritch_Umbra_2710 · Urban
    Not enough ratings
  • Superhuman Assassin

    A normal man, living a normal life. Until, one day, it gets turned upside down because of the ghosts of his past. While there is no returning to what his life used to be, what he wanted it to be, he can still do the world one last good deed and get rid of these ‘ghosts’ that haunt him and that terrorise the world. To do this, he must get back into old habits which he would prefer to leave long buried and forgotten.

    Original_Sin · Urban
    Not enough ratings