Superhuman Society Book

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Superhuman Society

Zombie Author Frankenstein

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We have all atleast once dreamt of having a supernatural power, haven't we? But... What if most people in this world had supernatural powers? Can you call it supernatural then? Would having these powers change anything about your lifestyle? Welcome to the world of this story... 500 years ago, during the time of World War 1, some people started developing superpowers out of the blue... The war had to be stopped because of the new variables but that hasn't changed everything... The eastern side of the world called it God's gift and stopped focusing on technological developments... Welcome to this world stuck in the cold war era... Where the world is divided between the Eastern Force and the Western Force... Our MC is a loser in the eastern side is someone with a rather useless ability and uses eastern technology to make up for it... And thus is hated by people... Can he make a name for himself and prove his worth? Keep reading to know it...