My Wife is the Asura Empress Book

novel - Fantasy

My Wife is the Asura Empress


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[One of the Best Harem Stories on WN] [#WPC320 #Villain_Theme Winner] [Read only if you want a great plot, sweet romance, and a perfect harem without any forced development.] [This novel is not one where the MC rules the plot and grows alone. The story belongs to both the MC and his spicy harem (girls).] Enter a world of magical beasts, where humanity fights for survival against an alien race. After losing a war against the nefarious Dhovrix, humans make a breakthrough in technology and discover a portal to the Land of Asuras, where they can acquire superhuman skills by defeating magical beasts. With the Dhovrix threat still looming, Rio, a 16-year-old boy, is sent to Asuras to become strong. But fate has other plans for him, and he finds himself walking a path that leads him to marry the Asura Empress and turn against his own kind. Will he choose to fight for the humans who raised him or embrace a powerful new destiny alongside his Asura bride? Embark on an epic journey with Rio and discover where his loyalties lie in this thrilling tale of power, love, and sacrifice. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Join us at: Discord=https://discord.gg/Ed5JDPXawG instagram=https://www.instagram.com/the.whitesnow/