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    Cultivator With Modern AI

    Long Tian was a genius cultivator who was known by many names , such as Ruthless Emperor , God Physician , and many other nicknames . He has lived in various eras, he even mastered various things such as medicine, the art of killing, martial arts, modern technology, and other abilities. However, misfortune finally befell him, because he was too obsessed with resurrecting his wife Liu Lifen. He tried to defy fate and use forbidden arts but he failed miserably, and his obsession led to his death. But just as his soul began to dissipate, Long Tian's soul was sucked in by a black hole. And by the time he regained his consciousness, he was already in a world he had never seen before. And from the memory he knew that his current name was Xia Tian, ​​a sixteen year old debauchee. His father was killed by a mysterious person , and he himself was also a cripple. But who is Long Tian? He was a genius cultivator with various abilities, and was well known by many nicknames. He is determined to return to his peak, and fight against his own destiny to become the strongest in this new world.

    JosieGan · Eastern Fantasy
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    Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day

    Having brought up her younger siblings in troubled times and guiding her younger brother to the throne, Xia Wanyuan is the most legendary eldest princess in the history of the Xia Dynasty. When this eldest princess opens her eyes, she finds herself in a world a thousand years into the future. While she is still called "Princess", it's only a nasty jeer imparted on her as a mockery for her arrogant connections within the entertainment industry. So what if you were rich? In the end you've fallen to a status far lower than any beast! In response, Xia Wanyuan promises that a day would come when they will sincerely call her Princess. Everyone laughs at her, waiting to see the day when she'll be abandoned by the wealthy and affluent. Handsome yet aloof, President Jun Shiling is known only for his success in the corporate world with a demeanor cold enough to cut through ice. He has just one thing to say: Take the one hundred million divorce fee and leave quickly. Two years later, the eldest princess is a two-time winner of a prestigious acting award. The darling of the fashion world, she has become a style icon who is also proficient in the four classical arts. As an all-knowing professor in both literature and poetry, she is also a professor in two departments at the most renowned institute of higher learning. The Olympics? Gold medals are a dime a dozen when considering her skills in fencing and shooting. Her name is spread all over the world and she is filled with an unprecedented glory never bestowed upon any other. The CEO who wanted a divorce at the start refutes on television: "How dare anyone spread rumors about our divorce? My dearest wife, can we have another child?"

    A Boat of Dreams · Contemporary Romance
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    Fantasy Assassin in a modern world

    Fade was a legendary assassin that could kill just about anyone, as long as the price was right and the reason was just. One day as he was reminiscing about his life when he lost someone important, he fell asleep. When he woke up he was in a weird place, a different body, a different world.

    lynerparel · Fantasy
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    Modern Weapon Summoning System

    Del Is a teenage boy of humble birth from Earth. He is attending the last year of his high school until a magical circle transported the whole class into another world. He is the weakest among the other students that were summoned to another world. It resulted in him being banished from the heroes' party. Consequently, he has to survive on his own in another world which he has no idea about. He only survived by doing low-level quests and cheap assignments. After his first time leveling up, he gained a new ability [Modern Weapon Summoning System], a system that can make any modern armaments with limitations. The new ability gives Del an edge over his opponent. However, the limitations of the system are severe. Some of the weapons are even downright useless. In this world of magic, even the ability to make an assault rifle can’t protect him from those who wish him to disappear. Can he survive while developing his new ability or will he end up six feet below the ground? ==== Update Rate = 7 Chapters/ Week Bonus Chapter for: 200 Powerstones = 1 Chapter 400 Powerstones = 2 Chapter 600 Powerstones = 3 Chapter 800 Powerstones = 4 Chapter 1000 Powerstones = 5 Chapter 1200 Powerstones = 6 Chapter 1400 Powerstones = 7 Chapter ======= Discord Server: https://discord.gg/sxgYPfcecH

    MaxwellKHA · Fantasy
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    Modern of Modern

    hariharan2470 · History
    Not enough ratings
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    The Strongest Demon Lord in the Modern World

    "So, that's how this all ends, what a waste..." When the Demon Lord Aziel Vor'thega was banished by his own brothers' and sisters' betrayal, he thought that everything was lost. Colluding with those worms, those despicable humans and their Holy Guardians, Aziel and his blood brother Cahal the Demon God found themselves in a hopeless, situation! He wasn't ready to give up, and let those wretched traitors, those mongrels have the last laugh! His anger, his rage didn't allow his immortal soul to rest, but instead something unexpected happened! Tearing a rift in space, he was sucked into the void. Reduced back to a single soul shard, the core of his eternal existence, he found himself in a strange new world... and with that, a new start. A chance to climb back, and enact his vengeance upon those betrayers! --- [Warning: You might get addicted, don't say I didn't warn you!] --- We have a Discord Server! Come join us! http://discord.link/Shaele

    Shaele · Magical Realism
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    Primitive Beasts’ Modern Mate

    My name is Bai Lu, now I am sending help from an awkward situation — it seems like I was transmigrated to a new world after one ordinary camping. This is a parallel beast universe not only do ancient human species exist, but those enormous animals that can also shift into human-being are living on this continent, and they are all good-looking guys! What makes me more surprised is that I am some beasts’ destined mate: "You are my destined mate, I will try my best to protect you and make you happy. Please accept my love and make a contract with me!" ... Stop trying to seduce me, you hot guys! It is already not easy to survive in the primitive jungle and desert, and I am just an international student who wants to go back to my homeland and become a farmer. Should I consider having a relationship before settling down? As a modern human, can I make some contributions to the historical process in this primitive world? Can I, start a new era of agricultural lifestyle in this wilderness? +++++ Beast wooers: Sincere and enthusiastic thylacine, mature and reliable koala, even aloof and celibate Taipan Snake! Moreover, fashion icon spider, shy fighter kangaroo, Harpagornis Eagle, dolphins... *mature content* *no sexual violence* #reverse harem, female lead +++ The whole story has two parts: Part 1: Bai Lu's adventure, her relationships with beasts Part 2: Bai Lu's settlement and cultivation with her beast mates +++ New chapter's release time: each Mon. Wed. Fri. Keep in touch! +++ Cover art: free commercial use modifiable character from the website: Picrew.me, designed and processed by HuhuBamboo.

    HuhuBamboo · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    Modern History

    What would happen if a modern influencer with no skills found themselves sent into the past with the addition of Immortality? Suffering ensues. If you want to support me and my work then please go to https://www.patreon.com/Nagross Here's the link to my Discord community : https://discord.gg/mG4vG5SUbF

    Niggross · Fantasy
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    Aatrox, A God King in a Modern World.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/aSpmGRe This novel has a shared universe with "Sona, A Goddess Queen in a Modern World". In an infinite universe, millions of beings cultivated to attain supremacy. Some with good fortune reached the rank of God Earl after a few millennia, some didn't even reach the rank of God. This story is about Aatrox, the God-King who managed to kill a God-Emperor. But after an event, he died and was reincarnated in the body of Benjamin, a high school student who had an accident and was in a coma for 3 years. Follow the journey of Aatrox, the God-King of War in a modern world. "Livestream? I can do it!", "Sing? I can do it!", "Act? I can do it!", "Destroy a mountain because my favorite anime character died? I never did it ... I I swear it wasn't me !!!" "In this life, I'll live as how I want!" ** Disclaimer: The book cover design isn't mine, if the author wants me to remove, please email golldrum@gmail.com I will remove. **

    Zhanye · Magical Realism
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    Ancient Vampire in a Modern World

    A vampire who just woke up after his long hibernation, and found out that he have been hibernating for far too long that the world he knows, and the ones he knew as the strongest race was now extinct and only are stated in legends. Being new to this world watch Vladimir on his journey in this new world as he dominates the world and uncover the mysteries that lies within it. ... This novel is very boring at first 20 or so chapters and my grammar is not really that good but I promised I will try my best to Improve. The Cover is Not Mine... Credits to the owner...

    TheUnknownEntity · Video Games
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    Ancient God in the Modern World

    The God of Life and Death was assaulted by eight other Gods and went to his divine slumber. When he woke up, he was no longer in the era that he knew. He woke up in the modern era where there were no Gods. Follow the protagonist as he returns to his peak. But, the question is: can he still return to his peak? Or will he return to his divine slumber never to wake up again? ... In ancient times, the world was dominated by the gods. They rule with love and care for their subjects. They protect and treat them as their own. But where do gods come from? Some say they are the manifestation of beliefs. Some also say that gods exist along with the universe while others say they are supreme since they are the ones who created the universe. Read the book and discover the secrets of a God and the eternal secret of the world. Disclaimer: the pic is not mine and will belong to its owner. Feel Free to DM me to remove the image. (Young Master Jay#1823)

    Young_Master_Jay · Fantasy
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    Legendary God Of Harem In The Modern World

    Can a God truly die? Can a God be turned into a powerless mortal? Yes. Yes he can, just ask Ryan. For many years, the name ‘Nergal’ and ‘God of the Underworld’ was feared. All powerful and undefeated, Nergal terrorized and fought against all of his foes. Until one day, he was forced to retreat like a coward! In order to save his lieutenants and companions, Nergal must abandon his power, his status, and his godhood. So now he lives as the simple noodle seller named Ryan, unhappy and in a dead end life. But what if the Fates still have other plans for him? A goddess of a woman suddenly offered to be his queen. Queen!? Queen of noodles?! Has this woman gone insane!? What other explanation is there? Irina is a gorgeous, powerful, super rich CEO! She could have any man she wanted: from athletes, movie stars, celebrities! But she chose to marry a noodle seller instead!? Is this a problem that a God in the modern world has to deal with!? How the hell can Ryan live in peace with this mad woman throwing herself at him? Will the ghosts of his past as a God haunt him in the present day?

    Lao_Ban69 · Magical Realism
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    Servants With a Modern Weapon

    Wilson is a servant for the duke's daughter. Little to none known about him. Although something is puzzling about him, perhaps it's his reputation, or maybe it's merely his decency. However, nonetheless, people tend to pretend to be his best friend while wanting to know his secret. Sorry for my bad English since I'm not a native speaker. [Hiatus For Now]

    MaxwellKHA · War&Military
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    JefinJeevan · Realistic Fiction
    Not enough ratings
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    Modern Day Psyche

    "I am the Modern Day Psyche. I don't need a Cupid to save me." [Under Major Major Major Revision] . . . Beautiful, smart, and outgoing Zeirenne Lynn is a complete crackhead who laughs at the brink of death. On the other hand, Jin Yang is the typical cold-hearted, aloof genius who had to ‘change his vibe’ just to fit hers. From her bubbly personality, no one would have guessed her life's greatest aspiration—to live a dangerous life full of adventure and surprises. Gangsters, criminals, felons, she wants to befriend them all. And no one knows about his—to protect her for the rest of his life no matter the consequences. With their crazy aspirations and headstrong personalities, who will need to sacrifice what—between love and dreams? “Love is all in the mind. If you’re smart enough, you’d never trick yourself into believing senseless romance.” “We’ll see about that.” •——•——•

    ZJJung · Contemporary Romance
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    Modern Cultivator

    Out of billions of my brethren, only I stand. I have tasted the sweet nectar of victory and was also pained by its loss. I have cultivated to the apex but I have lost the people to share it with. Time can only go forward and so must I. I AM THE IMMORTAL SPERM. All life has a beginning. Mato is a sentient sperm that has an innate gift for fighting. He is forced to live in a place where infectious agents try to destroy him. Realizing he is stuck in a fleshy prison, he cultivates. Waiting for the appropriate time for his escape. Watch as he journeys forth into the great unknown and strives to achieve the apex of cultivation.

    TimothyReader · Magical Realism
    Not enough ratings
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    Modern day transcender

    A genius cultivator reincarnates after a bloody war only to find himself in a technologicaly advanced world. Mc:"Hold on why am i female?" And also gender bender is present in the book

    Azure_god_monarch · Eastern Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Modern Magician

    Strayed into the depths of the abyss, she remained still like a doll without its string. Yet, sunk in this pure dark world, its eyes glowed a deep red color as if exposing the predator's eyes, and looking for the prey she wants. Looking right to left, no known being has its presence in this dark world and even the light cannot reach into this dark world. As it portrayed its loneliness through its surroundings, deep within, she was brimming with happiness. Keeping it's calm and peaceful atmosphere, there was no more wish than that, but to continue the peacefulness reigns the dark world.

    Ashtal_Leb_Azure · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    Modern Cultivation System

    Hidden from the average person, Cultivators roam the Earth. They are just like those from movies, flying on swords and destroying mountains and splitting seas. Only those born into a family with Cultivators are aware of their existence. Suddenly, a young man obtains a System, of which introduces him to this hidden world of Earth, changing him to a cultivator. Watch as he faces against many foes and obtains cherished companions!

    Yue_Hajime · Eastern Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Martial God in a modern world

    "I've killed to many people in pursuit of power and success in the other world to return to my own a failure" Gyun Sung who was the greatest Kendo prodigy of all time, won the world championship at just 17. Transmigrated to Murim where he spent 7 years of his life fighting and building his own power. He reached the culmination of martial arts the Martial God stage, underwent body modification perfecting his body for martial arts, and established the most ruthless and strongest mercenary corp in all of murim the Raven Black mercenary corp. He returned to his world after dying against the combined efforts of the three murim faction leaders who destroyed everything, his reputation, his friends using money and killed him after weakening him by paying of a trusted advisor to poison him. Gyun returns to his world, his qi is gone but his experiences and martial arts. He swears to himself that money will never be a problem, he will use the only things left over from his life in Murim his perfected body that has superhuman strength and speed, his techniques and the will and determination of someone who’s lived a decade fighting a hairsbreadth from death. Authors note : I will aim for one chapter a day , sometimes maybe I will write 2 or 3 depending upon how much time I have. There may be mistakes since most chapters are written in an hour based off an idea I thought of while at school. During weekends there will definitely be 2 chapters a week, and I will make sure that every chapter has at minimum 1,000 words to a maximum of 2,000. Please tell me in comments if there are any mistakes. Also if you recommend any story ideas I might implement them. Either way thanks for reading!

    SolarFlare51 · Realistic Fiction
    Not enough ratings