Neurolink System in the Modern World

Author: InnocentFox
Magical Realism
Ongoing · 2.8M Views
  • 542 Chs
  • 4.3
    37 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is Neurolink System in the Modern World

Read ‘Neurolink System in the Modern World’ Online for Free, written by the author InnocentFox, This book is a Magical Realism Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, R18 Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: What if you woke up one day with the power of a god?What would you do if you could control the mind of your most hated p...


What if you woke up one day with the power of a god? What would you do if you could control the mind of your most hated person ? Or better yet, the girls of your dreams? For Zyden, a bullied teenager who has endured years of discrimination and cruelty, this becomes a reality when a series of event grants him abilities beyond his wildest dreams. As he learns to use and improve his new powers, he must face shadowy organizations, powerful beings, and his own inner demons. Will his powers consume him? (Totally) (100%) Discover a life where one person's choices could change everything.

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Thank you for reading my book. I won't talk too much about it , so I'll let you decide if it's good or not. Feel free to ask me anything here, and I'll do my best to respond. I'm not a very serious person btw, so I tend to inject humor into my responses.


"Mission Reward : Mind Break Unlock ] [Mission Penalty : Erectile dysfunction]" I hate this type of system, let's drop this too high rate. Say no to forced, abusive systems!


What can I say after 10 chaps? Looks like a promising novel, with system in modern settings. Mc is not a wuss, and have interesting ideas. I hope for some more "action" soon, right now easy 5 stars. I really enjoy it.


I enjoyed reading this, it would be really nice if you keep building on the characters so they won't be irrelevant later on. Looking forward to more chapters.


Although I liked the premise of the story, the way the author names their characters made me drop almost instantly. The author is using korean names completely wrong and it makes me cringe. For example, Ji-Hoon Alyssa is the first female character introduced where Ji-hoon is supposed to be the last name and Alyssa is her first name. Ji-hoon is a first name for a boy in korea. Last names are usually one syllable i.e. Kim, Lee, Park, etc. while first names are two syllables like Ji-hoon. I tried powering though and ignoring it but this tiny detail makes this novel completely unreadable for me. Writing- About what you expect for a webnovel time waster MC- Supposed to be some amalgamation of villainous actions with hypocritical righteous inner monologue to depict some realism but comes off disjointed. Also he dumb. Story- Bleh Premise- Promising for a fun villain type lemon story but doesn't deliver


This novel is the kind that grows on you as you read further. The author's skill in creating plot twists and mind games is really impressive, even though I sometimes catch myself questioning the action of the MC. Then suddenly, just like the "I have you in the first half" meme, the author surprises me with a twist that completely changes my perspective. Making me laugh because I can't believe that I did not see it coming .


garbage cliche worthless novel. good to pass the time. worthless otherwise. loser mc. cliche tropes everywhere every second, mc is "smart" for plot conveniences. dont waste ur time.


Hello author I wanted to know if there ntr or Yuri in this novel .


Just finished chapter one... man the mc went through a lot 😭great introduction, dialogue and narrative


Well written, pretty interesting plot, but I think the system needs something that sets it apart from other novels. Other than that very good descriptions.


Reveal spoiler


novel is a good read. It's refreshing to read an MC who's not brain dead and actually uses his mind.


Its just so good. I'm so used to dealing with boring mc's that do braindead stuff for no reason that this novel genuinely shocked me. It has an mc who actually thinks and does stuff that he wants with his powers. A really refreshing break from the commonplace garbage being developed rn, thank you author for this amazing read.


Reviewing this book again after reading 50 chapters. The author remained consistent in providing quality content and I'm glad that this novel gets 3 chapters per day upload because this story is just too addictive.It just shows how dedicated the author is in providing content. Kudos to the author.


it's good, i like it ,.,.,.,,..,,.,..,. a


Ngl character description is on point, storyline it's okay and the plot. I see good development, definitely looking forward to the next chapter.


Absolute trash. The author tries so hard to seem smart but its clear he’s a failed person. To give you an idea of how bad it is, the author starts the story by descr someone as “half Korean half American”


The New Cover is good, and that jail bar which give an immersion of imprisonment very much, I like it. It make one wonder wether it's the MC who put his brainwashed girls in a cage, or it's the girls who turns yandere and caged the MC as their property instead 😅😆🤣


I love the story ,the characters ,everything but please author what is Your discord account for art illustration


Author-san, can I use your awesome novel cover picture for my profile pictures???? Here is All Five Stars on All Five Categories for Yours Truly 😆🤩🌠🌟🌠⭐🌠🌟✨🤩😆


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