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    Dragon King's Son-In-Law

    Normal Release Schedule - 2 chapters on every weekdays/ no releases on weekends. Hao Ren, an ordinary university student, saved a little girl who fell from the sky. By accident, he swallowed a "candy" that fell off of that girl's body and somehow became the Dragon King's son-in-law...... His life was turned upside-down from that point on. There were dragons in this world? And they are living side-by-side with humans? Ancient Chinese Mythologies really happened? Hao Ren got to experience a new world that was hidden from ordinary humans. Despite the thrills that came with the new discovery, there were challenges along the way. He thought his easy life as the Dragon King's son-in-law was going to be chill and gucci, but conspiracies and undercurrents were coming his way. TL Notes: this novel was written quite a while back, and its statistic isn't as great as some of the newer novels. However, the storyline is great, and the development of characters and emotions between them are the highlights of the novel. I read this novel more than three times, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

    Dragon King's Nice Son-In-Law · Magical Realism
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    NEET Receives a Dating Sim System

    Translator note: Apologies to the readers. This series is currently on hiatus. We ask for your understanding! A 30-year-old Chinese NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better looking, and this new world also possesses futuristic technology as well as mysterious Yin Yang masters! After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game-like system, which enables him to increase his own stats and transcend the limits of the human body. This system even has a game-breaking ability to save and load in real life! In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants to enjoy life and head for a glorious future... However, he is quickly embroiled in a complex plot. Can he unlock his true potential and utilize his system to break the shackles that confine him and discover the truth about his previous body’s circumstances?

    Idle Fish Goes Ashore · Magical Realism
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    The Lord’s Empire

    “Ding! Soulbinding has been successfully completed; you will now head to the Heaven Awaken World.” After hearing this, Zhao Fu’s vision darkened as he fell to the ground. With bleak prospects in the real world, Zhao Fu’s life is turned around when countless crystals fell from the sky one night, which people could use to enter an alternate, game-like world. After obtaining an ancient Chinese empire’s legacy, Zhao Fu uses his intellect and resourcefulness to develop his own empire from a tiny village. However, with enemies both in the real world and in the Heaven Awaken World, he must make brilliant decisions and use creative schemes to survive.

    Shen Tianyi · Video Games
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    The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism

    In the rural northeastern mountainous regions stands a tiny Buddhist temple, named One Finger Temple. It isn't a large one but it is extremely miraculous. The temple has rice that emanates an aromatic fragrance. The temple has sweet and refreshing water that rivals ambrosia. The temple has Buddhas that grant wishes to the sincere. The temple isn't large but it has everything. The temple isn't large but it has flourishing incense offerings that far exceed all temples. The temple isn't large but it attracts both citizens and foreigners that line up overnight… The temple has a bald but handsome monk. Every day, he would bawl, "I want to renounce asceticism! I want to marry a chick that's not too pretty, have a cute baby, and lead a stable life!" This book is a casual novel that introduces various Chinese traditional customs, as well as Buddhist ones. It strives to be a positive book, allowing people to reflect on how they should live their lives and treat others.

    A Golden Millet Dream · Magical Realism
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    The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe

    The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe is a Chinese fantasy fiction containing themes of cultivation, Sages, Demons, Sorcerers, and Chinese Ancestors. Minghe, reincarnated from an IT nerd in the modern world, sets his mind to change his history and create another legend in Untained Land. No one knows how many secrets he has or how powerful he is. What will happen in this afterlife of his? How can he pursue the power of the Origin in order to change his history? Discover all the answers in this book.

    God loves the world · Eastern Fantasy
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    I Experienced an SSS Encryption

    Raymond traveled to the exam room of the college entrance examination. He found he knew nothing when he had seen the examination papers. Fortunately, he activated the Grade-A Student System. However, he then found the system was somewhat weird! In the Chinese exam, the system offered him a body cultivation method? In the English exam, the system offered him Morse code? In the geography exam, the system offered him the Art of War of Global Actual Combat? In the physics exam, the system offered him the design drawing of Chengdu J-20? ... Lin Yi wanted to cry, but he had no tears to shed. In the end, he only wrote some nonsense on the examination papers. In the Chinese examination paper: “Qi and blood attack. Direct qi to flow through the meridians in your body. One day's work can last one week...” In the maths examination paper: “The weather controller can launch a meteorologic attack, such as thunderstorm, frost, in hemispheres. The calculation formula is x.=Ax...” As expected, Raymond’s total score was zero. Those weird examination papers got viral on the Internet. The whole school was talking about it on Homecoming Day. However, to his surprise, the military saw Raymond’s examination papers. On the same day, the papers were encrypted on the SSS level.

    Little Brother Langya · Magical Realism
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    My Dream Life As A Housewife

    Lin Xiaoye opened her eyes and found that she had become an infamous ugly woman from peasant family. In front of her was a cute baby and a hunter husband. But who is she? As the 33rd generation of the family of Chinese medicine, Lin Xiaoye will not be easily stumped. With silver needles in hand, she earns a lot of money by treating patients. In daily life, she flirts with husband occasionally, raises children, and farms. What? Her husband turned out to be a warlord? And even the founding general? Lin Xiaoye is shocked. ☆About the Author☆ Mu Xixi is the contracted web novelist. Her representative work is Rural Vixenish Wife: Raising and Farming. This is a finished ancient romance novel which is popular with readers for its lively style and interesting theme.

    mu qian qian · Historical Romance
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    Godfather Of Champions

    This is a story about the pursuit of victory. — "I subscribe only to the theory of victory. I only pursue victory. As long as I am able to obtain victory, I don’t care if it’s total football or counterattack. What is the ultimate goal of professional soccer? In my opinion, it is victory, and the pinnacle of victory is to become the champions. I am a manager. If I don’t wish to lose my job or be forgotten by the people, there’s only one path for me to take, and that is to lead the team in obtaining victories, in obtaining championship titles!” The main character was not well-liked by people. — “⋯We conducted a survey which had been deemed by Manager Tony Twain as extremely meaningless. In a random street survey conducted, ninety-three percent of those surveyed chose the option ‘I hate Tony Twain’, while only seven percent chose the option ‘This person is rather decent, I like him’. It is worth noting that nobody chose the option ‘Who is Tony Twain? I don’t know him’. Mark, do you know why Manager Twain felt that our survey was very meaningless?” Parker, a reporter from <The Daily Telegraph> laughed loudly and said when he was being interviewed by BBC. But there were also people who were madly in love with him. — “⋯ Became the spokesperson of world-wide famous clothing brands, shot advertisements, frequented the fashion industry’s award ceremonies, endorsed electronic games, has a supermodel girlfriend. His earnings from advertisements exceed his club salary by seventeen times, owns a special column in various print medias, publishing his autobiography (in progress), and is even said that he is planning to shoot an inspirational film based off his own person experiences! Who can tell me which part of his life experiences is worthy of being called ‘inspirational’? Hold on⋯. Are you all thinking that I’m referring to David Beckham? You’re sorely mistaken! I’m talking about Manager Tony Twain⋯.” He was very knowledgeable about Chinese soccer. — “⋯ I’ve heard about it, that Bora gifted four books to his manager Mr. Zhu before your country’s national team’s warm up match. After which, the team lost 1:3 to a nameless American team from Major League Soccer. The new excuse that Mr. Zhu gave for losing the match, was that Bora gifted “books” (‘books’ and ‘lose’ are homophones in the Chinese language). Here, I recommend that you guys find out what that one specific book is. Which book? Of course the one that caused you all to score a goal. After that, tell me the title of the book. Before every match, I will gift ten copies of that same book to you. In that case, won’t you all be able to get a triumphant 10:0 win over your opponents every time?” An excerpt taken from Tony Twain’s special column in a certain famous Chinese sports newspaper.

    Lin Hai Ting Tao · Competitive Sports
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    The Story Never Ends

    Arriving in this brand-new world, Davion found himself in possession of a system which allows him to level up indefinitely unbounded by the limitations of this world. Lets see what happens when our MC's cultivation is like drinking water, easy and simple. #It is a cultivation novel but not Chinese.#

    Broke_the_Matrix · Fantasy
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    Old Ancestor: Thrown Out By The Nanny From The Start

    Song Haotian, an old man with dementia, was deserted by his children. This kind of news was common on the Internet. However, such an insignificant event actually led to a series of events. Song Haotian’s adopted daughter made false claims about him in order to be selected for a talent show. The netizens cyberbullied the old man in order to protect their idol. Just when the netizens thought this case would end satisfactorily with the adopted daughter winning, an unexpected scene played out. The head of East Asian Chamber of Commerce, the elder of an ancient martial arts clan, the beautiful CEO of the world’s most powerful security company, the head of the nation-renowned Chinese Medicine Association, and many other families and factions were involved in the case due to the false claim. Later, the netizens finally found out the true identity of Song Haotian and how powerful he was. However, it was too late now.

    Break The Corn · Magical Realism
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    The Sweetest Medicine

    Beautiful doctor of Chinese medicine, Yu Gangan woke up from a coma one day to a cold, mysterious man. "Excuse me, you are...?" A pair of profound eyes focused on her and replied, "Fang Zhihan, your husband." Did this man take her for a fool? He was obviously a fraud! A little while down the track, he pulled her into his arms and whispered beside her ear, "Who am I?" This time, Yu Gangan froze and replied, "Fang Zhihan, my husband." If he was a patient, then she was his sweetest medicine...

    Beauty Jiang · Contemporary Romance
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    The Legendary F Rank

    Haru was the best mage in the Japanese army. Building up a amazing reputation before deciding to give up his life in the military and settle down. His plans were cut short as he found himself in the body of a baby. He taught himself magic again from scratch before finding himself in a dire situation whilst on his first school trip causing him to give up on magic and take on the art of Chinese cultivation. His master was a soul fragment of an ancient cultivator who placed his soul inside of a golden ring in the shape of a dragons body. What kind of mysteries did this ring hold? And who was this cultivator who saved Haru from the brink of death?

    Zero_Things · Fantasy
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    My Little Chinese Lover

    Wang Chen a 15yr old child star in China was called down to Korea for an Idol Trainee Audition by an all time famous Idol Entertainment Company. He was immediately accepted and put into their new upcoming debut group. Chen then encounters 17 new trainees who were gonna be his teammates in the future, finds them very chaotic but still great people, already falling for their charms. One of the trainees captures his attention the most named Lee Jihun, the youngest being just 14yrs old and resembled a hamster according to Chen. On confrontation they had apparently met before in China when they were just 10-11yrs old. Who would have thought these lost friends would meet in such a way!! They grew closer to becoming best friends, then having crushes on each other, by practicing together for becoming Idols. They had their misunderstandings but having feelings for Chen, Jihun confessed first not wanting to lose his one and only best friend with whom he fell in love with, right after their groups debut!! Thus, they started dating with the support of their other 16 teammates. They were divided into 3 sub units NEO 35, NEO U and NEO FREE under the group NEO. Chen and Jihun were placed together in NEO FREE along with Mark, Ren, Jino, Hajoon and Jae. A group for the youngest members of NEO. Let's see how the two youngest members of NEO fall for each other. Curious for the reaction of their other 17 teammates? Their company? Their fans? The media? Their parents? Also many other side couples which include their other teammates!!

    Park KTH · LGBT+
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    Chinese Fishermen

    What could be in that Mountain Alex?

    AnujPlays · Fantasy
    Not enough ratings
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    Learn Chinese

    HEADS UP!!!! This is not a story I’m recording the Chinese letters I’ve learned in pinyin alphabet order. Feel free to learn with me, if your interested in Chinese.

    Yan_Zhi_Wu · Historical Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    Chinese paranormal

    Many strange and horrible things always happen in remote places. And these things happened beside Jiu Nan in China. Even Jiu Nan Hua is part of these things. For example, he is born of a corpse!

    Daoist8P6KQQ · Horror&Thriller
    Not enough ratings
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    missshelfmaker · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    Chinese One


    Holy_Water · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings
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    The Tutorial is in Chinese

    The bad news: The Apocalypse is here, and I, Alex Lin, am stuck in China. The good news: I got some kind of phone app that allows me to summon beings with cool abilities The worse news: Everything in the app, including the tutorial, is in Chinese, which I can't f*cking read. Other protagonists' greatest obstacles are either other people or themselves. My greatest obstacle? The language barrier.

    God_of_Beginnings · Magical Realism
    Not enough ratings
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    A Chinese Novel's Heroine

    She left her home to search for new horizons and conquer new territories but she discovered a book, a Chinese novel She found a man more powerful and ruthless than herself How should she deal with him and how will he deal with her Will, she even bother to deal with him, " Let me go, Yuehan" struggled Valeria "Chu Biyu, with your strength it's a piece of cake, could it be....." rebutted Long Yuehan Note: I will constantly edit chapters and add a lot of easter eggs, so please look out for them #romance#chinese#novel#heroine#sweetlove#CEO#icecoldheroine#pokerfacedheroinne

    Aine_17 · Fantasy Romance
    Not enough ratings