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    My Vampire System

    The human Race is at war with the Vicious Dalki and when they needed help more than ever, THEY started to come forward. Humans who had hidden in the shadows for hundreds of years, people with abilities. Some chose to share their knowledge to the rest of the world in hopes of winning the war, while others kept their abilities to themselves. Quinn had lost everything to the war, his home, his family and the only thing he had inherited was a crummy old book that he couldn’t even open. But when the book had finally opened, Quinn was granted a system and his whole life was turned around. He completed quest after quest and became more powerful, until one day the system gave him a quest he wasn’t sure he could complete. "It is time to feed!" "You must drink human blood within 24 hours" "Your HP will continue to decrease until the task has been completed" https://discord.gg/kqCxfZF6xH https://www.patreon.com/JKSManga OTHER WORKS My Werewolf System My Dragon System

    JKSManga · Fantasy
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    Apocalypse Of All Races

    In the Year 350 of the Anping Dynasty, humans were faced with a huge crisis. Earth was invaded by monsters from another dimension. Fortunately, Su Yu awoke a power where he possessed a scripture that allowed him to contain everything in existence. With that power, he was able to face the coming apocalypse.

    Eagle Eats Chicks · Magical Realism
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    Demon Lord's Reincarnation

    The strongest Demon Lord dies and reincarnates as a human. Follow his journey as he learns more about the truths of his past. About the secrets within himself that he never knew before.

    lynerparel · Fantasy
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    Jack's PTSD -Directors cut-

    WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CONTENT MAY BE TRIGGERING TO SOME. Jack's psychotically sick due to being assaulted by his mums boyfriend and injured, Jack starts to experience episode's of Post Traumatic Stress, unable to control his disorder Jack starts to seek revenge. The first installment to Jack's journey About the author my name is Jack Sheppard I am 22 years of age I have skitcophrenia and psychosis I'm a aspiring author and my goal is mainly to raise awareness for mental health problems as well as psychotic illnesess in my story's I love comic book's and writing novel's I am married and I have a daughter, I am a responsible farther who takes his meducation everyday and I alway's fight for what I truly believe in I am always on schedule and I aim to have at least two new chapters out weekly follow me for more on Jack's story and add both this book and the necronomicon to your library and keep an eye out for new content, Thank you for reading -Jack Sheppard-

    Jack_SheppardOf · Horror&Thriller
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    Second World

    He was about to join the beta test on the newest VR games, Second World. But an anomaly threw him into a world with familiar rules, a rule he usually only experienced in a game. Now he must use his past gaming experience in this new world. It was no longer a game, it was survival! A strive to reach the highest level possible. Equipped with dual-class of melee and magic user, Jack was set on the path to become the strongest character in this brave new world.

    UnrivaledArcaner · Video Games
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    My Dragon System

    Sen, the last and most powerful dragon left roaming the skies causing chaos and destruction across the land. When all hope is lost the human race call upon their last hope, a powerful witch. Unable to destroy the dragon the witch uses the last of her power to cast a spell. Sen has not been defeated but has now been reborn as a human. How will Sen live his life now as a human who he once despised and saw as weak? Completed Novel The first book in the Trilogy SYSTEM series Read My Vampire System next! P.A.T.R.E.O.N JKSmanga for more content and support. https://www.patreon.com/JKSManga Discord link https://discord.gg/huTJG43 Post art work and more+

    JKSManga · Fantasy
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    The Ancient Genes

    [Check our my new work 'Mech Lord'!!! ] In a place where Magic reigns supreme, what would our MC do as he finds himself being rejected by the world. This is the story of a boy who lacks the ability to wield mana. After shaming his parents who are considered to be among the strongest Mages of the era. Our MC stands at the terrace of the School building planning to commit suicide. What has fate got stored in for our MC. Will he commit suicide ? If you want to know, join our MC as he struggles to find his path. In a world with mysteries and threats looming, what is waiting for him? ------------------------------------- All the characters and incidents in this story are imaginary. Please note that the chapter can be a bit slow. So please be a bit patient and read up to 50 chapter before making any opinion .......................... My Other Work: MechLord ............. The Cover art is made by Valeriexx. Join the Discord : https://discord.gg/WTDaPfU DM me @ ReincarnatedSaint#2904 on Discord Instagram ID: @reincarnatedsaint

    ReincarnatedSaint · Fantasy
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    Fantasy: I Can See The Secret Reports Of All Things

    [Inspecting Luck, Fate, Cause and Effect, and Fortune!] Lin Xuan transmigrated to a perilous fantasy world where demons and monsters roamed rampantly. From the very beginning, he activated the Supreme Bloodline and acquired the ability to read hidden messages. [The World Source is hidden in this ancient tree. If left untaken, it will be found by the Son of Luck three years later and he will become a Great Emperor.] [The maiden before you has her eyes gouged out. If you give her a drop of your Supreme Blood, she will activate her Eye of Blood Demon.] [There is an unclaimed fowl that is about to become a roasted chicken… It is actually the Immortal Bird.] [There is a cruelly abandoned loli… Warning: She is the future Empress of Darkness. Countdown to her awakening. 3,2,1!] In the Dark Era of the fantasy world, different nations invaded. Lin Xuan pushed through with an invincible stance and stunned the world! The entire fantasy world trembled before him!

    A Turkey · Eastern Fantasy
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    Reborn As A Blade Of Grass, I Become The Companion Of A Goddess

    Ye Yun transmigrated to a fantasy world. The first thing he noticed was that he was beneath a gigantic willow tree. It turned out that he had become a blade of grass! [You signed in at the willow tree and acquired the magnum opus of Chan Faction - The Refined Mystic Techniques.] Thankfully, the village he was in was peaceful. Ye Yun quietly signed in daily and nurtured himself. His only companion was the gigantic willow tree and a kid who always came to play under the tree. Days passed by and Ye Yun’s cultivation grew more and more profound. He witnessed the kid growing up. He occasionally guided the kid, so the latter called him Master. He also witnessed the willow tree grow more and more full of life. He would remove tree stumps for her regularly and pour out his heart in front of her. One day, the kid returned with severe injuries and told Ye Yun his dying wish. The willow tree also transformed into a goddess dressed in white robes. As she looked at the blade of green grass beneath her feet, she said, “We have kept each other company for so many years. We are like spiritual partners. Are you willing to follow me to wage war on the Immortal Realm?” Ye Yun, “...”

    Bear Child · Eastern Fantasy
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    Legendary Bloodline Collector

    After suffering so much on earth, Liam died with his heart filled with hatred for heaven and humans..... At the great void of reincarnation, he disobeyed a god and entered a different reincarnation portal.... He was reborn in a new world, possessing immersive bloodlines abilities.... With this he have finally started his journey of going against the heavens..

    Sage_X · Martial Arts
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    Supernatural Store: I Have Too Much Divine Equipment

    Legend has it that a mysterious store existed on the continent. Rumor has it that the store had a pill that would give a person an infinite amount of energy, that the store had a soda that could revive a dying person, that the store was filled with divine beasts and equipment. The store had everything one could think of and things that one had never thought of. It was a place where the strongest warriors and emperors had to wait in line because the owner would only open his store on time. “What? You want me to sacrifice a minute of my sleep for those people? Hell, no!”

    Big Boss · Eastern Fantasy
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    Code Zulu Alpha: Nerd in the Apocalypse!

    "Better to have and not need than to need and not have." Sky Ishiyama is a nerd with Photographic Memory who after the bumps and turns in his life, turned to be a Doomsday Prepper. The story takes place in our world where our MC was diving through the Dark Web just for fun and discovered something that could only be found in books, movies, novels, manga, anime, or games. Zombies, Walkers, Freaks, Infected, Biters, or whatever you may call them. They're fucking real. Ever wondered what you could do in a zombie apocalypse where you actually know what you're doing? Actually surviving properly while preventing stupid deaths? Doing what is right and necessary? Or better yet, actually doing what you shout in the monitor when you're watching a film? Our MC is coupled with the knowledge of not just fighting z's but actually surviving by securing his home, finding allies, scavenging for supplies, building a community and so much more. If you could, kindly like the tags I've put up and it would be huge, huge help for me, thanks in advance! Also, a comment, a review, or even a vote of a single power stone would help me out a lot! Thanks again! Disclaimer: All of the names and places mentioned in this novel are fictional and any relation to people IRL is purely coincidental. Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/3JstDAV (It's just something I created for fun and random chatting with people that want to discuss more about zombie things and other random stuff. It's created on 16/07/20 so it's fairly new and nothing much is in there lol Anyway, everyone is free to drop by and spend a few minutes to pass the time.) My Discord: Sky2316#9623

    Sky2316 · Horror&Thriller
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    MONSTER MMORPG: Mayhem Online

    "There are no heroes. In life, the monsters win." ... In 2106, [Mayhem Online], a fully immersive VRMMO game, was released. Soon, it dominated the world's economy when people could exchange the in-game currency with real-life currency and vice versa. In the year 2107, Flynn Grey, a 22-year-old college dropout with an ambiguous history, joined in the fray of billions of people that had already started playing [Mayhem]. Hoping to uncover the game's secret and earn a fortune, he spent months on adventures without fruitful results. For better or worse, Shura, Flynn's in-game character, ends up in a great Wyvern's den, acquiring a hidden class and a monstrous race. Join him as he defeats his past and paves his way into becoming a true legend in both worlds. ===== ===== ===== //DreamNote// This story features an unstable protagonist due to his mysterious past. He's not evil, not righteous either, and would do anything he feels like doing. Character development is a big part of the novel, so if the Protagonist seems annoying and idiotic at the start, bear with it as it gets better. His character and everything else is explained. This story will feature his real and game life, although, for most parts, the focus would be on the game world. He doesn't start as a monster protagonist from the get-go. It'll be shown in the story how and why he turns into a monster in the game [Chapter no. 20-35]. The story's pacing would depend on the arcs, but I'll try to keep it at the fast-mediums. This story WILL have a harem, but the focus would be on the character-building more than the romance. Romance is going to form later and will be slow-paced. Tags: VRMMO, Video Game, Male Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Beautiful Female Leads, Fantasy, Friendship, Monster Protagonist, Races, Classes, Misunderstandings, Comedic Undertone, Slow Romance, Multiple Love Interests, Older Love Interests, Devoted Lovers, Polygamy, Marriage, Demons, Mythology, Cults, Church, Gods, Legends, Kingdom Building, Guilds, Wars, Tournaments, Money Grubber, Enemies Become Allies, Enemies Become Lovers, NPCs, Lucky Protagonist, Yandere, Past Plays a Big Role. .... The current cover belongs to Zumi. I do not own the art.

    DreamThree · Video Games
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    Classless Ascension

    [ Climb the Dimensional Tower and have any wish fulfilled by the gods themselves! ] Enters Josh Malum. He was feared on Earth, but in this new world, he is but a Fallen. One that is forced to Climb. If it wasn't bad enough already he is also Classless, something that is unheard of in the Tower. Yet none of it phases him. "You think I should be despairing? Why? Is it because I'm classless? They offered me so many classes, I simply refused them all." Sacrificing the many worlds is a small price to regain what he once lost. To all the deities that stand in his way: F … ⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ----Alternate Title: "Rip & Tear & Ducks"---- It's so big! That's what she said when she saw the massive ...chapter. This story is serious! No comedy tag! Seriously! According to readers = some comedy *shrug* ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ----Attention may contain---- -Huge D. Tower -Badass MC (Climbs the D) -Bullied Systems (In charge of the D) -Modern World (Where the D appears) -Multiverse (What the D is connected to) -Magic (Have you ever summoned a meteor?) -Game Elements (Stats, Skills, Levels, Equipment) -Guild Banter (They All Crazy!) -Bloodlines (Transformation and special abilities) -Bloodshed (Duh!) -VR (Like normal games, but better) -Killer Robots (Everything is better with killer robots!) -Pets (Is that Pokem@n ?!) -R18 tag: missclick...or not? (Who knows) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ----More chaps when this becomes popular ---- Release rate: 1 Chapter/day 1-2 Chapters/day top 100 2 Chapters/day top 50 Official Discord: https://discord.gg/dV5DVyhj57

    ClasslessAscension · Magical Realism
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    Versatile System Online

    Note:- I don't own the cover. If the owner wants me to take it down, then please post a comment. I will take it down. Note:- Event in progress. Read the whole synopsis and join the discord server to receive rewards. ...... Synopsis:- With humanity's progress in technology. It advanced to such heights that humans found a way to transfer one's consciousness to another world. Since then, humanity progressed by leaps and bounds. They were granted systems as they made use of them and ascended through ranks and made their way towards Godhood. While doing so, the very world that allowed them to gain systems and such power merged with Earth as the apocalypse befell. Portals opened up, and various creatures and different kingdoms that belonged to countless races descended. Humanity got into a bitter war against their invaders as they made alliances to fight off the enemies. When everyone thought that it couldn't get any worse, the races from outer space attacked. These people were known as outworlders as their only goal was to take control of Earth which was now rich with mana and the countless natural treasures that it gave birth to. So, as humanity was to lose hope, there came a teenager named Ray. With his power over all elements and various abilities granted by the "Versatile System", he was the hope to humanity as he fought to protect his loved ones and found his path to Godhood. So follow along Ray's journey and read the countless difficulties he faced to get stronger and how he uncovered the mystery of his strength. ______________ A/N:- The novel's pace may seem very variable at first but this is just the start, the world in the novel and story is very big and follows a bit different system of power from other types of novels. Also, the chapters are being updated continuously while I am also editing them to make them better for you all to read. I would appreciate your input so I could better the novel. ........... Note:- For mass release and bonus chapters:- 15 Golden Tickets= 1 bonus chapter. 150 power stones= 1 bonus chapter. 1 Magic Castle= 3 bonus chapters. Other than that, any gifts to the novel will have bonus releases to them. ... February (Valentines) Event:- Events are going on!!! So join the dicord and help the novel as much as possible with your contributions to earn the rewards I have set up for you all. The top 3 fans would be rewarded with coins while there will also be specially commissioned chapters and some spicy bonus chapters for all of you. More info on discord, so don't forget to join the discord community. Also, don't forget to vote for the novel with power stones and Golden tickets as this would increase your chances of winning by a lot. Have fun ;) Discord Channel Link:- https://discord.gg/tvHBPZ5MQF

    PRO_GAMER_2345 · Fantasy
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    Dual System: Ascension of A Nameless Nobody

    WPC #256 - Magic, Gold Winner -- Jeong-Hui, a teenager with no accomplishments in life, spends his days in solitude, living alone and gaming most of the day. That is, until a world-shaking revelation descended on Earth. The one proclaiming to be "God" informed humanity of their failure as a species, and that Armageddon would begin. However, as a means of giving those worthy of continuing on a chance, "God" introduced the "Armageddon Game", bestowing a special system onto every person of the world. The system grants each player the abilities of Angels, reminiscent of an RPG as experience, stats, and level-ups are all present. Though, as a person who lived a unfulfilling life as a lowlife and a coward, he begins his journey as the bottom-of-the-barrel start: level one. Those who reach level twenty within the six month time period will be allowed access into "The Tower"--however, what awaits in the mysterious, heavenly tower is unknown. Not intending to die after living a failed life, Jeong-Hui strives to reach the Tower, using his knowledge as a MMORPG player to ascend. As an assassin-class and a martial artist class, he utilizes both the "Angel System", widely available to humanity, and another, unique system available only to himself to combat the trials in the way of his journey. -- Want to support me? You can do so here! --> https://ko-fi.com/delzgb DISCORD: https://discord.gg/ph6qfFknqe --WARNING-- This story shows depictions of extremely graphic events. If you're adverse to traumatizing events, gore, death, and such things, this might not be the novel for you. Otherwise, please enjoy!

    DelzGB · Fantasy
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    Crazy! Are You Really A Beast Tamer?

    This was a world where literally everything, including mountains, rivers, plants, animals, machines, death spirits, and elements, could turn into war beasts. This was a world dominated by beast tamers. Some of the famous beasts included: the Starry Dragon Peacock that swirled and danced in the nine heavens, the Electro Elf that swung whips among the thunderous clouds, the Wave-churning Gigantic Whale that ruled over the deep seas, and the Flaming Ghost Spirit that leapt amidst the undying fires. One by one, these legendary beasts were brought to life in this vast beast-taming world as Fang Mu flipped through the Book of Starry Space in his hands. As such, Fang Mu embarked on his unique journey of becoming a beast creator.

    Agate Honey Dew · Eastern Fantasy
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    Supreme Harem Hunter

    "I will conquer all of your women." "I will destroy you in your strongest." "System? Golden Finger? Cheat? Old Grandpa? Nothing will stop you from getting defeated by me." Jack, who got a second chance will not listen to his rationality anymore. He will do what his heart wanted from the very beginning. He will enjoy this reincarnation to its fullest. ----------------------------- Fellow men of cultures, I finally succumbed to this side of the WN. * = Light Smut ** = Heavy smut

    StumblingtoSuccess · Martial Arts
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    The Way of a Demon Lord

    The way of a Demon Lord- since the beginning of time, countless demons dreamt of it but few dared to tread on it, and even fewer reached its end. But the rarest of them all were some special demons who were not allowed to step on it, because if they were to become a Demon Lord- even the other lords would have to bow their heads. Abhorred and hunted by all, they could not do anything but hide till their lifespans came to an end. But for the first time ever, one such demon chose to do otherwise. Follow Adrian Darkheart as he uses his special demonic power, superior intellect and innate brutality to walk the path of chaos and destruction and become the greatest Demon Lord ever.

    TheDarkSide · Fantasy
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    My Dog Says I'm Too Weak And Stole SSS-grade Skills For Me

    # RELAXED Lu Huai was transmigrated to a martial art world where spiritual energy had appeared and beasts had started to invade. However, he did not awaken any talent and was void of any chances of learning martial arts. He had planned to live a nonchalant and normal life, but when he returned home one day, his husky barked for a few seconds before disappearing into thin air with a detest expression. “Ding! Your husky says that you’re too weak. It has gone to the future to steal an SSS-grade Body Strengthening Skill.” “Ding! Your husky says that you don’t know how to fight. It has gone to the future to rob three different martial art memories.” “Ding! Your husky says you’re still not strong enough. It has gone to the future to steal the Supreme-grade Secret Mind Technique for you.” Every time his husky went to the future, it would return with a “specialty” that would enhance his power. As time passed, Lu Huai realized that he was becoming stronger and stronger. When all the SSS-grade prodigies, young masters of the thousand races, and Children of the Universe got defeated by him, he realized that he had become invincible. “Hmm… So, how should I deal with the dog that has been committing all those crimes in the future?”

    Thief God · Eastern Fantasy