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Zenith Online: Rebirth of the Strongest Player

Death is sometimes not the end, and the zenith is empty. Legends rise and fall. Myths are born. Faced with death after a dismal fall from grace where glory, renown, and prominence were once found, Kieran's second chance is fueled by vengeance. It burns like a ruinous flame and drives Kieran's quest for power within and without. Though not an ingrate, he remains curious about why he returned to the past instead of dying. He has nothing but questions, but his death puts the beginning of his story into perspective, showing him that Zenith Online... is the beginning of the end — the end of the current Age. The zenith is empty and calls for someone to claim its throne, but to answer that call means to bear the consequences. Everything — especially choice — has a cost. Challenges lay in wait. The road to supremacy is wound in suffering, and to know the truth is to know madness. And so, the Maddened awakens...

ApexPen · Games
633 Chs

Beginning the legend of Spartan Fire restaurant

Create a Legend (CAL) is the game where Legends are born. Kit's dream is a little different than most who join the virtual reality massive multiplayer online game. He is going to make a stamp on the world with his very own slice of heaven. He aims to open his own restaurant and hopefully turn it into the never achieved before level five restaurant. Will he be able to succeed? Will he fade into the background like many others before him? Join Kit as he navigates the vast empire of CAL, trying to achieve his dream, meeting new friends and killing some monsters.

Jomegs · Games
Not enough ratings
195 Chs

NPC Website

[??? book - D grade] [Description: A third-rate novel.] Reviews: - "5 stars: It's so amazing." - "5 stars: I like it when the MC dies a bunch of times!" - "1 star: It's really boring, but the MC is really hot!" Actual synopsis: Steven is just a normal kid, but lately, he can't seem to remember his last name or control his weird dreams. Nope. He wakes up in an empty flower field, with nothing but a school ID in his hands. Oh... and there's a talking flower next to him. Alternative Title: NPC.com Site kept blacklisting my novel due to the .com.

AuHNG · Urban
48 Chs

Overpowers : Life is Magical

Hi, my name is -ERROR-[Life] and I am a -ERROR-[Overpower] ! Yes, you've heard right ! I am -ERROR-[Life], the -ERROR- [One responsible for your and this story's development] ! Join me and my -ERROR-[Victims] now in this -ERROR-[Accursed] and long -ERROR-[Job] of mine Patreon:https://patreon.com/MoawarWriter?utm_medium=clipboard_copy&utm_source=copyLink&utm_campaign=creatorshare_creator&utm_content=join_link Discord channel: https://discord.gg/MajRenxdut

Moawar · Fantasy
40 Chs

Shadow Champion: The mundane boy and his F-rank Reincarnation Goddess

Ah delusion I am to be dreaming in my deathbed, a Goddess that will grant me life as a hero to another world, one with swords and magic. But turns out, it isn't a delusion Or am I just fooling myself? ... Looks like I ain't a hero, but I have to save the world, now... How do I go about it? Weak and pathetic, but all protagonist became better, why can't I? And besides, the weak can also be deadly. ... Featuring an anti-hero, psychotic, and a delusional lunatic. May grow better or worse, who knows.

F2020 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1 Chs


HAMADA · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Phantom: The Sword Demon

Since the Gates appeared―mysterious portals of unknown origin that connect our world to a parallel dimension inhabited by dangerous and repulsive bloodthirsty creatures―the daily life of many people weren't anymore the same as before. The same goes for me. I, Shun Hellsborne, an ordinary high school student who excels in almost all school subjects, became one of those chosen people who gained the power to fight those monsters―the Demonic Beasts. However, I was given a particular exception on my abilities. Rather than that, it's something worse... At the same time, I would have regarded it as some kind of curse. But on the other hand, it was more than a curse. Better to say... a special gift granted from the gods themselves. *DING!* [Synchronization with the 'Transcendental System'... In progress... Please wait...] [Synchronization completed! Successful!] [Congratulations, Host, you've fulfilled all the requirements to merge with the 'Transcendental System'!] ("Huh...?! And this where did it come from?! Transcendental System? The hell is that??") [Congratulations, Host, for awakening as a Hunter!] [Detecting host's rank... Please wait...] [Shun Hellsborne (16) ― F Rank] ("F-rank...?") [A status window has been created.] [Your status window has been updated.] [An inventory window has been created.] [New features are now available in the System → Store and Skill Menu.] [New skills acquired: Language Comprehension, Eye of Absolute Knowledge, Dragon's Authority.] ("This is insane!") [Race: Daemon] (Wait what?? Daemon...? Do I belong to a some kind of demon species...? Sure enough I've never heard of a race with this name though...) [*Warning*: If the host ignores any quest assigned by the System... you'll be paralyzed or, to be more precise, impotent for life!] [You have only 20.5 seconds to decide.] [Accept] [Decline] ("AW, COME ON! SO FUCKIN' UNFAIR!!!") *** [ Tags ] Alternate World | Ability Steal | Accelerated Growth | Anti-Hero Protagonist | Army Building | Appearance Changes | Beautiful Female Lead | Boss-Subordinate Relationship | Calm Protagonist | Caring Protagonist | Cheats | Clingy Lover | Demons | Devoted Love Interests | Distrustful Protagonist | Doting Love Interests | Doting Parents | Dungeons | Eye Powers | Firearms | Game Elements | Gate to Another World | Gore | Guilds | Handsome Male Lead | Hard-Working Protagonist | Hiding True Identity | Human-Nonhuman Relationship | Humanoid Protagonist | Hunters | Incest | Level System | Love Interest Falls in Love First | Male Protagonist | Marriage | Modern Day | Monsters | Multiple POV | Necromancer | Older Love Interests | Overpowered Protagonist | Personality Changes | Polygamy | Possessive Characters | Precognition | Pregnancy | Race Change | Reverse Rape | Ruthless Protagonist | Special Abilities | Strong Love Interests | Strong to Stronger | Student-Teacher Relationship | Sudden Strength Gain | Sword and Magic | Sword Wielder | System Adminstrator | Underestimated Protagonist | Weak to Strong | Yandere *** This is my first novel I've written so far. There might be grammar mistakes in this work, so I hope u guys enjoy it ;)

dk_emp18 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Chronicles of Eternia: The Summoner's Odyssey

Synopsis: In the vast virtual world of Eternia, where immersive MMORPGs have taken over society, a seemingly ordinary player named Alex embarks on a journey that will shape the very fabric of this virtual cosmos. Unbeknownst to him, Alex possesses an extraordinary power—the ability to summon powerful beings from other dimensions. As Alex explores the sprawling landscapes of Eternia, he uncovers a sinister plot that threatens not only the virtual realm but also the real world. The balance between Eternia and the physical realm is at stake, and it's up to Alex to prevent a catastrophic event that could have unimaginable consequences. However, Alex is far from being an invincible hero. He starts his adventure as a weak and inexperienced player, but as he encounters various challenges, battles fearsome creatures, and forms alliances with unique characters, he gradually unlocks new abilities and levels up his summoning powers. As the story progresses, Alex assembles a diverse group of summoned allies, each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and personalities. They form an unconventional harem of companions who become crucial to his journey, bringing their own intriguing storylines and enhancing the dynamics of the narrative. But as Alex gains power and influence, he also faces the moral dilemma of becoming an anti-hero. The lines between right and wrong begin to blur, and he must navigate the gray areas of his decisions, often questioning the consequences of his actions and the impact they have on those around him. Amidst epic battles, labyrinthine dungeons, and encounters with mythical creatures, Alex dives deeper into the intricate cosmology of Eternia. He uncovers ancient secrets, forges unexpected alliances, and unearths the true nature of his own existence within this virtual realm. "Chronicles of Eternia: The Summoner's Odyssey" is an exhilarating blend of fantasy, action, and LitRPG elements that explores themes of power, morality, and the blurred lines between heroism and villainy. Join Alex on his grand odyssey, where he will unlock the true potential of his summons, unravel the mysteries of Eternia, and ultimately determine the fate of both worlds.

Sparx_Gaming · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
3 Chs