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Read Classless Ascension novel written by the author ClasslessAscension on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Magical Realism stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, r18, system. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[ Climb the Dimensional Tower and have any wish fulfilled by the gods themselves! ] Enters Josh Malum. He was feared on Earth, but in this new world, he is but a Fallen. One that is forced to Climb. If it wasn't bad enough already he is also Classless, something that is unheard of in the Tower. Yet none of it phases him. "You think I should be despairing? Why? Is it because I'm classless? They offered me so many classes, I simply refused them all." Sacrificing the many worlds is a small price to regain what he once lost. To all the deities that stand in his way: F … ⎧ᴿᴵᴾ⎫ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ----Alternate Title: "Rip & Tear & Ducks"---- It's so big! That's what she said when she saw the massive ...chapter. This story is serious! No comedy tag! Seriously! According to readers = some comedy *shrug* ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ----Attention may contain---- -Huge D. Tower -Badass MC (Climbs the D) -Bullied Systems (In charge of the D) -Modern World (Where the D appears) -Multiverse (What the D is connected to) -Magic (Have you ever summoned a meteor?) -Game Elements (Stats, Skills, Levels, Equipment) -Guild Banter (They All Crazy!) -Bloodlines (Transformation and special abilities) -Bloodshed (Duh!) -VR (Like normal games, but better) -Killer Robots (Everything is better with killer robots!) -Pets (Is that Pokem@n ?!) -R18 tag: missclick...or not? (Who knows) ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ----More chaps when this becomes popular ---- Release rate: 1 Chapter/day 1-2 Chapters/day top 100 2 Chapters/day top 50 Official Discord: https://discord.gg/dV5DVyhj57

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*SPOILERS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW* Okay, so what can you expect from this novel? At its core, it's a magical realism novel where a magical Dimensional Tower suddenly appears in a modern world. Climbing said Tower brings wealth and power in the form of magical abilities and equipment (and levels). There are robots, holograms, and VR so this world seems technologically more advance than Earth. There is the whole concept of the world adapting to the Tower (business-oriented guilds). Now, the 6ada$$ MC. He has a bloody past with a powerful triad killing people he loved and him taking revenge. He is convinced the world is tra$h but knows how to enjoy it nonetheless. So far, we know he likes web novels, video games, ice cream, killer robots, and gambling haha. He also helps a friend, saves a little girl, and yet watches countless die without helping...he is no hero. He does what he wants. So far, the MC is mostly shunned by the world for being classless (He is classless by choice) but there are individuals that soon see his value too. For instance, while he seems to struggle to get skills, he has no trouble soloing content that people usually tackle in teams of 5. The way he does it is often seen as trolling whenever he shares his strategies because of how insane it all is. He also kinda joins the best guild in the world (assuming he remains in it lol) There are many characters and guilds mentioned so far in passing that haven't been developed yet but I'm sure it will come in time. Starting from chapter 35, the Tower actually starts encroaching upon the real world too. It has been proclaimed by the gods that species not clearing the Tower fast enough would be destroyed too. Yes, there are many worlds with races all climbing at the same time. How will that affect the world later on?! Weirdly enough, the MC is 6ada$$ but he has 0 cheat. His advantages come from the extreme training he has done on Earth and his resolute mind. He is steady, he trains, he isn't afraid of anything either. Being Classless means that he will forge his own path, one step at a time, amidst countless corpses...without being edgy either. Even when he is underestimated, he doesn't care. He knows his own worth, that his actions will face-slap them all at some point. So far, he has gained a bloodline thanks to a Feat of his in the Tower and proven how awesome his swordsmanship is. Last point, read everything the author writes! I don't mean other novels. I mean Author's note and Comments! All of it is canon! It is all part of the story! (Albeit mostly chatter, with sometimes foreshadowing) Hope this helped figuring out if this story is for you or not.😁😎 *PS Writing 6ada$$ normally flags the review and hides it X_X*


it can be found that I do not often review or comment on the stories on this app by clicking on my profile name. however this book has peaked my interest and is very well written thus far(as of the time I'm posting). the only reason for the low rating for the updating stability is because it is still new(57ish chapters). I do wish that the author will continue to update and that this story will eventually finish since there have been too many stories that have a similar protagonist that either are dropped or do not have a concrete and satisfying ending. now this part is to the author. I think that you are doing fantastic and that the story seems to be very well thought out and written. I will continue to read as long as you update and I do not want you to take my comments above as me placing any pressure on you. my wish is for you to do what you are comfortable doing and if that means that you have to drop for any number of reasons I hope that you remember that I think that you have done a fantastic job thus far and are indeed one of the best I have found on this app. I wish you all the best.


Review written after reading up to the last chapter as of posting (chapter 149). Honestly this is the best piece of writing I've ever read, the review will be divided into parts. 1.Josh 2.Other characters 3.The world 4.Story 1. Josh both caries along the whole story and also just feels like a viewpoint for the rest of the world. He manages to be funny in a very human way rather than just saying "he told a joke and they laughed". He has depth and background as a person but also has more aspects to him, he can be realistically funny, sad, happy, desperate, and even clueless. Do you know how hard it is to write a clueless character that doesn't make you cringe? I have never seen a more human feeling character that still has unrealistic strength and perseverance. 2. The side character all have real personality, real devotion and reasoning. They complement Josh just as much as thy do the story or world-building. They create a place, community, and group that doesn't just feel like an excuse to leave the tower. The author never creates a scenario or relationship just to throw it away and forget about it. It truly feels like they're a society with groups and levels rather than just MC, MC friends, MC enemies, everyone else. Which is what a lot of novels tend to create. 3. The world is less of an aspect than you might expect from what I've already said. The world in the novel is defined less by easy or literal descriptions and more by the characters and relationships. It doesn't matter where exactly the cities are, where exactly the tower is, where he even lives. You learn about the general world, technologically advanced human world that had a tower show up randomly, but then the characters teach you about the rest. I don't know where districts of the city are, but I know how the characters feel about the areas and what the place feels like instead of what it looks like. 4. The story is simple, it isn't meant to be about the mystery of the towers or the other worlds, it isn't about Josh's struggle to survive. It's about Josh, just Josh. It's about understanding him, how he proves he can do this, how he thinks in an unorthodox way and influences the people around him. It's the story of Josh Malum and his adventures, both personal (climbing the tower, finding something other than his girlfriend to care about) and public (teaching people, changing the tower, gaining attention, helping his friends). I don't think I can do it justice trying to condense it down into this tiny little review, but I 100% recommend reading this.


This will be a long tale. Not only mine but also theirs. The humans, the other races, even the gods to some extent. I truly hope you enjoy it. This way they will not only live in my memory...


I love this book, The MC is amazingly written, and dumbfounded everybody with what they can do. This is also one of the few books I have found that have basically perfect grammar.


Reveal spoiler


I am genuinely enjoying this, I hope this will continue to be as good as it is till the end. because I will be sure to read on. Keep up the good work author! 😁


One the best Tower type novel i have read so far. It has a very interesting story. I just wish more chapter now. Keep up the good work author. We will support as long as we can. 😁😁


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what it looks like to me is that he chose his self that had reached the peak from an alternate reality as his class, and nice novel, giving all my ps


Unique,good MC ,good world building. Great prospects........................................................................................................................


The most fun novel I've read on this site so far (and I've read 100+ without an account)! Very refreshing, high octane and fast paced. If you are a web novel (Korean, Chinese & Japanese) rotten water like me, you'll find this very fun!


rarely does a first chapter so perfectly highlight the contents of the book. I'm generally a fan of framed stories, I've read quite a few that use this literary technique. This was a masterful use of it.


Fan-JoshMFMalum-tastic Would recommened to anyone with more than 3 brain cells. If you have less than that, go suck on the balls of a snake backwards. Good writing, Funny. What more do you need, you primate. The funny sticks make the happy brain mush juice.


This is the best book that i have read on this platform. The grammar is near perfect, and even the "fodder" characters are not totally 2D.That really tells you something. The mc is very well written as well as overpowered which is something I like and the overall story is heading in a very good direction.


Synopsis is absolutely phenomenal, I'm completely sold!(Now I need to fill in extra spaces so I can post it.)(plz let me post)(i said please)(THANK YOU!!)


The first 54 chapters have been fire the beginnings really hit but It did die down a little but don't get turned off by this the author already said that it will be along ride so of course it won't all be exciting it's generally not bad. Not what to expect well we got amazing story depth/development in hand example? SPOILER WARNING: Well the author has already shown us some of the hidden features of the system and how it make work and also how the power system of the tower works Your probably wonder what power system well for the power system it goes like this every race gets s system and with that system they get to choose a class... class strength and advantages hasen't gotten in-depth yet... now for leveling it depends on the species strength for example humans can level pretty easily but the slothlstraine (A monster you'll see around chapter 45-50ish) They are already super strong so not only do are they consider a normal creature on a higher tower floor(meaning there BASE level one creature like how in cultivation novels you ascend and find out a puppy could slap you to death) But that also makes it harder for them to level (This is an educated guess btw it hasn't been confirmed) Now to character development and de peel th theres quite a lot you'll see it during the earlier chapters for now ofc I expect more. Summary good story with a lot of potential if I later on find out that it's gone bad I'll right a new review and critic the problems give it a try if you want!!! (Btw take this review was based on the first 54 chapters )


The novel is relatively young and I enjoy it so far . Do hope the author did not kill any character ... But first chapter says otherwise . Rip my favorite character


Great novel so far. I wish there were more chapters though :( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Among the best novels on WN. It has good grammar, with mistakes few and far between. The writing balances its serious story with lively language and timely jokes (mind you, actually funny jokes). Almost all characters introduced are a interseting and serve some kind of purpose, but the story never goes too far with the unimportant ones. Josh, the MC, is extremely interesting, with an intriguing backstory and lots of personality. The world background is interesting, not exactly a new concept, but definitely a good take on it. It has lots of room to expand, as most is learned as the MC learns it. The story developes steadily, but is slightly slow at times (this can be considered as my own preference). Definately on my top 5 list on WN.


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