The Ultimate Cyborg Book

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The Ultimate Cyborg


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“So, I’m just a damn robot now!” Kevin exclaimed, pulling his hand away from hers. “No, you’re not! You’re still the same person. Your human brain is still there. You still have your consciousness. Nothing has changed on the inside. We only fixed your body. You still remember who you are, what you love, and those close to you.” After surviving an android attack, Kevin Lee Smith wakes up to find his human body replaced with a metal exoskeleton. When Kevin’s body is destroyed, his brain is hooked up to the Experimental Cybernetic User Interface (ECUI). It is an adaptive fighting system designed to transform the user into the ultimate killing machine. As he begins life anew as a Cyborg he struggles to tread the fine line between man and machine. In a dystopian future world ruled by an advanced android, where robots dictate terms to the humans, Kevin becomes the face of the human resistance. He sets out on a quest to liberate humanity and uncover the real truth behind the machine mutiny. What to expect from this book? 1. A futuristic world encompassing several advanced cities, each divided into different unique districts. 2. A cyborg system with an advanced AI that lets the user upgrade himself by acquiring resources and equipable items. 3. Different classes of hostile machines, all having their unique combat styles, weapon systems and defense mechanisms. 4. Sentient androids having their own agendas. 5. Experimental organic entities with unique and disturbing abilities. 6. Genetically modified humans with special adaptations which enable them to harness powers far beyond human comprehension. 7. A deep conspiracy at the heart of the machine mutiny and several secrets buried in the past. [Taking a break. New chapters will be added after I'm back. Thank you for your support. Power stones, gifts and golden tickets are always appreciated. Cheers!]


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