The Holy Chronicles of Baator Book

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The Holy Chronicles of Baator


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"One day I woke up as Zeoticus Gremory with my A.I. Architect. Thus I decided to set a new goal, to stand at the top of the Universe." *** Enormous AU DxD, Cultivation Elements (like MGE and WMW), Cross-Over, Self-insert, World Building, Kingdom Building, Wars, Polygamy, Slow-Romane at Start, Multiple Universes, not every chapter is fight or war, no pokemon catching, no MC centric novel... Read them and think before you start reading something that you know you won't like and then review and comment how you don't like something that has been tagged already... Such comments and reviews will be instantly deleted *** And for those who still don't understand it, then only this for them: How would Ramsay say: "Fuck off donkeys" From now on deleting all reviews that are bad because of the cultivation element or multiple worlds or due to something mentioned in warnings and disclaimer (basically everything that people are complaining about despite being warned about that)... is in the description and tags so you have been warned. The reason is... that is not reviewing or commenting but just whining and hating cause some people don't have something they like, it is not even objective but just based on the existence of cultivation elements alone.

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