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After her death, a young woman is reborn in the world of Young Justice. But wait…why am I in jail?! Why am I Gwen Stacy, and what the hell is a Street level system?! ___________________________________________ Additional Tags - Harem, Yuri, Lesbian, Decent Harem, GxG, Young Justice, Love, Action, Romance, Multiverse, System, Smut, Lemons, R18, Cartoons, Anime, Live Action. Current World - Young Justice Confirmed Love Interests - Artemis Crock, Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz.

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Chapter 18

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[3rd Pov] [Location - Mount Justice]

A few more days had passed since Gwen's first meeting with Artemis had occurred. A few things had happened during this time. For one, Deadshot was taken in by Batman, and imprisoned in a suitable prison. While Batman had also questioned Gwen on who the man was, and if she had any idea on what he was after her for. She lied obviously, but she still gave him the tiniest hint, in the form of his mentioning Sportsmaster, giving Batman a grain he can follow, to try and find the Light.

Besides that, Gwen hadn't done much during these few days, mostly relaxing and taking a break from the constant training. Most of which was spent with M'gann, who had gotten closer and closer to her, and was very noticeably attracted to Gwen, which Gwen herself was not blind to.

Today was the Amazon mission, aka the first mission so far, that had a genuine threat for her. Amazo was…dangerous, very dangerous, even to her. It was all because of his ability to copy the powers of those he sees, which has some very dangerous potential, especially when fighting someone like her.

Currently, Gwen was sitting on the edge of her bed, about to consume her three SL tickets in preparation for the fight against Amazon, not that she was entirely sure she actually needed it.

'Alright system, use the SL tickets'

[Characters chosen!]

James Howlett | Wolverine - Marvel Earth 616

Logan, aka James Howlett, aka Wolverine. A mutant from the X-men, and a skilled martial artist, with one of the best regenerative capabilities in the entirety of Marvel. Includes his knowledge, powers, adamantium skeleton (without the poisoning, due to the user's immunity from their various abilities), claws, superhuman capabilities, senses, and everything else helpful from him.

Ben Reilly | Scarlet Spider - Marvel Earth 616

Benjamin Reilly, aka Ben. The clone of Peter Parker aka Spiderman, from Earth 616. Has pretty much the same powers as Peter Parker. Includes his knowledge, powers, abilities, and everything else useful about him.

Jessica Drew | Spider Woman/Black Widow - Marvel Earth 1610

Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman/Black Widow. A clone of Peter Parker aka Spiderman, from Earth 1610. Includes her natural powers, which include super strength of around 6 tons, spider sense, organic webbing, wall crawling, and everything else. Includes helpful knowledge, and everything else that may come in handy.

[Assimilate?] [Y/N]

'...The first one is easily the most helpful' Gwen thought with a small grin, Wolverine's senses, regeneration, adamantium skeleton, and everything else, will prove to be incredibly helpful in the future. Especially the regeneration and claws.

Breathing in, she agreed to the assimilation, inwardly knowing that this was about to hurt like a bitch. And hurt it did, as Gwen gritted her teeth and sweat trickled down her forehead. The pain from the adamantium bonding was easily one of the most painful things she had ever experienced, but thanks to the knowledge and sheer willpower she had, from all the characters she had assimilated along the way, she was able to hold out against the pain.

The assimilation thankfully didn't take that long, as she had been through it so many times, that it was becoming less and less painful, and faster and faster to complete.

As the assimilation finished, Gwen let out a breath she was holding in, as she held up her hands, and clenched her fist, as 3 long claws swished out of her knuckle area. She didn't even so much as flinch at the pain, as the knowledge she held before was already enough to resist pain, but with Wolverine's memories and knowledge? It was safe to say that pain couldn't really affect her, not anymore at least.

Her physical strength had also noticeable jumped by a decent bit, increasing by another 20 tons or so, which upped her physical strength to around 120-150 tons. A lot for most worlds, but not much in the DC or Marvel universes.

Getting out of her bed, she stretched slightly, before walking out, but not before freshening up quickly. Walking through the mountain, she blinked as she heard fighting sounds and grunts of anger.

Walking, she made her way to the mission area, where Superboy was sparring with Black Canary, and he was losing...miserably. 'His form is awful' Gwen thought with a sigh, as she slowly crept closer, watching the teen lose control of his anger, and wildly punch towards Black Canary, with little to no skill.

As he rushed towards the older woman, she effortlessly took his legs out from under him, causing him to fall onto his back. Dick chuckled softly at the showing, as he also noticed how awful Superboy was in terms of martial arts.

"That's it. I'm done" Superboy all but growled out, as he got to his feet. He was fed up with the training, especially when he was losing so miserably.

"Taining is mandatory" Black Canary replied, causing him to scowl deeply. Taking her arm off his shoulder, he turned back to her with a scowl, before a large holographic screen appeared, with Batman in it.

"Batman to the cave. Five hours ago, a new menace attacked Green Arrow and Black Canary. The attacker was capable of studying, then duplicating the powers and abilities of its opponents" Batman began, as the screen showed Amazo, before switching to him fighting Superman, and the rest of the League.

"Arrow called in reinforcements, which nearly proved disastrous as our foe gained more and more power with each new combatant" Batman continued.

"Whoa. One guy with the powers of the entire League?" Wally commented in slight shock.

"In the end, it took eight Leaguers four hours to defeat and dismantle the android" Batman continued again.

"An android? W-who made it, T.O. Morrow?" Dick asked, as he walked closer to the holographic screen.

"Good guess, Robin. But Red Tornado doesn't think so" Batman replied, before Martian Manhunter added.

"The technology bears the signature of professor Ivo"

"Ivo? But Ivo's dead" Kaldur said, confused at the existence of Amazo.

"So we all thought or hoped" Black Canary said with a sigh, turning back to Kaldur for a moment.

"To make certain this threat is permanently neutralized we're sending two trucks carrying the android's parts to two separate STAR lab facilities in Boston and New York for immediate evaluation. Every precaution is being taken" Batman said, causing Gwen to comment.

"And what if both of these two trucks are attacked at the same time?" Gwen asked, causing Batman to repy.

"We'll have four additional decoy trucks to stir up confusion, in order to stop such a thing. You will also split into undercover teams to safeguard the two real trucks" Batman replied, causing Gwen to sigh inwardly, knowing that this would not be enough.

"Yes! Road trip" Wally exclaimed excitedly.

"So now we take out your trash" Superboy said with an angry scowl.

""You had something better to do?"" Gwen and Batman both asked at the same time, deadpans on their faces. Superboy looked away at this, knowing what they said was true, he didn't have anything else he could be doing that moment, having no friends besides the team would do that.

A soft beep sounded, as Kaldur held up a small device with coordinates on it "Coordinates received. On our way"

As the team ran off, ready to head off to the mission. Gwen sighed as she followed after them.

'This is about to be a shit show'

Spoiler alert, it was indeed...a shit show.

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That's the end of this chapter. It was originally going to be longer, but I was dead tired as of righting this chapter, and I didn't really want to push it too much, as this chapter has covered all it really needed to.

Next chapter will cover the rest of the episode, and will be shorter (as I had class shortly after writing it, so it's a bit rushed)

Her new assimilations were completely random as usual, and my luck is both amazing and not great, as I keep getting spider people lol.

Anyways, have a good day! See you tomorrow!

Gain access to an additional chapter early, as well as other bonuses (like more than 5 exclusive stories) on my patreon for three dollars a month!


(Or just look up Crazedmadman on Patreon and you should find me)

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