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After her death, a young woman is reborn in the world of Young Justice. But wait…why am I in jail?! Why am I Gwen Stacy, and what the hell is a Street level system?! ___________________________________________ Additional Tags - Harem, Yuri, Lesbian, Decent Harem, GxG, Young Justice, Love, Action, Romance, Multiverse, System, Smut, Lemons, R18, Cartoons, Anime, Live Action. Current World - Young Justice Confirmed Love Interests - Artemis Crock, Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz, Raven.

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Chapter 19

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[3rd Pov] [Location - Litchfield County]

A couple of hours after the mission briefing, the entire team was brought to Litchfield county, where the pieces of Amazo were scavanged, and put into the different trucks. The team itself, was currently hidden behind some bushes in the forest near the loading location, on their own motorcycles specially made for this mission, as well as motorcycle uniforms and helmets.

Gwen was teamed up with Superboy and Dick, while the rest were in their own group together. Sitting, Gwen was waiting for the signal for them to follow the trucks. Sitting there, Gwen was thinking over her idea to take care of Amazo. This came in the form of either forcing him to use Martian Mahunters intagibility, and then shoving her fist through him, so that it's still in it afterwards, or she pulls out the 3 claws and ends it that way. As she doubted it was durable enough to withstand one of the strongest metals in the entirety of Comics.

Gwen was cut off from her musings, as the signal was finally sent. Seeing this, Gwen sighed before driving after the truck her and the other two were to follow. Dick and Superboy following close behind.


The trio had been following the truck for a little over ten minutes now, before Dick pulled up next to Superboy, while talking in the comms "If dislike is the opposite of like is disaster the opposite of aster? See, instead of things going wrong, they go right" Dick asked Superboy, causing the teen to look down, while Gwen wished she could facepalm in that moment.

"Uh, clearly you're not feeling aster. What's wrong?" Dick asked Superboy, noticing the mood he was in, mostly due to Canary and Superman.

After hearing that question, Gwen decided to toon the rest of the conversation out, as she softly hummed some music as she followed the truck.


The trio followed the truck for a bit longer, before green monkey like robots began to fly out of the fields of corn. "Robin, Superboy, Ghost, our truck is under attack!" Kaldur said through the comms.

"Kind of figured" Dick replied, seeing the robotic monkeys on the truck, while Gwen drove closer.

"Watch the back, I'll take the roof!" Gwen said, as she webbed to the roof, ditching her motorcycle. Seeing the small group of ten, Gwen grinned before webbing one and throwing it to the rapidly passing roads below, before rapidly webbing the rest up, and doing the same. The little battle didn't take long, but they were stopped due to someone's attitude.

Gwen blinked as she heard a crash and then flight sound, turning, she growled as she saw the robotic monkeys fly off, cargo in tow.

Before Gwen or Dick could utter a word, Superboy jumped off after them, ditching his comms at the same time. "Just great" Gwen groaned out, seeing the moody half kryptonian running off in order to chase and find the robotic monkeys.

"Robin, hack into the monkey, you should be able to find out where they're going through that" Gwen said, as she looked at a crashed robot monkey thing.

"Good idea!" Dick said, before moving over to the robot monkey. After a few moments of decoding the code within the monkey, and hacking into it, he spoke "Ha! The parts have GPS. The monkey can track the signal which means I can track them with the one I captured. It looks like both sets are convering on…Gotham City" Dick finished a frown on his face at the news.

"Why did the League not look for a GPS before anything else? I feel like that's common sense" Gwen muttered with an annoyed sigh.

"I'm heading Kid ahead to meet you, Aqualad out" Kaldur said as he spoke through the comms.

After hearing this, Dick sighed before pressing a few buttons on his watch thing. After doing so, a small mini bike drove up to Dick, coming from his other bike, built in in case of things like this. Gwen's motorcycle followed suit, undamaged besides a few scratches.

"Definitely a disaster, heavy on the dis" Dick said with a sigh. Gwen chuckled at her brothers statement.


Driving next to Dick, Gwen spoke to him through their comms. "Broody really needs to get his anger under control" Gwen said with an annoyed sigh, finding the teens attitude to be pretty idiotic. They were already within Gotham City limits, and were getting close to their destination.

"Yeah I doubt that's happening anytime soon" Dick said with a sigh of his own. He also found the teen to be annoying at times, especially when he was all broody and angry like this, letting his emotions dictate what he does, it was stupid.

The two stopped when they heard a swooshing sound, and low and behold, Wally was running besides them. "So you changed too?" Dick said to Wally, who had his normal suit on.

"You kidding? Huh. I felt naked in civvies. You still tracking the parts?" wally asked.

"They were heading through Gotham but they veered" Dick said, looking down at a screen that was showing the gps location.

"Wait. Dude, they're at my school" Dick said in surprise.

"How much you wanna bet it's getting thrashed right now?" Gwen said with a grin on her face.

"That's a losing bet, and you know it" Dick said with a roll of his eyes, as they continued to drive to their location.


After another few minutes of driving, they eventually made it to their destination. Hearing a loud crash coming from the gymasium, the group didn't hesitate to run to it.

Going invisible, Gwen sprinted in, while Wally ran past to get Superboy out of harms way. The second he did Robin through his explosive shurikens, causing Amazo to speak out"Accessing martian manhunter"

"Got you" Gwen muttered, throwing a punch directly through it's skull. The second it reverted back to normal, it spoke again "Superman" But that didn't last long, as Gwen grinned as a *BOOM* sounded out, and it's head promptly exploded.

Looking down at her bleeding hand, she sighed as it rapidly regenerated, good as new. Hearing a soft "OOF" she turned and found Ivo, attempting to run, only to see his two monkeys destroyed by arrows, and an arrow through his right foot.

"Well that's one way to stop him" She said with a chuckle, as she walked to him, before the small man could even utter a word, she punched him hard in the face, knocking him unconscious.

"Now lets get this thing disassembled, shall we?"

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