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After her death, a young woman is reborn in the world of Young Justice. But wait…why am I in jail?! Why am I Gwen Stacy, and what the hell is a Street level system?! ___________________________________________ Additional Tags - Harem, Yuri, Lesbian, Decent Harem, GxG, Young Justice, Love, Action, Romance, Multiverse, System, Smut, Lemons, R18, Cartoons, Anime, Live Action. Current World - Young Justice Confirmed Love Interests - Artemis Crock, Miss Martian/M’gann M’orzz, Raven.

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Chapter 17

[3rd Pov] [Location - Gotham]

It was a little over a week after the Santa Prisca mission, and not a lot had happened during this time. The League (mainly Batman) had questioned Gwen on her...battle with the Kobra Cult and the others, with her making up the clever lie in the form of...Bane. Bane had been used to cover her tracks, as who else would blow up all the Kobra goons?

She reasoned that Bane was probably cornered, and decided that if he couldn't have the factory, then no one could. The lie had been bought for the most part, but she was farely sure that Batman knew she was lying, the man was too smart to get tricked like that. She wasn't sure why he wasn't confronting her about it, but she knew it was coming sooner or later.

During this week, she had also ended up completing a couple more missions with the team, and even a couple with just her and M'gann, after the League noticed how well they worked together. Most of these missions was just stealth and infiltration, with her and M'gann being the best at, due to their powers.

Due to completing these various missions, as well as taking care of some of the crime in Gotham, she ended up completing another hidden quest.

[Hidden Quest]

Complete a total of 10 missions in the team [10/10]

Rewards - 1 SL Ticket

Defeat 5000 Criminals/Villains [5000/5000]

Reward - 2 SL Tickets

She had already claimed the rewards, but decided to wait to use the SL tickets, reasoning that she needed to learn more about her current powers, before using new ones. She planned on using them before the next major mission, which involved a genuine threat to her, Amazo. Aka the robot that can copy the powers of those it sees, which includes the League, which makes it a lot stronger than her.

Besides the quest, Gwen had also continued to train in her abilities, with her spider sense still not developing all that much, as it takes a lot more than a couple weeks of training, to get it to the same level as Assassin Spiderman. She had also continued to read through various books of increasing difficulty, most of them being relatively easy to understand. She had already finished her most recent book of advanced quantum mechanics, and was now reading up on theoretical physics. Most of which was relatively easy to understand due to her immense knowledge, but there was some parts that she had to do more research on, in order to understand.

She had also continued to train with M'gann, with the cute alien rapidly getting better in martial arts. Gwen wasn't sure why the girl was so good, but she blamed it on her alien mind, or something along those lines. The girl was still FAR from being on the level of someone like Batman, let alone Gwen, but she was probably one of the best martial artists in the team, not including Gwen.

Currently, Gwen was in Gotham, hopping from building to building, bored out of her mind. She had already been swinging around Gotham all day, taking care of a variety of criminals, and helping out some citizens that needed it. Basically a normal day...which is why it was so boring!

'Is it bad that I want something to go down? I just want something to do! A villain to beat up, or something!' Gwen thought with a groan, before blinking as her spider sense flared. Dodging to the right, Gwen looked as a bullet flew by her. 'Well speak of the devil' Gwen thought, as she dodged another bullet.

'A sniper...looks like the Light wants to get rid of me...dumb of them to do it so openly though' Gwen thought, as she continued to dodge the bullets, while also closely webbing closer to where the bullets were coming from.

Eventually, the sniper shots stopped, and instead, Gwen heard the sounds of automatic fire, from where the bullets were coming from. Swinging to the roof, Gwen blinked in surprise at the sight. In her vision, was a man with a sort of black and burgundy bodysuit, a silver mask, and a sort of red scope on said mask.

'Deadshot? And that's...' Gwen stopped as she looked to the other figure, a girl who was seemingly the same age as her, with blonde hair, a slender yet athletic build, and a sort of green costume that showed her midriff. She also had a bow in hand, and was currently hiding behind cover as the man known as Deadshot rained fire on her position.

'Damn...' Gwen thought as she glanced at the girl that may r may not have been a massive childhood crush of hers. 'Ah! Get your head out of the gutter Gwen! She needs my help!' Gwen thought facepalming, as she webbed to Deadshot, and before the man could even utter a word, a soft *ZAPPPP* ripped through him, as he dropped the floor, unconscious.

"Well...that guy wasn't very nice" Gwen said with a sigh, her mask still on her face. Turning to Artemis who was looking at her in slight shock, Gwen smiled under her mask.

"You alright?" Gwen asked, looking over the girl, trying to see if she had any wounds.

"A-uh no! You're Ghost Spider right?" The girl Gwen knew as Artemis, asked.

"Mmhmm" Gwen said, as she webbed Deadshot to the wall, but not before ripping off his mask, and taking any weapon he had on him.

"Well thanks for the help, not that I needed it!" Artemis said with a small huff, causing Gwen to glance at her with a raised eyebrow 'Tsundere...but not the bad kind, thankfully' Gwen thought, inwardly shivering as she remembered those "Tsundere's" that would get physical.

"Mmhmm, whatever you say princess" Gwen said sarcastically, as Artemis scowled.

"Don't call me that! And I'm Artemis, remember it" Artemis said, before ziplining off, via her bow. Gwen just watched her leave with a

'Well that was...interesting'

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I only did the hidden quests, when I realized that 10 missions with the team, and 5000 criminals defeated, are sorta big milestones to pass. She won't get anymore SL tickets for quite some time.

Anyways, have a good day!

Gain access to an additional chapter early, as well as other bonuses (like more than 5 exclusive stories) on my patreon for three dollars a month!


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