Shigaraki in Marvel

Read about a teenagers descent into madness and destruction as he faces the reality of the marvel world. Not only does he face the reality of marvel but also fights with it hand to hand, read about him versus the rest of the world.

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He had met back up with Jean and she handed over a sample of her blood earlier in the day, she asked for a tour of his house but he had to ask her to come a different day.

He wasn't sure she'd really approve his house at the moment.

He looked around the warehouse he slept in, science equipment everywhere, Samuel Sterns gun sat on his table, and a dodgy mattress which Tomura used to sleep.

It wasn't very homey.

She also couldn't have her meet Samuel Sterns over wise she would read his mind and figure why he really needed her blood.

He checked his phone and felt a grin grow on his face. "Sam take this" Tomura threw a shotgun at Sam. "I'll be gone a few days, I'm going to Canada. Gonna get a ton of stuff"

Samuel briefly paused then nodded as he went back to his work, they had set up cameras the previous day and with Sam watching them and working, he should be able to defend the place from your average theif.

Especially with the shotgun.

Tomura wrapped his cloak around his shoulders and headed to the closest bus station.

He was getting a coach to Vermont, then he would sneak past border control and have a few words with a certain man hidden in Canada.


Gods it's cold, it's been a whole day of trekking through muddy ground, it's now late in the night and he just passed the border.

He was travelling to the Algonquin Park, deep in the forests there should be a concrete hut.

He had the coordinates at least…

Gods he was screwed.

He shook his head as he continued trekking through a muddy field, he's on the right track.


Another day later and he was closer, he had luckily got someone to drive him to a close motel near the park.

He may have threatened to decay the whole persons family if they did not comply, but well, it is what it is.

He held the thin cloak tight against his body, it was early in the morning and he was trekking across fields.

But the reminder of Jeans words only burned the anger inside of him.

He remembered her face in that moment she admitted Stryker had tortured her, he had never felt this urge before. Revenge for another person, it was burning away in him.

The urge kept him warm as he walked.

It felt like he had been walking for years when he finally closed in on the coordinates. He's lucky he had Sterns who explained to him how coordinates actually worked.

After another hour of walking he finally came across the concrete hut in the distance. He sped up his pace, then used the words Fisk told him.

He got into the hit and pressed the intercom "Buying, Fifty Eight Leora" that was his code words so the people would think he's a buyer.

He almost jumped out of his skin as the floor suddenly started moving, he was in a damn elavator.

The mechanical whirring had him on edge as the elevator slowly descended.

After a long time the elevator stopped with a sudden clang. He was now in the mutant experimenting base.

He took a step out and was suddenly greeted by a smiling man.

"Ah, your buyer 58 yes?" Tomura nodded.

"Good, good follow me. Now sir, what are you looking for?" Tomura shrugged as he looked around the facility, he couldn't see anything other than concrete hallways.

"Ah you can't decide, that happens. Okay I'll have to give you the full tour then. Our first stop are the bodyguards" Tomura nodded and followed the man, he could just kill him and explore himself but with the sheer amount of hallways , he'd get lost.

He needed to find Stryker.

They opened a door and came into a gigantic room, the left and right walls were some sort of glass and behind that glass…

A sneer made its way his face, mutants, children mostly.

"Okay, you look like a man who wants the best of the best, so let's go-" Tomura interrupted and pointed at a nearby enclosure.

"Who's she?" She caught his eye, she looks remarkably like-

"X-23" He said as he looked at the young child "She's not for sale unfortunately"

Tomura nodded. "Why? Is she weak?"

The man snorted "No, she's the future my friend." The man waved him over to the enclosure. Tomura followed behind the weirdly happy man.

"X-23, show off" he demanded and without a word the girl revealed her mutation.


Two metallic claws popped out of each of the girls hands with one claw coming out of each of her feet.

Tomuras eyes widened. "No…" he said to himself as he stared in horror.

The salesman laughed, "Oh yes, she's the future i tell you, soon every soldier will have such. X-23 Show him your healing."

Without hesitation the girl slashed at her own throat, she didn't even blink as blood poured out of her throat.

It quickly healed but the image of the girl who looked so familiar, with familiar claws and familiar healing covered in blood was haunting.

His heart was beating fast, he thought back to Jeans face.

He was fine with potentially experimenting on himself, he thought he was fine on random mutants being experimented.

But familiar children, friends.


The salesman was laughing and pointing at a different cage. "Come this one over here ha-"

"How will she grow with metal on her bones?" He asked the man.

"Oh don't worry, her growth will be fine. The metal is only added to her claws, they're already full grown you see?"

Tomuras voice was dull "Having metal fused with your bone must hurt? No?" He asked.

The salesman sighed "No, so what happens is they are removed and then coated in the metal and placed back in her body it's all done without the need for anaesthet-"

Before the salesman could finish that sentence he suddenly had a hand holding his jaw in a tight grip.

The man screamed into Tomuras hand as his skin was slowly, ever so slowly decayed away.

After over a minute of the man struggling futilely he dropped to the floor dead.

The whole time Tomura had his eyes on X-23 the girl didn't react at all to the man's death.

He pointed at the girl "Wait here" he said as he walked out of the room filled with panicking mutants reacting the man dying.

She didn't really have a choice but to stay there anyway.

Alarms were going off in the background as Tomura made his way through the tight hallways and killed anyone he came across.

Janitors, Nurses, Doctors, Scientists, Soldiers.


He left a trail of dead half decayed bodies in his wake.

The next scientist he came across he asked for directions, then when he was given them by the terrified woman.

He killed her.

Then he kept moving, eventually he got to the database and used a USB Samuel had given him that can according to him download the entire governments database in 2 minutes.

He plugged it in to the main database, which Samuel had explained the location of such a plug.

A group of 12 armed soldier burst through the door and before they could do more than blink they were dead.

So he waited and soldiers would rush in and he would kill them on a cycle.

Until he decided he needed Stryker. So the next group he killed every soldier but one and gave him his demands.

He wants Stryker, only to talk.

Stryker has something he wants

And that he wanted to negotiate peace.

He had by that point put the now incredibly valuable USB into his pocket and waited.

Ten minutes later Stryker came through the door, with dozens of armed guards and more importantly a familiar little girl.

X-23 Stood ahead of the far older man Stryker.

By this point every guard had guns pointed at him, he didn't care.

"You have demands boy?" Stryker asked.

One thing he also told the soldier he let live to tell Stryker was that he had luckily shot him in the leg.

So Stryker thinks I'm injured, desperate and half mad wanting peace.

Tomura was about to speak up but Stryker spoke up again. "Hurry up, we don't have all day."

Tomura snarled. "I will kill everyone in this room, then I will kill everyone in this facility and then we will have peace? Deal"

Stryker snorted and before Tomura could jump over the desk infront of him he was shot in the chest.

He coughed and fell back into his back while gasping.

"Not a nice feeling huh" Stryker said from above him. "X bullets"

"They deactivate the X gene for a time, depends on the mutant but usually 5-10 seconds" Stryker pulled out a blue tipped pistol and shot back down at the mutant below him.

"They're still a prototype, expect these to be public soon. Not that you'll ever see them go public"

Tomura grunted and spasmed as the pain went through his whole body.

Stryker fake sighed "If only we had the X fields" he laughed down at him "They, if your in the radius deactivate the X gene completely."

"Pretty neat right" Toruma was shot again and then kicked in the gut. "Stupid fucking prick" he was kicked again and shot by the mutant bullet.

He's a fucking idiot, why would Stryker come without a plan.

He looked up at Stryker, this time the man had an actual gun in his hands.

"Nice thing about X bullets is they also get rid of that tough skin some of you guys got, so bullets work"

Tomura looked up into the barrel of the gun with no fear in his eyes.


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