Shigaraki in Marvel

Read about a teenagers descent into madness and destruction as he faces the reality of the marvel world. Not only does he face the reality of marvel but also fights with it hand to hand, read about him versus the rest of the world.

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He returned to the lab only to find Sterns in the exact same place as he was when Tomura left.

Sterns looked up "How was the exploring, you find anything?" Sterns wasn't really interested, he was just making conversation as he was mainly focused on the genes of Tomura.

"Oh, yeah found a bunch of abandoned warehouses" Also committed genocide ha-ha "then came back, it's pretty boring out there."

Sterns nodded and waved Tomura over

"Check this out". Sterns pointed to his screen. "I had a breakthrough, we're a hell of a lot closer now to modifying your DNA"

Tomuras eyes went wide "Okay, how close?".

Sterns shrugged and pointed towards a seat which Tomura sat on, Sterns then took a notepad "Okay, so what do you actually want done to your body?" He asked.

Tomura "Well, faster, stronger more durable all of the basics just amped up completely" Sterns nodded okay at least he's not asking for eye lasers.

"Anything else, and to what level of strength?" Sterns asked as he jotted down what Tomura had said.

"Flight, if you can somehow give me flight that would be amazing" Stern winced, that wasn't likely. "But the level of strength is enough so that I can get hit by someone like Thor and get back up and hit him back just as hard"

Sterns eyes widened "God, this will be difficult." He jotted down more notes "I'll need some genetic samples to help speed this process"

Tomura nodded "Which ones?"

Stern took a deep breath "Hulk, Bruce Banner, Thor, Another Omega Level mutant and if possible an Avatar like yourself"

Tomuras eyes widened. "Holy shit, that…well I mean-"

"You don't have to fight them, i mean convincing them or buying them off" Sterns shrugged. "But I will need those samples to speed this up and to make sure this will be safe."

Tomura nodded "Wait Hulk and Bruce Banner? Aren't they the same person?"

Sterns nodded "I need his human blood to compare with the Hulks blood and then compare to an average human to basically-"

Tomura interrupted "I got it, don't worry it will be done"


It had been another week, a whole other week and he hadn't found a single sample, he couldn't just waltz to the avengers tower ask for Bruce Banners blood and-

He could just break in, grab Banners arm and then he would change.


"Fuck" he was in the middle of Central Park underneath a tree.

He would get fucked up by the Hulk, he thought back to his "fight" with Thor.

Thor didn't even try and he broke his ribs and sent him hundreds of meters away with a single swing.

Once Hulk had his hands on him, he would be finished.

'Tomura' Jeans voice said into his head, he stood up instantly and searched his surroundings.

He couldn't see anyone, he dropped to a knee and hovered his palm above the ground, he then watched as Jean floated down and landed in front of him.

"Tomura it's just me" His eyes narrowed on the woman, she was wearing normal clothes and not her X-Man costume.

That's a good sign.

He slowly stood back up and looked at the woman.

"Why are you here?" He asked warily.

"I'm just here to check on you, we've missed you." She said warmly.

"Check on me? You can read my mind from the other side of the earth" he said scathingly.

"No I can't, I can't even look your mind anymore" she said, Tomura was clearly surprised. "Your head's indecipherable, it's just screaming and destruction. That's why I'm checking, I'm worried"

"The Hand…" Tomura said as he thought to himself "We are one…" he said to himself.

Jeans eyebrows raised in confusion, but she shook her head slightly "So, are you okay?"

Tomura felt oddly comforted by the woman who seemed to care. "Yeah, but well I hate to ask, but I need your blood" he got to the point quickly.

Jeans reaction was instant, she was confused "Why?" She was also worried.

"My Mutant gene, I'm not sure if it's truly activated yet, I tried to compare my blood to a weaker mutant but Omega mutants have completely different mutant genes…I need to know where my abilities came from…it…it might lead to my parents" he lied smoothly, he felt bad about this but it was needed.

Jeans eyes went wide "Really? I mean, well yeah I'm happy to give you some blood. But don't let it get out to anyone else, Stryker has been snooping around the school again."

Tomuras eyes widened and he smiled, an actual smile and nodded at Jean. He had no problems with committing Genocide but lying to Jean just felt bad.

"Stryker?" Tomura asked, he didn't know who that was.

Jean nodded and sat down where he was sat previously on the roots of a large tree, he sat down next to her and she started to explain.

"Stryker…well, he's a government official that experiments on mutants." Tomuras eyes widened this was…"He kidnaps kids, I mean he's a sick-" Jean took a deep breath. "Well, we fear he is going to attack the school"

This was perfect.

"Really? What experiments does he do?" He probed,

"He does sick stuff, he once captured me along with some of our classmates when we were younger"

Jeans voice sounded shaky "He tortured us-"

Tomuras joy at finding such a perfect chance was turned to dust.

He clenched his jaw and met Jeans eyes.

"You don't have to explain" He stood up and his hair blew in the wind. "Jean…Thank you for coming here, can I ask something?" He turned to the woman who was still sat down.

"Why haven't you killed the man?" Tomura asked.

Jean sighed and gave him a smile "X-Men don't kill"

Tomura sighed.

Jean seemed to sense his annoyance and changed the subject smoothly.

"Remember you can always come back to the school, I'm pretty sure Logan is missing your sparring"

Tomura laughed and sat back down next to the redhead. "Yeah I'm missing beating him up too" he joked.

Jean shook her head and laughed "Don't let him hear that"

"You won't tell him will you?" He asked with a smile.

"Ah well that's a hard question" Jean eyed his black cloak. "I see you got a new cap-"

"Cloak" he interrupted.

Jean rolled her green eyes "Got a new cloak" her eyes suddenly narrowed "What happened to the red one?"

Tomuras eyes widened "It's at my house right now, trust me it's fine!" He almost pleaded.

Jean scrutinised him "It better be, that was an expensive piece of fabric" Her head turned suddenly as if she had whiplash "Did you say your house?!"


The elevator opened with a beep and Tomura pushed opened the Mahogany doors with a crash.

His eyes met the bald man sat at the other side of the table. Tomuras blood was pumping through him.

"Fisk, I have one more favour to ask. A man, I need to find a man named Stryker. He worked or works with the government and experiments on mutants"

Tomuras red eyes were blazing, Fisk nodded bitterly. But he knew the potential of death was high in this moment so he followed the boys orders.

Because that's what they were, they were not a favour.

"I need this man as soon as possible, if you don't find him within the week I swear to God himself I-" Tomura took a deep breath.

A few seconds passed with Fisks hand resting on the sawed off shotgun under the table.

"Find him." Tomura said.

Tomura left the Penthouse with his cape billowing behind him.

Fisk made a couple phone calls, he wanted this man found quickly and then he can get to his plan.

His eyes wandered to a newspaper on his desk.

'Sinister Six Escape?!'

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